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15 Best Free Portfolio Websites (w/ Pros & Cons, Pricing, Key Features)

way that is most efficient and convenient for viewing. 💰 Pricing On CakeResume, you can create your portfolio online, free of charge. You only need to sign-up as a user, and you could enjoy all the online portfolio creator tools and features. 🔧 Tools Text (with font style options, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, hyperlink, font size, alignments, numbering, bullets) Single Image Grid Image Embed Media (websites, audio files, video files) Changeable background color using HUD (Heads Up Display) color
Career Development
Aug 2nd 2022

Ketahui 4 Perbedaan Data Analyst dan Data Scientist!

serupa karena keduanya bekerja secara intensif dengan angka dan data, namun sebenarnya keduanya berbeda. Pada bagian ini, kita akan mengeksplorasi lebih dalam mengenai perbedaan profesi Data Analyst dan Data Scientist. Apa itu Data Analyst? Dalam kesehariannya, data analyst menggunakan statistical tools untuk melihat tren data, mengidentifikasi pola, dan menghasilkan wawasan. Data Analyst dapat menemukan peluang untuk mengembangkan operasional bisnis agar produktivitas dan profitabilitas dapat ditingkatkan. Dalam prosesnya, mereka mengumpulkan, mengelola, dan membersihkan data. Data Analyst juga melihat data historis hingga

Your CV - Gearing Up for Grad School

format is a combination of your first and last name. The phone number should be directed to you. The address should be your current address where you can receive mail any time soon. Introducing yourself with a single webpage using tools like CakeResume and adding the site link to your CV can also be a brilliant idea. Educational Qualifications List the educational institutions which you have attended, the years of attendance and the degree received. If you’re still to

Internal Promotion Cover Letter: Writing Guide and Samples

the growth of their company. Are you thinking of taking the first steps to move up in your company’s ranks? This article will explain everything you need to know about cover letters for internal promotion and give you the tools to take your promotion cover letter to the next level! In this article, you'll learn about: What to Include in a Cover Letter for Internal Promotion Cover Letter Examples for Promotion How to Write a Cover Letter for

How to write a professional resume | Ultimate writing guide & tips 2023

a resume and a CV serve different purposes. While a resume is typically used for job applications, a CV is usually used for academic pursuits such as post-graduate or PhD programs. You can create a resume using many different tools, like the traditional Microsoft Word , design tool like Canva , or resume builder like CakeResume. Later one, we’ll instruct you to choose the best online resume builder that is not only free but also help you with all you
Career Development
Jul 6th 2022

Find Your Dream Job with These 10 Free Career Tests

options, based on answers to questions regarding your personality assessment, skills, interests, and values. Career tests aim to help people discover what profession would they enjoy, and the environment they might feel comfortable in. Career aptitude tests serve as helpful tools to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and compare them with multiple professions and occupations. Then, you will receive an estimated result list of jobs that you might enjoy. The factors that will influence a career test’s result include

300+ CV Adjectives to Make Your CV Stand Out

extensive or exceptional your experience and skills are, it would become useless if you didn't know how to translate them properly onto your CV. That's where adjectives for CV come in handy. Good descriptive words for CV are tools that can provide a more complete overview of your skills and experience because it helps you to be more specific. Combining CV adjectives and verbs reduces word redundancy and also shows off your communication skills in writing . This is

How to List Technical Skills in a CV [with 160+ Examples]

technical skills and soft skills is that you can acquire technical skills through education, practice, and hands-on experience. It’s important to showcase technical skills and competencies on your CV. The reason is that every job relies on different tools, programs, and procedures. When going over the CV technical skills section, employers can grab a quick idea of your expertise and see whether you are capable of performing specific tasks to get the job done. If you’re a
Interview Skills
Jun 16th 2022

15 Python Interview Questions for Freshers and Professionals

Created by CakeResume In this article, you'll read about: Python Interview Questions for Freshers Python Interview Questions for Experienced Professionals Tips on Answering Python Interview Questions Python is a versatile programming language that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Web development, scientific computing, data analytics, and artificial intelligence are just a few of the many fields that utilize python programming. It, thus, comes as no surprise that most popular jobs require Python programming skills. Some examples
Career Development
Sep 28th 2022

A Guide to the Perfect Employee Performance Review

Created by CakeResume In this article, we’ll cover: What Is an Employee Performance Review? Employee Performance Appraisal Form Template Performance Review Question Examples Performance Evaluation Tips Phrases Not to Use in a Performance Review Whether you are new to a job or a veteran in your position, you will likely encounter regular performance reviews. Employers conduct performance evaluations to assess their employees’ progress, offer feedback, and make adjustments. Performance appraisals are also used to evaluate a raise. Employee reviews

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