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在醫療領域做 AI 有多難?AICS 的醫療解決方案與趨勢剖析!

業轉型,並以醫療資訊科技為主要的發展領域。 回顧三年前華碩成立 AICS 的起心動念,目前在 AICS 擔任 Senior AVP 的 Ted 分享,華碩董事長施崇棠先生認為,台灣在過去幾年網路產業大幅興起的時代相當沈寂
Job Search Tips
Apr 13th 2020

9 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Job in IT

able to evaluate the output of a regular expression within a PHP code block. Whiteboard questions are often stressful for developers, but many large organizations like Google and Amazon still use them during their hiring processes for both junior and senior level developers. Try to get some practice before showing up! Portfolio You should never come to an interview without a portfolio of your previous work. Even if it's your first development job, work on personal projects or contribute

6 Contoh CV Programmer Terbaik dan Cara Membuatnya!

gangguan pada sistem atau aplikasi atau yang disebut debug. 📝 Jalur karir sebagai programmer pun beragam seperti: Software application developer Web Developer (Front End Developer, Back End Developer), Mobile Developer Database Administrator Data Scientist Systems Analyst Software Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer Business Intelligence Analyst Dan lain-lain. Jika kalian merasa ingin mendaftar lowongan pekerjaan menjadi programmer atau software engineer, CV merupakan hal yang wajib disiapkan. Artikel ini akan membahas cara membuat CV programmer yang baik dan benar. Bagian yang Harus

Kubernetes Resume: Templates & Formats [Skills, Objective, Summary]

Kubernetes engineer salary in the USA is around $150,000 per year, while the most experienced engineers can earn around $200,000 per year. Yet before you get your dream engineering job, you have to write the professional Kubernetes administrator/engineer/DevOps resume first. A Kubernetes engineer is there to help optimize containerized service configuration and automation. You implement and design solutions to manage cloud-native applications. Even if you’ve got the skills for a Kubernetes engineer job, you

如何自學成為 Instagram iOS 工程師?Jacky 與 Facebook 教會他的事

的能力,能夠與 PM 緊密合作甚至能夠做 PM 做的事。Jacky 分享他們有個績效指標「Direction」,就是用來檢測這位 Senior Engineer 是否具備幫助團隊組織規劃、驅動產品前進及進行決策等等。 他以「Good Click」為例。Good Click 是 Search 功能中

從資料科學走向產品管理!在好奇心與成本之間取捨的 PayPal 資深產品經理 Nicolas

在本集的 《科技職涯》中,我們邀請了目前在美國 PayPal 擔任 Senior Product Manager 的 Nicolas,來跟我們分享這 15 年的職涯經驗。Nicolas 在中央大學數學系畢業後繼續唸了交通大學的資工所,拿到碩士學位後加入了 IC 設計公司

雲端產業的「隱形冠軍」如何造就?CloudMile 執行長與技術主管親身剖析雲端趨勢!

來賓,便是來自於雲端產業的重要一員 — CloudMile 萬里雲的創辦人暨執行長 Spencer 劉永信、Cloud Team Manager Hank,以及 Development Team Senior Manager Noah。 創立於 2017 年的 CloudMile 成長快速,從成立至今以來,已在香港、新加坡、馬來西亞、印度尼西亞以及菲

Dcard 擴大徵才中!工程師必備 2 大特質、面談重點公開 - 專訪 Dcard 人才營運經理

快! Dcard 的機器學習工程師職缺 Machine Learning Engineer (Ads) ,全職,初階,900K ~ 2.2M TWD/年 Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineer ,全職,助理,900K ~ 1.95M TWD/年 Machine Learning Engineer ,全職,中高階,900K ~ 2.2M TWD/年 Dcard 的行動端工程師職缺 Senior iOS Developer ,全職,中高階,900K ~ 1.6M TWD/年 Senior Android Developer ,全職,中

Java Developer Resume: Example and Template

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a Java developer resume What to put on a resume for a Java developer Tips for writing the best Java developer resume How to write a cover letter for a Java developer Java developer resume sample Java developers are tasked with designing, building, and developing sophisticated applications, websites, and software using the Java programming language. Unlike a software engineer or a software developer, a Java developer’s role and responsibility are

Data Analyst Resume Guide w/ Examples & Templates

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a data analyst resume? What to put on a data analyst resume? Tips for writing the best data analyst resume How to write a data analyst cover letter? Data Analyst Resume Sample With the gradual and widespread usage of the internet, businesses from various industries rely on data to make critical business decisions and improve business functions. Many businesses now require employees who can retrieve, perform statistical analysis, organize, and interpret

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