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Oct 4th 2022

How to Become a Social Worker: A Detailed Guide

to become a social worker. Earn Degrees The first step to becoming a social worker is to earn an education. The basic social worker education requirement is a post-secondary degree. 🎓 Bachelor’s degree A bachelor’s degree in social work is the easiest answer to the question of how to become a social worker. Courses for social work will cover things like social justice issues and community research practices. If you’re serious about social work, earning a

Communication Skills in CV: 15 Common Skills & Examples in CV

that can’t be proven with certifications, it’s difficult to say that you’re “good at communication.” Moreover, it’s challenging to pinpoint what skills are included as communication skills, and also how to properly show communication skills in a CV. This article will elaborate on how to show your social skills in CV, along with some good communication and interpersonal skills examples to put on a CV and tips on how to improve them in real practice. Why
Job Search Tips
Nov 23rd 2022

Seeking Jobs You Can Do from Home? Here’s All You Need to Know!

the world, the entire society was forced to do their jobs online from home. Now that two and a half years have passed by, companies and businesses worldwide have acknowledged that working from home and flexible working policies are not a coping mechanism for the global pandemic, but rather a new working norm of the modern working world. The idea of remote jobs is not only appealing to job searchers but also to headhunters. Working from home allows workers to

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