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sept. 10ème 2020


以及美國生涯發展學會(NCDA)與台灣生涯發展與諮詢學會(TCDCA)共同核發的 CDA 國際雙認證的職涯顧問 Winnie,告訴你什麼樣的履歷是具有「亮點」的履歷,能夠讓你得到人資的青睞,順利進入面試關卡! 一、「經歷
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sept. 10ème 2020


拿到那萬中選一的 offer 呢? 這次我們訪問到,幫助過許多求職者,往職涯下一個階段發展的職涯顧問 Winnie,請她點出幾個求職者可以努力的方向: 1. 提升領導能力 領導能力的差異,自然是主管職與其他
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sept. 28ème 2021

Winning Web Developer Resume Guide [+ Examples & Tips]

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to craft the perfect web developer resume What to put on a resume for a web developer Tips for writing the best web developer resume How to write a web developer cover letter Web Developer Resume Sample What does a web developer do? Simply put, web developers build websites and are divided into front-end and back-end sides: Front-End developers write code to implement the design of the web and are
Career Development
août 22ème 2022

Write Your Winning Scholarship Essay [plus Examples]

Created by CakeResume In this article, you’ll learn: How to Write a Scholarship Essay Writing a Scholarship Essay: Dos and Don’ts Scholarship Essay Outline Scholarship Essay Examples If you are applying to, or currently enrolled in post-secondary education, you might be searching for different scholarships. Higher education can be costly, and scholarships help ease the financial burden. While applying for scholarships, you are often asked to submit a scholarship essay, or at least a scholarship personal statement
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mars 9ème 2022

Write a Winning Theater Resume (with Example & Tips)

headline. Attract the employer’s attention by featuring your strongest attainments in your theater resume headline. Feature the headline of your theater resume right after your name. Theater Resume Headline Examples: Professional with 5+ Years of Theatrical Experience in Award Winning Productions Theater Technician Dedicated to Enhancing Exceptional Performance Equipment for Performance Creative Stage Manager Who Was Nominated for the Del Hughes Award Step 5: Craft a t heater resume summary . The summary statement for your theater resume is your
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juil. 22ème 2021

Craft a Job-Winning Cover Letter for Fresh Graduates (w/ Examples & Tips)

You'll learn how to: Job Application Letter Sample for Fresh Graduates How to write a cover letter for a fresh graduate Cover letter tips for fresh graduates without experience Extra cover letter tips for 5 different new graduates How to send an application letter for fresh graduates by Email Aside from a well-prepared resume, we all know that a cover letter is required for applying for a job. But what is a cover letter in precise? What is
Resume & CV
nov. 10ème 2021

How to Craft a Winning Resume Personal Statement (+15 Examples and Tips)

Created by CakeResume When applying for a job, including a personal statement in your resume or CV can give the hiring manager a brief overview of who you are. This section typically consists of a short paragraph where you can showcase your expertise, skills, and professional experience. Although the concept is quite similar to a resume summary, it's slightly different. In this article, we introduce you to another resume writing guideline—crafting a perfect, professional resume statement. TABLE OF
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mars 6ème 2024

How to Write a Job-Winning Marketing Intern Cover Letter [w/ Examples & Tips]

The responsibilities of a marketing intern include planning marketing campaigns, doing quantitative and qualitative market research, and being in charge of other marketing operations. It also includes maintaining, moreover, expanding a public audience. Does this sound like it’s something you’d like to do? If it does, being a marketing intern might just be right for you! The process of being a marketing intern starts with applying for the internship, which can be done via the company’s website
Cover Letter
mars 6ème 2024

Education Cover Letter: 6 Steps to Write a Job-Winning One [+Example & Template]

right, we have samples), and how to use an education cover letter template. TABLE OF CONTENTS Education Cover Letter Examples How to Write a Cover Letter for any Education Position Education Cover Letter Template Three Tips to Write a Job-Winning Education Cover Letter Education Cover Letter Examples As previously mentioned, there’s a range of positions within the education sector, which of course makes for a range of different education cover letters. If this is your first time writing
Cover Letter
mars 6ème 2024

How to Write and NAIL Your Assistant Accountant Cover Letter [w/ Tips and Samples]

Tips for a Winning Assistant Accountant Cover Letter Accountant assistants act in a supporting capacity to the more senior accountants and are primarily responsible for roles similar to those of their direct supervisors. Accountant assistants typically help to prepare budgetary reports, draft financial statements, and oversee financial transactions, to name a few. Are you thinking about taking on a job as an accountant’s assistant? Well, you need a killer accountant assistant cover letter! Writing a well-crafted assistant accountant

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