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Google Pixel 團隊來了!軟體與硬體人才協作有哪些火花?讓硬體工程師 Ching-Han & 使用者體驗設計師 Kelly 告訴你!

經驗累積 作為硬體人才,Ching-Han 認為在 Google 工作最珍貴的技能收穫,就是從零開始到一百的經驗。Google 的 Silicon Program 是一個全新的 Program、全新的 IC,對於硬體人才來說,相比微調 IC 設計或是因應業界趨勢小幅度調

Farina Situmorang on Founding AI Startup Pensieve and Navigating Career Journey

Kellogg School of Management. After graduation, Farina landed an offer to go back to her internship place at a company called BlackBerry. She worked for BlackBerry in their corporate headquarters in Canada for a couple of years before moving to Silicon Valley to work for a startup there. However, after being laid off in Silicon Valley, Farina's career took a turn when she returned to Indonesia to participate in the 2014 presidential election campaign. Inspired by the successful 2008
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Mar 6th 2023

2023 年後轉職總整理:全台招募活動、校園徵才職缺、銀行 MA 計畫

年提供豐富的實習機會,以技術職缺為主,包含 Cloud MBA Intern 與 Customers Engineer Intern 等。除此之外,Google 正職也在招募中,有 Silicon Engineer 及 Software Engineer 等。更多詳細的職缺與相關細節可以參考 Google校園活動網站 。 2023 NVIDIA 研發替代役招募 NVIDIA 正

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