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Apa itu iOS Developer? Pengertian, Gaji, Tugas, Syarat, Dll.

yang sudah dibuat. Melakukan perilisan aplikasi. Memperbaiki kekurangan yang terjadi. Melakukan pemeliharaan aplikasi secara rutin. Memberikan rekomendasi untuk perubahan atau penambahan fitur aplikasi. Skill yang Dibutuhkan iOS Developer 1. Menguasai Tools dan Software Sebagai developer iOS, kamu harus menguasai penggunaan tools dan software yang berhubungan dengan pengembangan aplikasi iOS. Tools dan software yang harus kamu kuasai yaitu: xCode IDE Git Core Data Framework Metal/OpenGL, dan lain-lain. 2. Memahami Algoritma dan Bahasa Pemrograman untuk iOS Selain tools dan software
Career Development
Apr 19th 2024

Hard Skill dan Soft Skill yang Harus Dimiliki Business Analyst

dan menentukan trend sehingga dapat membuat keputusan yang tepat. 7. Menganalisa Data Business analyst adalah orang yang bertugas untuk menganalisis data bisnis perusahaan yang tentunya berjumlah sangat banyak. Agar dapat menganalisa data dengan efektif dan efisien, kamu memerlukan bantuan dari tools analisis data. Tools yang bisa kamu gunakan meliputi Tableau, Excel, BI Tools, dan lain-lain. Alat-alat ini akan membantu kamu dalam memvisualisasikan, mengumpulkan, memproses, dan menganalisis data terstruktur dan tidak terstruktur baik dari sistem internal maupun eksternal. Selain

Profesi Konsultan IT: Tugas, Gaji dan Skill yang Dibutuhkan!

latar belakang yang berbeda dapat memberikan perspektif baru untuk masalah yang dihadapi perusahaan. Sebuah perusahaan mungkin tidak memiliki pengetahuan atau pengalaman yang mendalam di bidang tertentu, seperti keamanan. Industri teknologi informasi bisa dikatakan kompleks, mulai dari bahasa pemrograman, software , teknologi, tools , dan banyak lagi. Jika perusahaan tidak mempunyai pengetahuan yang tepat, maka tujuan utama dan objektif perusahaan bisa terhambat. Mempekerjakan konsultan teknologi tentunya tidak murah, membutuhkan pelatihan dan kemampuan teknis untuk mendukungnya. Namun, dalam jangka panjang, seorang IT consultant dapat
Career Planning
Mar 22nd 2024

10 Best Work from Home Jobs in Singapore [+ Where to Find Them]

kinds of online job arrangements that are projected to be more common in the coming years. Remote working conditions aside, we’ve also seen considerable changes in the tools, data protections, and work models that we use. Advancements in collaboration tools It’s not just our working conditions that are getting an upgrade, but also the tools that we use. From communication and organization platforms like Slack and Asana, to real-time collaboration tools like G-Suite and Teams, there
Mar 7th 2024

CakeResume's Psychological Career Quiz—What Cake R U Has Taken Over Instagram Over the Past Few Weeks

delve into different types of people at the workplace, equal each type of Cake. Layer Cake: The Realistic Layer Cakes exemplify the realistic group of people in Holland's theory: logical, practical, and agile. They enjoy working with machinery and tools or participating in outdoor activities. Workaholism index: 87%  Career lucky charm: Tumbler  Work besties: Sponge Cake & Strawberry Cake  Just coworkers : Tiramisu & Macaroon Cupcake: The Investigator Cupcakes are investigative as they like to observe, explore, investigate, analyze, evaluate, or solve
Resume & CV
Mar 6th 2024

Contractor Resume Examples [+ Templates & Formats]

contractor resume : Self-employed home renovation resume: Customer-focused Carpenter with extensive experience in home construction, remodels, and renovations. Highly specialized in customized furniture design and fabrication with exceptional finish carpentry skills as well as familiarity with hand and power tools. Committed to completing projects on time and adhering to safety guidelines. Electrical contractor resume: Meticulous Electrical Contractor possessing 10+ years of experience in commercial, residential, and aviation airfield installation, repair, and maintenance. Key skills include electrical troubleshooting, control wiring
Cover Letter
Apr 4th 2024

How to Write a Cover Letter with No Experience in 2024 (+ Samples and Templates)

Questions to Ask When Writing a Cover Letter with No Experience : 1. What skills are emphasized in the job posting? Identify the key skills the employer is looking for, such as communication, teamwork, or technical abilities. 2. Are there specific tools or software mentioned? Note any tools or software required for the role, and think of instances where you might have used similar tools, even in a non-professional setting. 3. What personal attributes are highlighted? Look for qualities like
Resume & CV
Mar 6th 2024

Warehouse Worker Resume: Examples and Tips

of a new process and cut costs by 18% through inventory optimization. 🖋 Step 3: List key warehouse worker skills on your resume. While a work experience section tells your career development, a skills section can quickly show recruiters what tools and talents you can bring to the table. A clear and concise list of relevant skills on your warehouse associate resume can definitely catch attention. Top skills for a warehouse worker resume: Picking & packing Machinery operation Safety management Inventory
People Operations
Mar 6th 2024

Common Project Manager Interview Questions + Tips & Samples

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: Project Manager Interview Tips Common Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers What Questions to Ask in a Project Manager Interview Many consider it one of the most crucial positions in a company; a project manager (PM) is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing projects in a company. Project managers can heavily influence the outcome of a project. To be able to take on responsibility of such an important role, you have
People Operations
Mar 6th 2024

Preparing for Your Next Digital Marketing Interview: Tips & Samples

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: Digital Marketing Interview Tips Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers Questions to Ask in a Digital Marketing Interview In recent years, digital marketing has become one of the fastest-growing areas for both offline and online businesses, spanning across almost every industry. This extends over a wide range, including social media, SEO, pay-per-click, branding and content marketing. As companies increasingly rely on online engagement to grow their business, the

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