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2022 Jan ke-18

Freelancers in 2022: Top 8 Most Lucrative Industries

Hey there, we’re coming to the end of a magnificent decade. Bid farewell to 2021 and hello 2022! 2021 was a whirlwind of a year: a bumpy one for the world, but for the freelancing industry, it’s undoubtedly rewarding. Thanks to the Internet, with one simple click, you’re connected with the world and surrounded by an unprecedented lot of information and opportunities that can blow your mind. In 2019, we saw a proliferated growth in the freelancing
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2021 Mei ke-4

Working from Home Starter Pack: Freelancing 101

like, and that could be your reality if being a freelancer is what you hanker for, a more flexible work schedule and many other perks await. Further reading: 20 Working From Home Tips From Visme’s Remote Team Freelancing, like SOHO or piecework, offers freedom and flexibility. You’re your own boss, everything is in your control. You get to say enough is enough. Unlike typical desk jobs, freelancing allows you to choose the type of work you do, who
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2021 Mei ke-4

Qualities of a Successful Freelancer [+Tips]

It’s cliche to think that freelancing is only for stay-at-home parents who aren't able to commit to a full-time job; or introverted individuals, who’d rather sit at home alone without expending effort to build camaraderie with their colleagues. In fact, freelancing has now become a lifestyle by choice, ushering in a new life of mobility and versatility. In the previous Freelancing 101 , CakeResume covered a series of freelancing pros and cons. By now you
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2022 Jan ke-18

6 Best Freelance Sites to Land on a Job in 2022

Introduction: How to find freelance jobs Now that you’ve done everything you can to show that you’re determined to become a freelancer: you’ve quit your job; put aside an emergency fund; polished your skillset; meditate daily in order to be more mentally prepared for the uncertainties yet to come. But, if no one knows about you, all of your preparations will have been for naught. These, of course are indispensable for a successful career as a freelancer
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2020 Sep ke-10

想要成為自由工作者?別急,先花 5 分鐘了解優缺點和未來發展

們相較於一般正職的工作者,工作型態更加的自由,如工作時間、工作地點等,職務內容也更加多元。 SOHOSOHO 族: SOHO (Small Office Home Office) 源於美國,原意為小型居家辦公室。SOHO 族最主要的特徵在於,他們透過網路、電
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2020 Jun ke-23

下班後如何透過接案、兼職,打造斜槓人生 - 接案平台、兼職工作整理

展的接案、兼職工作類型,及分享海內外 5 大接案平台。不論你是打算公務員兼職或是正職上班族/ SOHO 接案,都值得參考! 延伸閱讀: 想嘗試遠端工作?不妨試試這幾個熱門平台! 6 大接案、兼職工作種類

ShopBack 在找的工程師是你嗎?三輪面試、跨國協作日常公開:專訪 ShopBack 總經理隆章琪

顧客,而消費者則得到更多回饋,在這樣的正向循環下,ShopBack 成功創造了三贏局面。 ShopBack 辦公室 疫情下的 ShopBack 市場觀察:國內旅遊、跨國電商使用率及男性用戶逆勢上升 今年 covid-19 的疫情下,ShopBack 的營運是否因

Should I Quit My Job? Here's All You Need for Doing it Right

it as professionally as possible. Some things you need to consider are showing your employer and the HR manager good reasons for resignation and giving them proper notice in advance. In this article, you will learn about: 7 Signs You Should Quit Your Job Immediately 6 Good Reasons to Leave a Job Reasons Why You Should Not Leave Your Job How to Quit Your Job and Leave On Good Terms 7 Signs You Should Quit Your Job Immediately If you

SHOPLINE 產品總監 Liwei 的阿里巴巴經驗與電商 PM 修煉之路

在本集的《科技職涯》! Podcast 各節摘要 02:00 五月本土疫情變得嚴峻後,SHOPLINE 對於電商產業有什麼觀察? 05:05 SHOPLINE 的產品團隊因應疫情做出什麼改變? 07:15 SHOPLINE 四個研發基地的分工 08:10 Liwei 在阿里巴巴跟 SHOPLINE 的經

Should Your Resume Be In Past Tense or Present Tense?

Created by CakeResume In this article, you'll read about: What Tense Should Be Used in a Resume Writing? When to Use Past Tense in a Resume When to Use Present Tense in a Resume When to Mix Past and Present Tense in a Resume If you've never written a resume before and this is your first time, you might have questions like what tense should your resume be written in? Or when creating a resume, why do we

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