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Jul 1st 2021

How to Become a Software Engineer from Scratch: Ultimate Career Change Guide

realize visible, tangible interactive elements using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Back-End Engineers use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to deal with the undergoing databases and infrastructure, logging systems, and caching systems. Responsibilities include creating and maintaining the structure of server-side information, debug, and realize cross-department demands. Full Stack Engineer is a combination of front-end and back-end engineering. They are able to develop a project from start to finish, tackle databases, build user-facing websites, or communicate
Interview Skills
May 13th 2022

Product Manager Interview Questions and Tips

making, and communicating, so give examples of your experience with those skills during the product manager interview. 🎯 Leadership skills A product manager is the head of a team of people, some of whom are on the development and technology side, some in marketing, and some in user experience. Leadership will definitely be a focus of some product manager questions, so take that opportunity to discuss any time you led a project or a team and emphasize your leadership skills
Job Search Tips
Jan 18th 2022

Freelancers in 2022: Top 8 Most Lucrative Industries

pro-technology and IT-related while others are more for creative minds. Following trends indicate what is typically in urgent needs or requiring specific expertise. Job descriptions are quite similar to those of desk-jobs. Freelancers (independent workers, remote contractors, side-hustlers, self-employed) can follow the bandwagon and know what to work on next. Technology and IT, the Top 1 Growing Sector for Freelancers In our daily lives, we’re “logged in” basically 24/7. Computers are indispensable and
Hiring Tips
Nov 29th 2023

How to Create an Employee Evaluation Form (+ Templates)

to nail that decision on who gets the promotion because you already have it in writing. 4. Data for decision-making Since employee evaluation forms assess areas of strength and weakness, it is easier for employers to make decisions about projects, assess project completion deadlines, and to consider the quality work produced from insights gathered through the data from employee evaluation forms. 5. Succession planning It’s in your interest to get that employee evaluation form up and running because

Best Tips to Create and Promote Your Logo Design Portfolio

a free portfolio and resume builder with an easy-to-navigate interface and community-sharing platform. You can either choose pictures wider than 1400 pixels to show full-width images or create combos of grid images to show the logos side-by-side. Either way, there are many features you can try out to create a simple yet unique logo portfolio presentation. Afterward, you can share the result with other job seekers or potential clients on the “Portfolio Ideas” page

【自傳範例】自傳怎麼寫?5 招寫出成功履歷自傳、5 種自傳範本任選!

是自傳中附上 作品集連結 ;如果有在經營個人品牌(個人網站、社群媒體、部落格等)或進行個人專案(Side Project),也可以在履歷自傳中提及相關成績。 5. 自傳 結尾 (未來生涯規劃) 自傳結尾也要貫徹全篇行銷
Interview Skills
Jan 12th 2024

2024 工程師面試必看!30 個面試問題集、面試問題提問技巧

工。你應徵的這個職位做人與做事佔的比例是多少?需要與哪些領域的其他同事合作?有沒有進行 side project 的空間還是完全專注於現有產品?公司僱用你當然是希望你能幫忙解決問題,但是這題可以
Career Development
Jan 26th 2024


題:轉職軟體工程師證照是必要的嗎? 基本上軟體工程師證照的效用較不大。比起證照,業界更看重 side project,因此建議想轉職成為軟體工程師的各位可以好好準備 side project、累積實務經驗。但如果是 Devops 工程
Job Search Tips
Jun 10th 2022

IC 封裝/測試工程師都在做什麼?IC 封測工程師的薪水、工作內容、履歷面試

多著墨於目前擔任 IC 封裝/測試工程師職務所負責的項目及運用的專業技能。 若有相關的作品集、side project、工作或校園時期負責過的專案,也可以於履歷中加入,對轉職者或新鮮人來說會達到加分作

工程師面試履歷的 Do's and Don'ts

筆者作為工程師的面試官至今,目前看過的履歷沒有上千封、應該也有上百封了。經常看到很多人在履歷上犯相同的錯誤,因此想要藉這個機會,和大家分享一下工程師面試的 do's and dont's。 一般來

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