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Apr 1st 2022

“What Motivates You?” & Example Interview Answers

approach to answer the interview question “What motivates you.” Similar motivation questions asked in an interview include: What drives you in life/at work? What motivates you to do a good job? What inspires you to go to work every day? What makes a job fun and motivating for you? What are you passionate about at work? What inspires you to succeed every day? What motivates and makes you excited to go to work? Why Interviewers Ask “What Motivates You
Career Development
Aug 13th 2023

How to be a Good Leader: Guide to Mastering Leadership!

more efficient work. Nurture future leaders Leadership can be a solitary position, but it does not need to be! The best leaders teach others how to be leaders themselves, both to ease the burden of their own obligations, and also to help employees professionally develop and give others something to work towards. Teaching employees how to be leaders could also be a good way of scouting potential in-house talent to succeed you one day. 📚Further reading: 10 Leadership

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