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May 4th 2023

Best Resume Checkers & Writing Tips For an ATS-Friendly Resume

we will share the best resume checkers that you can greatly benefit from, as well as some tips on how to write an ATS-friendly resume. In this article, you will learn about: What Is a Resume Checker? How Do Resume Checkers Work? Top 10 Best Online Resume Checkers Tips for Creating an ATS-Friendly Resume What Is a Resume Checker? If you want to check how well-written your resume is, you can use a resume checker software. This
Resume & CV
May 13th 2021

CFO Resume: Samples and Writing Guide

good fit for the job. Step 6: Proofread. Before submitting your documents, it’s recommended to proofread your CFO resume and cover letter to minimize errors. Applicants could use online grammar and spelling checkers like Grammarly and GrammarCheck to check for errors and polish words. What to put on a resume for a Chief Financial Officer (CFO)? Below are 8 standard and optional sections to put on a CFO resume. Section 1: Resume Profile (Personal Information) A CFO resume pr...
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Feb 18th 2022

Creative Director Resume (w/ Example)

resume format  A targeted resume is tailored for a specific company or opening position. Even though it takes extra time and effort to craft a targeted resume, it undoubtedly boosts your chances of impressing your potential recruiters. 3. Look up resume templates & examples online as references. It’s highly suggested to search for creative director resume templates and examples online for reference and inspiration. You could search resources from popular websites like CakeResume and LinkedIn. 4. Tailor your resume for
Job Search Tips
Mar 6th 2024

9 Best Job Searching Websites for Finding Jobs in Malaysia | 2024

the top 9 job search sites that make your job hunt a breeze. Table of Contents: The Top 9 Best Job Search 10 Tips for Successful Job Search Online The Top 9 Best Job Search CakeResume CakeResume emerges as an online resume builder and job search platform designed to facilitate job seekers on their job search journey in the most encompassing way. With a library of more than 15 ATS-friendly resume templates and 50+ resume snippets, CakeResume allows you
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Feb 18th 2022

Best English Teacher Resume with Example [Resume Writing Guideline]

an effective English teacher resume. TABLE OF CONTENTS How to Write an English Teacher Resume Objective Section for English Teacher Resume Resume Summary for English Teacher Resume Skills to Include on English Teacher Resume Tips to Write an English Teacher Resume with No Experience English Teacher Resume Example How to Write an English Teacher Resume 1. Refer to Online Resume Templates and Examples If you need help figuring out where to start, referring to online resume templates and samples is
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Mar 3rd 2021

Accounting Clerk Resume: Examples, Template & Writing Guide

resume will help you stand out and will increase your chances of landing the job. You'll learn: How to write an accounting clerk resume? What to put on an accounting clerk resume? Tips for writing the best accounting clerk resume How to write a cover letter for accounting clerk jobs? Accounting Clerk Resume Sample (Text Format) How to write an accounting clerk resume? There are 6 steps you should follow to craft the perfect accounting clerk resume: Step 1
Resume & CV
May 6th 2022

Elevate Your Profile with Publications on Resume [+ Formats & Examples]

section on a resume/CV. This includes showing your development when your publications are related to subjects you studied in school and helping to save space on your resume/CV. Here is an example of how to add publications in resume in the education section: EDUCATION BSc in Computer Science , 2016-2020 University of ABC Artificial Intelligence track GPA 3.9 Publication: Lee, J., Using Machine Learning to Improve Online Plagiarism Checker . 2020. University of ABC, Bachelor Thesis. 🖋 The
Resume & CV
Sep 23rd 2021

Lab Assistant Resume Examples (+ Tips for Lab Assistant with No Experience)

samples/specimens Perform daily quality control checks Prepare reports with reliable data Interpret results based on findings Use latest methodologies and best practices If you want to convince the recruiter that you are the right fit, position yourself in the best way with a job-winning lab assistant resume. It should fully feature your skills, qualifications, and experience in the field. Regardless of your expertise and professional level, this comprehensive resume guide will cover a wide range of lab assistant
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Jul 12th 2022

Architecture Resume [+ Examples & Writing Guide]

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a professional resume for architect jobs? What to Include in an architect resume? Tips for creating the best architecture resume How to write an architecture cover letter? Architect Resume Sample (Text Format) An architect plays a huge part in creating an accommodating yet harmonious environment. Not to mention the unending process of getting a single building built, from a single line sketch to groundbreaking, the continuous design development process following the
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Feb 21st 2022

How to Write a Perfect Lawyer Resume (with Examples and Tips)

Created by CakeResume In this article, we will explore: How to write a lawyer resume What to put on a resume for a lawyer Tips for writing the best lawyer resume How to write a lawyer cover letter Lawyer resume sample In the US and many other places in the world, the terms legal advocate, lawyer and attorney are used interchangeably in a broad sense. Their responsibility is to represent another person or entity in the legal system or the

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