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Aug 13th 2023

10 High-paying Business Degree Jobs

faster rate than most other occupations. 📚Further reading: How to Answer Bank Interview Questions like a Professional 2. Management Consulting A management consultant is one of the most potential careers when searching for business major jobs. Duties & responsibilities : A management consultant helps companies and businesses improve their performance and grow by providing consultation and solutions on specific issues that those companies and businesses are facing. The issues can be in different fields such as marketing, operation, finance, business, etc

How to Write a Manager Cover Letter (with Samples)

Created by CakeResume In this article, we’ll cover: Example Cover Letters for Manager Positions How to Write a Manager Cover Letter Tips for Writing a Manager Cover Letter Manager Cover Letter Template Many people start their careers with the goal of one day applying for a management position. Managers are more highly skilled and better compensated than their colleagues, but they also have much more responsibility. While those in non-management roles take direction and work as a team
Career Development
Sep 27th 2022

How to Become a Consultant: Tips & Advice

to the team Present ideas, analysis or results to company managers Consulting professionals can work in many industries and every consultant’s role is slightly different, examples of different consulting careers include: Management consultant: advises companies on how to improve management structure and governance to ultimately improve employee and business outcomes IT consultant: provides IT-related expertise to companies on how to optimize workflow using improvements in IT. Strategy consultant: works with high-level management to make plans regarding business
Career Development
Apr 16th 2021

How to use LinkedIn? 5 tips to boost your career with LinkedIn

It takes more than resumes and hard work to launch an ideal job and develop your career nowadays. You also need a strong and diverse professional network, and LinkedIn helps you with that. Overview What is LinkedIn? How to use LinkedIn and why it’s useful Top 5 tips to build a job-winning LinkedIn profile Make sure you take advantage of LinkedIn as a tool to impress recruiters, attract business opportunities, learn industry trends and boost your career. Read

How Long Should a Resume Be? - Ideal Resume Length, Guide & Tips

Created by CakeResume A resume is a professional business card. Not only should you take in hand the content and format but also the resume length. It is commonly suggested that resumes should ideally be limited to one or two pages, regardless of whose idea it was. This helps to ensure that the information presented is concise and to the point. But sometimes, we still see people with a 4-page long resume still successfully nail the job. So, suppose

Perfect Internship Cover Letter to Start Your Career [+ Examples & Tips]

am interested in joining the business internship program here at Wharton. As an avid business management graduate, I am dedicated to learning more from a top business company. I believe that with my strong passion and a solid background within business methods, I can effectively contribute to the growth and development of Wharton’s service. Previously, during my years as a business graduate, I was the President of the Business Analytics Club. As the President, I was able to inspire
Career Development
Apr 8th 2019

10 Inspiring Personal Branding Quotes [Infographic]

Googled your name. Going to a job interview? Ditto. Tim Ferriss , The author of The 4-Hour Workweek All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You. Tom Peters , Writer on business management practices Personal branding is not about you. It’s about putting your stamp on the value you deliver

Business Analyst Cover Letter Samples, Templates, & Tips

my career as a business analyst. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Tim Jobson ✉️ Sample cover letter for business analyst internship: If you are still studying, use this cover letter sample for business analyst internships. Entry level business analyst cover letters should highlight your skills and potential as a business analyst. If you have no relevant experience, discuss your interest in, and desire to learn the role of a business analyst In your business analyst cover letter
Career Development
Sep 28th 2023

Top 5 Highest Paid Jobs in the Current Market 2023 - 2024

What Makes a High-Paying Job In recent years, the landscape of well-paying jobs has evolved significantly. Technological advancements and the modernization of the workspace have spelt drastic changes to the types of jobs available, the technical qualifications needed to work them, and the corresponding compensation for these more technical positions. Jobs that pay well now are typically those that have not yet been automated or replaced by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. According to recent research conducted

100+ Key Hard Skills to Put on Resume [+ Listing Tips for Maximum Impact]

Created by CakeResume You may have heard a lot about the importance of the skills section in a resume. However, you might have not heard of hard skills to put on resumes which are different from soft skills. To put it simply, hard skills are teachable and measurable abilities that an individual can acquire through practice, repetition, and education. When going over the hard skills on your resume, employers can grab a quick idea of your expertise and see whether

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