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從吉他手到 Positive Grid 產品經理:別以為你很懂使用者!

們總得花上大把的時間搬運、調整、彩排,才能讓這些類比設備「聽話」,演奏出心目中最完美的聲音。 而 Positive Grid 的品牌使命,就是為樂手們省下這個負擔。 Positive Grid 於 2010 年成立於美國矽谷,以音訊處理技術和創

PayPal 軟體工程師喬誠的職涯思維:從 Android 到前端的轉換與 Positive Grid Front-end 經驗

履歷 🙌🏻 在 Positive Grid 擔任 Lead Front-end Engineer 在加入 PayPal 之前,喬誠在 Positive Grid 擔任了三年的 Lead Front-end Engineer,他分享自己在 Positive Grid 的這段經歷「開了很大的眼界」、接觸到很多不同領域的知識。 Positive Grid 是由一群熱愛音樂,並熱衷於

【履歷範本】會計履歷教學,3 分鐘掌握求職必勝關鍵

缺 徵才企業 招募職缺 薪資待遇 KKBOX GROUP Accounting Specialist 560K ~ 770K TWD / 年 Dcard 會計專員 40K ~ 70K TWD / 月 Cubo AI 會計專員 40K ~ 50K TWD / 月 POSITIVE GRID 會計/出納專員(Accountant/Cashier) 40K ~ 60K TWD / 月 還沒找到心儀的工作嗎?更多會計相關職缺請 點這裡 ! 掌握會計


資待遇 KKday Project Manager(ERP) 60K ~ 90K TWD / 月 KKBOX PR Project Manager 616K ~ 1.26M TWD / 年 SHOPLINE Project Manager(PMO) 900K ~ 1.1M TWD / 年 Rakuten 樂天 專案管理專員 40K ~ 70K TWD / 月 POSITIVE GRID Project Manager - Marketing 700K ~ 1.2M TWD / 年 如果你還在找理想的專案經理工作,參考更多熱門的 專案經理職缺 !
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Feb 5th 2021

全端工程師找工作 大全 - 薪資情報、熱門職缺、面試技巧

洲以及亞洲市場,協助茶飲產業及餐廳服務進行升級。 全端工程師 Full-Stack Software Engineer 全職, 中高階, 80K ~ 150K TWD/月 Positive Grid 佳格數位科技 :於 2010 年成立於美國矽谷,由一群熱愛音樂的工程師們共同創立。 2016年邁向硬體

Mozilla 新興市場產品經驗談:台北辦公室五年回顧

常「佛系」,遲到兩個小時是家常便飯,當天臨時決定不參加受訪也是常有的事。 延伸閱讀: 從吉他手到 Positive Grid 產品經理:別以為你很懂使用者! 最高原則:Mozilla 的品牌願景 Mozilla 非常重視自己的品牌理念,也就是

Best Tour Guide Resume Examples, Templates, Formats (Extra Tips!)

up an impressive tour guide resume summary: Start with a positive adjective to describe yourself: dynamic, enthusiastic, friendly, etc. Demonstrate your professional level such as job title, years of experience, and core competencies. Highlight the best skills for a tour guide that you’re most confident in, or help you perform well at work. Mention any achievement or certification if you have obtained. Examples of a winning summary for tour guide resumes : Passionate Historical Tour Guide with extensive experience and
Interview Skills
Sep 12th 2022

Guide to Writing The Best Thank You Email After an Interview (with Samples)

to the recruiter. In reality, there is no harm in sending a thank you email after an interview to your recruiter. By writing a thank you email after an interview within 24 hours to the interviewers, you will leave a positive and maybe lasting impression. This puts you in front of most competitors because interviewers always take more notice of someone who has a good attitude. After all, who dislikes being appreciated? However, it is also equally important to craft

Guide to Writing The Best Teaching Assistant Cover Letter

email, include your contact information as your digital signature. Teaching Assistant Cover Letter Examples Teaching assistant cover letter example Putting your experiences and knowledge of understanding a classroom’s activities and schedules into your TA cover letter will create a positive impression in the recruiter’s eyes. Jasmine Stewart 44 West Manor Station Lane Wenatchee, WA 98801. 016-778990 [email protected] August 21, 2022 Octavia Diamond Sunnyside High School 9342 Constitution St. Morrisville, PA 19067 Dear Ms. Diamond, I

A Guide to Different Types of Resume Formats [+ Examples]

functional resume format usually includes: Contact Information Basic information such as: Name Email address Contact number Address (optional) LinkedIn (optional) Personal website (optional) Objective/Summary Statement If you are a fresh graduate , it would be helpful to provide a brief positive objective summary on the top of your resume. It could show the recruiter that you are serious and motivated in getting the job position. Skills In functional resume examples, the skills section often comes before the work experience section

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