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2022 May 27th


Backend Engineer 60K ~ 80K TWD/月 MixerBox 【新鮮人月薪 13 萬起】人才培訓計劃: Backend Engineer 130K+ TWD/月 AsiaYo Jr. Backend Engineer 700K ~ 1M TWD/年 畢竟科技 Jr. Backend Engineer 700K ~ 1M TWD/年 KKday Backend Engineer 700K ~ 900K TWD/年 【中高階】 徵才企業 招募職缺 薪資待遇 街口支付 Senior Backend Developer 1M ~ 1.8M TWD/年 哈
Job Search Tips
2021 May 31st

APP 工程師找工作 大全 - iOS/Android 工程師薪水、應用程式發展趨勢一次掌握

Engineer (Android) 55K+ TWD/月 【中高階】 徵才企業 招募職缺 薪資待遇 Cubo AI Sr. Android Developer 75K ~ 95K TWD/月 FunNow Android Developer 900K ~ 1.3M TWD/年 Dcard 狄卡 Senior Android Developer 900K ~ 1.6M TWD/年 Pinkoi Android Engineer 50K ~ 80K TWD/月 KKday Android 工程師 60K ~ 100K TWD/年 GoShare Android Developer 850K ~ 1.45M TWD/年 APP 工程師求職技巧

Pinkoi 是人的企業:企業文化、徵才職缺與那些你好奇的幕後故事!專訪 Pinkoi 人資長 Michelle

點刺耳的建議,大家反而能坦然接受,也因此團隊才能夠不斷進步。」 Pinkoi 徵才中!工程師職缺有哪些? Backend Engineer Frontend Engineer Frontend Engineer (SEO) Android Engineer iOS Engineer Product Designer 想加入 Pinkoi 在充滿挑戰的環境中一起成長嗎? 除了工程師和產品設計

KKday 徵才中!專訪 KKday CTO ,直擊百人新創的企業文化、工程師職缺與工作日常

的 APP 產品並不多,成功出海的更少,希望最後可以讓全球的使用者都知道我們。」 [資訊] 數位產品經理 Senior Product Manager [資訊] UI 設計師(WEB) [資訊] Android工程師 [資訊] iOS 開發工程師 [資訊] 軟體測試工程師 (QC) [資訊] Java 程式設

那些科技新創教我的事 V「非理工背景又怎樣?只要有當軟體工程師的熱情,一樣找到一片天」- 王迺瑜 (WeMo iOS工程師)

車庫創業,見證近 10 倍成長的瘋狂新創起飛 我加入 WeMo Scooter 時,整個公司裡的工程師只有我和另一位 Senior Engineer,當時正職加實習生不超過 15人,一起在一個台北橋下的鐵皮屋奮鬥,超有車庫創業的氛圍。兩
Hiring Tips
2020 Nov 26th

寫好一份職缺敘述 Job Description,人才就找對一半!

熱情和使命,將工藝文化以各種創新和不正經(?)的方式介紹給大家是每天的任務。你將會站在科技(Engineering team)與人文(Project Planning team)的交匯點,成為整合彼此的溝通樞紐。」 與消費者溝通的行銷文案不同,因為看 JD

Civil Engineers: Resume Examples, Formats & Tips

determine whether you get pulled out from the huge pile. Then how to write a strong and persuading resume summary? A common structure of a resume summary Title + field of expertise + highest measurable achievement + career goal For entry-level civil engineers, you can swap the highest achievement for technical or soft skills and elaborate more on your career goal. Seniors, on the other hand, often eliminate the career goal. Whichever the case, make sure recruiters can quickly understand who you

Animator Resume: Examples, Templates and Skills

skills range from 3D modeling, character design to CGI, VR/AR, art foundations, and more, depending on the position, industry, and company the candidate is working. Animator resume skill examples Proficiency in: Unity Blender C4D Maya 3Ds Max design Unreal engine A knack for Storytelling / Narrative Storyboard / Film Language / Camera Movement Spatial Design /Character Design Motion Graphics /Graphic Design Sculpting Prototyping C++ / Modeling Math Project Management Attention to Detail Step 4: Attune the animator resume to the job descriptions. It

Marketing Director Resume Guide with Examples

skip the rest of your marketing director resume. Place your resume headline at the top of your resume and highlight your best strength. Marketing director resume headline examples: Strategic Marketing Director with 8+ Years of Experience in B2B Product Marketing Senior Marketing Director Specialized in Building Global Consumer Brands Award-winning Head of Marketing Who Led and Empowered 200 Employees 🖋 Step 2: Craft a professional resume summary. The next step is to further explain your experience and skills in

Administrative Assistant Resume Examples | Templates & Formats

personal information and how to organize it. After filling the sections, run it to produce a resume, and then download it. 💡 Tips: There are many well-crafted administrative assistant resume examples. Just type the job title on a search engine and many examples will appear. E.g. Type "Senior Administrative Assistant Resume Examples" and many images will appear on the search results page. Click on each, explore, and customize your administrative assistant resume accordingly based on your past experiences

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