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Feb 17th 2022

Career Changer Resume: Writing Guide & Template

Created by Cake You'll learn: 5 steps to polish a resume for a job change How to adopt the right resume format for a career change? How to create a resume template for a career change? 5 dos and 5 dont's for the best resume for a career change Career change resume sample A career change simply means you switch to a different career field. For example, you have worked as a graphic designer but recently looking to
Resume & CV
Jan 7th 2023

Macam-macam Hobi untuk Melamar Kerja dalam CV

3. Career change yang tidak memiliki pengalaman kerja. Jika kalian adalah seorang yang berganti karir, contohnya dari pekerjaan akuntan menjadi penulis konten. Pastinya kalian belum memiliki pengalaman kerja yang berkaitan dengan pengembangan bisnis sebelumnya. ➡️ Jangan takut. Tuliskan hobi pada CV pergantian karir dan tonjolkan soft skill yang dimiliki. (Contohnya: hobi menulis) Keuntungan menuliskan minat dan hobi dalam CV: Jika tidak memiliki pengalaman kerja ataupun organisasi yang banyak, kolom interest dan hobi dalam CV membantu mengisi CV Menunjukkan kualifikasi atau
Resume & CV
Apr 10th 2023

A Complete Guide: Difference Between Biodata, Resume, and CV

hiring manager. If you are someone seeking a career change or a new job, you will need a well-written resume because it shows your professionalism in resume-making while also adding points for the first impression. Also, the terms “CV” and “Resume” are often interchangeably used for job applications in European countries, South America, and New Zealand. This means when a company asks for a CV in those countries, you should send a resume-formatted document. A resume is
Resume & CV
Apr 15th 2022

30+ Best Career Objective Examples to Put on Your Resume/CV

simple career objective on a CV has become optional, or even outdated. However, an objective statement for a CV could still be useful under certain circumstances. In this article, we will share the everything you need to know about the career objectives on resume/CV, including the 30+ best career objective examples for different jobs and industries. Whether you are making a career change, or applying for your first internship, writing a career objective could help explain why you are
Resume & CV
Mar 16th 2021

Program Manager Resume Examples & Templates [+ Tips]

IT program manager resume should be different from an HR program manager resume or an education program manager resume. It’s significant to research the company and industry of the job before writing your resume. Whether you are making a career change to program manager, or already a senior program manager seeking new job opportunities, take 5 minutes to read through the article, and learn everything about writing a program manager resume and cover letter! You'll learn about: How
Resume & CV
Feb 22nd 2022

System Administrator Resume: Examples and Tips

based resume format, this format scrambles all different job roles and work experience into different skills categories. ✅ Pros: It is suitable for those who have gaps in their careers. It is excellent for those who are going for a career change and allows them to emphasize different skill sets. ❌ Cons: It is only appropriate if you have certain skill sets that match the job opening. It is not an ATS-friendly format. 3. The combinational resume format The
Resume & CV
Mar 2nd 2022

How to Write a Culinary Resume? [+Examples & Tips]

Emphasizes relevant work experience Cons: Easily detected career gaps May raise questions if the work history is unstable 2. Functional resume format A functional resume format organizes work experience along with different skills. It is preferred by candidates with several career gaps or career changes. Pros: Covers unstable employment history Emphasizes professional specialization Ideal for a career change Cons: Not ATS friendly Not suitable for experienced individuals 3. Combinational resume format It’s a combination of chronological and functional formats
Resume & CV
Sep 21st 2020

Resume Summary Writing Guide to Elevate Your Professional Profile [20+ Examples]

summary at the beginning of your resume. In this article, you will get to know how to write a professional summary for a resume, no matter you are a fresher with no work experience or an experienced job seeker for career change . In the end, we provide an extensive amount of resume summary examples & templates for 20+ different jobs and professions to help you create the best career summary statement for resume. TABLE OF CONTENTS What Is a Summary for
Resume & CV
Mar 3rd 2022

Librarian Resume Guide with Examples

Created by Cake In this article, you will learn about: How to write a professional librarian resume? What is the best format for a librarian CV? How to make a librarian resume template? Top 10 librarian resume dos and don'ts Librarian resume sample A librarian is responsible for overseeing the library: arranging the library resources, assisting readers with inquiries, and processing library books and materials for up-to-date information. An archivist is similar to a librarian due to
Resume & CV
Oct 13th 2021

20+ Examples of How to List Volunteer Experience on Your Resume

Created by Cake A resume is a document that lists your qualifications. Besides professional experience, education, and skills, volunteer experience can also convey your professional competence in your resume/CV. Listing volunteer experience on your resume helps the hiring manager to understand your interests, passion, and is beneficial for a resume with limited experience. Table of Contents: Benefits of Adding Volunteer Work to Resume How to List Volunteer Experience on a Resume Where to Put Volunteer Experience on a Resume

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