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Jul 13th 2020

Why Networking Helps You Land a Job: 6 Easy Ways for College Students

a social network, where information can be shared via connections. Why is networking important? What are the benefits of networking during job search? Why spend the time talking to people? The answer: it can help you land a job by winning a referral. 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey showed that referred applicants are 5 times more likely than average to be hired, and 15 times more likely to be hired than applicants from a job board. In fact, 78% of recruiters

Best Freelance Resume: Examples & Templates

own boss and set your own hours. No wonder the idea of becoming a freelancer is very appealing and makes this job type highly competitive in recent years. The key to landing your desired freelance job is to build a winning freelance resume that showcases your core competencies, experience, and skills. Step 1: Pick the best layout for your freelance resume. Regardless of what field of freelance work you're in, e.g. you're preparing a freelance photographer resume

Call Center Cover Letter: Examples & How-to Guide

along with your relevant experience, essential skills, and personal strengths. From a call center cover letter with no experience to a call center manager cover letter, you can find them all here in this article, including the best examples and winning tips! Call Center Cover Letter Examples To start off, let's check out the cover letter samples for call center agents for first timers. Application letter for call center agents Kellie H. Garnette [email protected] (+136)-123

Case Manager Resume: Examples & Templates

to apply for a case manager, you need an eye-catching case manager resume and cover letter to stay ahead of the competition. Read the comprehensive case manager resume and cover letter guidelines below to get the knack of writing winning application documents! How to write a great case manager resume? Below are 5 important writing tips to craft an eye-catching case manager resume. ✅ Adopt an ATS-friendly resume format. ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a system used
Career Development
Jul 26th 2022

Thinking About Getting a Scholarship? Here’s What You Need to Do

You need to first find scholarships you are eligible for, be clear of different application deadlines and prepare materials required in advance so that you can submit your application in time. In addition, the selection criteria are usually rigorous. Consequently, winning a scholarship for a university education takes careful and diligent preparation. Take a look at some resources and tips that will maximize your chance of getting a scholarship in this article. Types of scholarships There are various types of

Nurse Practitioner Resume Writing Guide [+ Examples & Templates]

who are sick or after surgery, while a pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP) resume highlights your ability to serve patients from infancy to the grown-up. How to write a professional nurse practitioner (NP) resume? Follow 5 tips to write a winning retail store manager resume to win your recruiters’ hearts! Step 1: Write an eye-catching nurse practitioner (NP) resume headline. A well-written nurse practitioner resume headline helps you make a good first impression on the recruiter. You could

District Manager Resume (Resume Sample and Tips)

very first thing you should do before writing your resume is referring to real district manager CV/resume examples shared by many experts and online resume builders such as CakeResume . This way, you can grab the idea of what a winning resume looks like, in terms of both content and structure. Tip 2: Pick the right resume format. There are 3 common resume formats you can pick from: chronological, functional, and combinational resume formats. Each of these formats has its

How to Start Making an Architecture Portfolio: Best Portfolio Examples & Ideas

to the final architecture work. It demonstrates the architect’s skills, methods, and the service they can provide. Without an architecture portfolio, it is hardly possible to determine an architect’s capability. An architecture portfolio is ultimately the key to winning a dream job for an architect. Depending on the two stages of being an architect, your portfolio will have separate focuses: Professional Architecture Portfolio for Jobs As a professional architect whose purpose is to gain new clients or employers

Best Front End Developer Portfolio Examples [+How-to guideline]

Created by CakeResume TABLE OF CONTENTS Why You Should Have a Front End Developer Portfolio What to Include in a Front End Portfolio How to Create a Front End Portfolio Tips for Creating the Best Front End Portfolio 10 Front End Portfolio Examples If you're a front end developer, having a portfolio for front end is crucial as it's a social proof to showcase your skills and expertise, and provides potential clients and employers with concrete examples of

Consulting Cover Letter Writing Tips (+ Top Consulting Firms Cover Letter Examples)

Created by CakeResume In this article, you'll learn: Sample Cover Letter for Consulting Firms & Jobs What to Include in a Consulting Cover Letter Tips on How to Write a Consulting Cover Letter Writing a great cover letter for a consulting job is not enough. Your consulting cover letter must be exquisite and unique because consulting jobs are highly competitive, especially if you want to land your dream MBB job. McKinsey even mentions that a candidate's CV and cover

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