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Finance Resume: Templates & Examples

you have one. ❗Personal information such as religion, sexuality, ID/social security number, and current income should be avoided. Resume Headline A finance resume headline is a single sentence showcasing a major strength you possess from your career. It is your greatest asset that’s shown upfront towards readers as it is at the top. The best practice is to not exceed 80 characters when making this finance resume headline. Here are some financial analyst resume headline examples: Financial Analyst...

99+ action verb giúp CV tiếng Anh của bạn thêm xuất sắc

cho nhà tuyển dụng . Tuy nhiên, bạn không nên tham lam và ghi lan man, thay vào đó chỉ nên gói gọn trong khoảng 2 - 3 câu! Ví dụ về phần giới thiệu bản thân trong CV xin việc Data Analyst: Have 3+ years of experience in interpreting and analyzing data to drive growth for the retail field. Evaluated the potential of the new market and identified strategy through insights and business intelligence. 2. Kế hoạch phát triển bản thân
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Jul 17th 2019

關於數位時代的職人招募,我想說的是 ── Vpon威朋大數據HR Director 分享如何運用企業品牌吸引優秀人才

說明書,不妨前往同類型產業的國際龍頭公司或人才交流平台,有許多非常值得參考的樣板。 Vpon - Data Analyst 職缺頁面 設計企業專屬的品牌經營與徵才活動 不同國家文化、公司規模、產業類別、資源與知名

IBM 校園徵才開跑!專訪 IBM 全球企業諮詢服務事業群總經理,揭秘 13 年職涯進化史與 IBM 顧問工作日常

13 年的職涯馬拉松仍持續,只是這一次 Hong 跑在前頭,和身後的 IBM 夥伴們一同前行。 想加入 IBM 工作嗎?IBM 職缺看這裡! 目前 IBM 的首波校園招募計畫已開放 3 個職位申請,分別是: Associate Package Consultant Associate IT Specialist – Business Analyst / System Ana...
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Jan 19th 2023


放的職缺機會都以新竹為主要的工作地點,可以參考以下工作: 招募職缺 薪資待遇 工作地點 Data Engineer / Analyst 經常性薪資達 NT$40K 竹北 SAP ABAP 儲備開發工程師 經常性薪資達 NT$40K 竹北 / 中科 SAP 開發工程師 經常性薪
Career Development
Dec 19th 2022

Analisis SWOT Diri Sendiri Beserta Contoh dan Pertanyaan!

Daftar Isi: Pengertian Personal SWOT Analysis Kapan Harus Analisis SWOT Diri Sendiri? 4 Aspek dalam Analisis SWOT Diri Sendiri Cara Menganalisis SWOT Diri Sendiri Contoh Analisis SWOT Diri Sendiri Analisis SWOT biasanya digunakan untuk mengevaluasi sebuah bisnis atau ketika ingin membuat usaha. Analisis SWOT dapat berguna untuk mengetahui kelebihan, kekurangan, kesempatan, dan juga tantangan yang akan dihadapi. Bukan hanya untuk bisnis, analisis SWOT juga dapat digunakan untuk diri sendiri. Analisis SWOT diri sendiri berguna untuk menganalisa nilai yang ada pada

Chemist Resume: Templates, Examples & Essential Skills

Created by CakeResume Have you ever wondered what a chemist does? In general, chemists analyse organic and inorganic compounds to develop new chemical products while ensuring safety at the same time. Employment for chemists is expected to grow over the next ten years by about 6%. Job opportunities for fresher chemists and chemistry-major students vary from academic researcher, clinical scientist, forensic scientist, or even a toxicologist. On the other hand, those pursuing a master degree in chemistry land jobs


威廉獅(William)是 Google Ads 官方社群 「 傑出貢獻者/黃金級產品專家 」,擅長Google Ads、Google Analytics、Google Search Console,也包括SEO(Search Engine Optimization)、SEM(Search Engine Marketing)的操作,更有滿滿的跨國、跨部門的合作經驗。在分工越來越精細的現在,「行銷」也存在許多的

UX Designer Portfolio: 10 Best Portfolio Examples and Why They Work

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will read about: What to Put in a UX Designer Portfolio How to Include UX Design Projects to a Portfolio Best UX Designer Portfolio Websites 10 Best UX Design Portfolio Examples (+ Analysis) Tips for Creating a Good UX Designer Portfolio A UX designer portfolio is the most critical tool for any UX job applicant. It showcases our creative works and explains our design rationale. However, you might not know what a UX designer

Great Biologist Resume Tips [+ Examples & Templates]

Created by CakeResume A nature lover; a science lover. The environment around you just seems extremely fascinating. Perhaps, a biologist is a career that interests you. A biologist studies everything about organisms – from collecting field samples and measurements to analysing and interpreting these data. Biologists do not necessarily have to work in laboratories! In fact, job positions for a biologist vary incredibly: you could obtain an academia position, like a professor, or a government position conducting census projects! But, reality

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