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Sep 24th 2023

10 Best Jobs for People with ADHD [+ Tips in Job Hunting]

seekers. So, read on to uncover the best working environments for people with ADHD, what jobs are good for people with ADHD and why, and tips to find good careers for people with ADHD. Table of Contents: Working Environment Suitable for Individuals with ADHD 10 Best Jobs for People with ADHD Tips for Job Seekers with ADHD Conclusion 10 Best Jobs for People with ADHD Working Environment Suitable for Individuals with ADHD The best jobs for people with ADHD are

How to Write a Patient Care Technician Resume (+ Examples)

format to work with by reviewing the pros and cons of the following resume formats. Chronological resume format: - PROS: shows your work experience in reverse chronological order - CONS: not suitable for people with limited work experience or who are switching careers Functional resume format: - PROS: underlines the skills in your patient care technician resume - CONS: not suitable for the majority of job applicants Combinational/Hybrid resume format: - PROS: emphasizes both your experience and skills - CONS: only suitable for people with

How to Write a Great IT Technician Resume (+ Example)

technician resume based on your experience level. 1. Chronological resume format Organizes work experience in reverse chronological order Most suitable for an experienced IT tech 2. Functional resume format Focuses on skills and knowledge rather than work history Most suitable for entry-level IT tech job seekers and those who are switching careers 3. Combinational resume format Highlights both work history and skills Most suitable for people with extensive experience and broad skills How to create an IT technician resume
Interview Skills
Aug 22nd 2022

How to Answer Bank Interview Questions like a Professional

sums of money, which can be overwhelming for some people. To answer this bank interview question, include any experience handling money, to show that you are capable of handling bank transactions. A: In my previous sales role I was responsible for taking deposits from clients as a part of confirming their order in cash, cheques or electronic transfers. Cash was counted with a banknote counter and cheques were verified with ID, and stored in the company safe. Q: Can you

Writing a Cover Letter for Changing Career Path? Here's How (Examples + Pro Tips)

the skills you do have. Explain why you are switching careers. Address the elephant in the room by conveying your reasons for changing career paths on your cover letter. This part of a career change cover letter can be tied with your passion for the field. Find useful references and connections. Reliable references (e.g. from your former or current managers, mentors, etc.) that can vouch for your qualifications become a crucial part of switching careers and should be included
Career Development
Apr 16th 2021

How to use LinkedIn? 5 tips to boost your career with LinkedIn

and insights. For example, Bill Gates posts about major social issues and his insights frequently, gaining 29 million followers. You can also join groups or follow certain hashtags to expose yourself to more professionals and knowledge. If you’re looking for a more systematic approach, LinkedIn Learning contains a rich list of online courses with certifications for you to add to your LinkedIn profile. 5 tips to create the best LinkedIn profile 1. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated. Unlike a

How to Write a Healthcare Resume [with Tips and Examples]

Management 3. Healthcare Resume Summary The summary of your healthcare resume provides the healthcare employer with a more in-depth idea of your core abilities and past achievements. Healthcare Resume Summary Example: Healthcare administrator with 3 years of experience working with health policies, budgeting, finance paperwork, and patient records. Proficient with planning and maintaining an optimal medical environment that meets HIPAA regulations. 4. Healthcare Resume Objective An objective for a healthcare resume is an alternative option more suitable for people

SQL Developer Resume Writing Guide [+ Examples]

experience in your SQL resume. This format is often used by career changes or people with gaps in their careers. Freshers can also use this format if they have skills learned through preparation. ✔️ Pros: A functional format is recommended for professionals that possess relevant skills listed in the job description. ❌ Cons: The problem with a functional format for an SQL resume is it may not be a good format to show your career development. This is because it

Unleash Your Career Potential at Google Taiwan: An Event Recap

Unleash Your Career Potential at Google Taiwan TLDR;; Google Taiwan has collaborated with CakeResume to host a Talent Connect Event at the beginning of September 2023, which attracted more than 1,600 enthusiasts. The event is aimed at international professionals seeking impactful careers in Hardware and Engineering, offering opportunities to explore careers in Taiwan. The event featured four elite Google Taiwan employees—Gregor Fan-Plath (Program Manager at Google Hardware Planning and Fulfillment), Milton Ribeiro (Hardware Engineering Lead at Google

How Long Should a Resume Be? - Ideal Resume Length, Guide & Tips

Created by CakeResume A resume is a professional business card. Not only should you take in hand the content and format but also the resume length. It is commonly suggested that resumes should ideally be limited to one or two pages, regardless of whose idea it was. This helps to ensure that the information presented is concise and to the point. But sometimes, we still see people with a 4-page long resume still successfully nail the job. So, suppose

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