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Career Development
Oct 19th 2023

Career Growth: the What, the Why, and the How

into the pivotal role career growth plays in shaping your professional life. Table of Contents: Career Growth vs Career Development Types of Career Growth Why Employee Career Growth Matters? Best Practices for Getting Started (for Employers) Conclusion Career Growth vs Career Development Giving attention to your career growth and career development is an essential part of your professional development. Understanding the difference between these two concepts will allow you to create effective career growth and development plans. Career growth focuses
Job Search Tips
Mar 22nd 2022

How to Decline a Job Offer: Tips, Email Samples & Phone Scripts

Do you agree with the company's values and mission statement? Do you like the people you are going to work with? These may influence how happy you are at work and how long you stay with the company. ✅ Career development A good job takes you one step closer to your career development goals. Do you see yourself advancing in this company? Are there opportunities for professional development? Will you be able to attend training and development programs? These

Sales Associate Resume: Examples, Skills & Job Description

to go through fire and water, to pour conviction and persuasion, and to care enough in creating value for the customers. Sales associates are the key to high-quality customer experiences: they are everything. 💡 For anyone looking for new career development: Since recruiters are facing a plethora of candidates every day, one should definitely provide a professionally-tailored sales associate resume (both design, structure, and content-wise) to catch the recruiters’ attention. Now, Buckle Up. It’s time to
Career Development
Apr 16th 2021

How to use LinkedIn? 5 tips to boost your career with LinkedIn

but mainly for professional purposes. Instead of making “friends”, people make “connections” on LinkedIn. Instead of sharing personal lives and hobbies, people share their professional experiences and achievements. As you might know, networks and connections make a huge difference in career development, and LinkedIn is the most popular tool to build and nurture professional networks. It has more than 675 million members worldwide, including executives from all of the Fortune 500 companies. How to use LinkedIn and why it’s
Job Search Tips
Aug 25th 2023

What is LinkedIn & How to Use It for Your Career Progression

the Best Use of LinkedIn? Why is It a Good Idea to be on LinkedIn? 6 Steps to Get Started on LinkedIn What is LinkedIn? Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has been helping millions of people with job search , career development, and networking . LinkedIn allows people to display their resumes and corporations to better introduce their products, services, values, and culture to the world. How does LinkedIn work? It’s a social networking site. Similar to other social networks
Job Search Channels
Oct 2nd 2023

Virtual Career Fair CakeResume 2023 Sukses Digelar, Intip Keramaian Acara Disini!

untuk berbagai posisi, baik untuk kandidat entry level maupun fresh graduates. Agar menjangkau jobseeker dan kandidat yang sesuai, CakeResume telah menjalin kemitraan yang erat dengan berbagai universitas ternama di Indonesia sehingga menarik jobseeker dan talenta dari berbagai perguruan tinggi termasuk Career Development Center Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, Universitas Jenderal Soedirman, dan lainnya. Melalui acara ini, CakeResume menjadi jembatan yang menghubungkan jobseeker dengan perusahaan-perusahaan. 900+ Partisipan Antusias Untuk Mendapatkan Insights Langsung dari HR. Selain beragam peluang kerja dari berbagai
Career Development
Dec 13th 2023

12 Perusahaan Besar Industri Finance & FMCG Indonesia Ramaikan Virtual Career Fest 2023, Intip Keseruannya Disini!

and Innovation, Bank KB Bukopin, PT Astro Technologies Indonesia, dan lainnya. CakeResume mencatat lebih dari 3000 talenta memanfaatkan acara VCFest CakeResume 2023 untuk mencari peluang kerja di perusahaan-perusahaan yang aktif merekrut ini secara gratis. Hiring Partner di Acara Virtual Career Fest CakeResume 2023 Tersedia beragam loker untuk para pelamar dari berbagai bidang, mulai dari posisi staff admin, research and development, marketing, investment analyst, hingga restaurant manager. Selain itu, tersedia juga lowongan kerja untuk magang, kontrak, part-time, dan full

How to Write a Killer School Counselor Resume: Examples and Tips

Counselor Resume Examples: Compassionate high school counselor focused on preparing high school students for their careers. Knowledgeable in career development, adolescent development, and social skill development. Encouraging school counselor with 8+ years of experience supporting students with emotional and social development strategies. Honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award for 3 consecutive years. Kind postsecondary school counselor dedicated to providing emotional and social support for students transitioning into the workforce. Proficient with career development resources for different majors and career paths
Career Development
Jan 30th 2024

想加入 FMCG 巨頭 L'Oréal 嗎?2024 年儲備幹部徵才中!

司之路?又會如何在「美」的核心價值下,肩負社會責任並達到永續目標呢?透過展區影片,一探究竟吧! Career Development 展示區分享萊雅資深主管的專訪文章,加入團隊前也不妨先看看他們的職涯歷程。 想進入台

System Administrator Resume: Examples and Tips

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn about: Which is the best system administrator resume format What to include in a system administrator resume: 8 key sections 5 tips on how to write a good system administrator resume The most successful system administrator resume template System Administrator Resume Sample The demand for system administrator talents has been growing recently as the digital era keeps on rising. At first glance, the jobs branching out from the IT department, like

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