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Jan 16th 2023

Pengertian Mentoring dan Cara Menjadi Mentor yang Baik!

Coaching vs Counseling Kalau begitu, apa perbedaan mentoring , coaching , dan konseling? Perbedaan Mentoring dan Coaching:  Mentoring lebih mengarah ke kegiatan berbagi pengalaman dan membantu mentee melakukan pengembangan diri, misal untuk skill tertentu. Selain itu, mentoring biasanya dilakukan dalam jangka panjang.   Coaching dilakukan untuk mencapai suatu target tertentu sehingga hanya dijalankan secara rutin dalam jangka waktu tertentu seperti 6 bulan, biasanya mencakup perlombaan atau pertandingan. Contohnya, sebelum mengikuti pertandingan para atlet akan menerima coaching dari pelatihnya supaya saat bertanding bisa menampilkan
Career Development
Jan 7th 2023

Mentor là gì? Tại sao ai cũng cần có một mentor ở nơi làm việc?

tùy ý. Mentoring vs Coaching Rất nhiều người nhầm lẫn mentoring và coaching vì cả hai đều cùng hướng đến sự hỗ trợ người khác trở nên tốt hơn. Tuy nhiên, bạn cần hiểu thêm về sự khác biệt của coaching và mentoring là gì để lựa chọn “người thầy” thích hợp cho mình. Mentoring thường kéo dài 6 tháng cho đến vài năm. Còn coaching thường diễn ra trong thời gian ngắn hơn (3-6 tháng hoặc thậm chí

Coach Resume with Examples and Templates

show your enthusiasm. Pair your coaching resume with the fitting coaching cover letter to up your chances. 🖋 Step 6: Proofread your coaching resume. Don't let a small mistake ruin your image as a fitting coach. Make sure your coaching resume is error-free by reviewing it a few times. What to include in your coaching resume ? Whether you are creating a coaching resume for the first time, or you are looking to repolish your current coaching resume, learning

全球每年只錄取 40 位!Google APM Charlene 下班也精彩的 side projects 是什麼?

的? 22:35 會想參與 coaching 的人大概是什麼模樣的? 24:25 對於完成重大目標後感到失落的人會怎麼進行 coaching? 25:45 請 Charlene 跟我們分享一個 coaching 的成功例子 27:40 Charlene 如何讓資歷更深的參加者信服自己? 29:15 想請

Building a Team Leader Resume Like A Pro

Technical ream leader resume sample What does it mean to be a team leader? The main career objective for team leaders is guiding team members and monitoring progress towards a shared goal. A few teams lead duties and responsibilities include: Coaching team members to achieve goals Identifying and developing strengths of the team Strategizing team objectives Resolving conflicts within the team. However, being a team leader is not to be confused with being a supervisor. Although both team leaders and
Career Development
Jul 15th 2022

How to Become a Freelancer: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed

Maintain client relationships Freelancers are self-employed workers who offer their services on a project or contract basis. They offer their skills, talent and assistance in areas such as: Web, graphic or interior design Copywriting or copyediting Tutoring or career coaching Contracting work (plumbing, painting, movers) Development (coding, app making) Closed captioning or transcribing jobs Artwork, music, photography services If you want to start freelancing, consider the tips below to ensure you freelance successfully! Step 1: Define your services In

District Manager Resume (Resume Sample and Tips)

district manager (also known as retail district manager), you are responsible for supervising and overseeing the operations of regional branches. The ability to multitask responsibly and effectively is crucial to a district manager as their main duties include: Hiring and coaching store managers. Collaborating with other management members to set financial goals for each store and develop business strategies for revenue growth. Enforcing customer policies to managers and team members. Ensuring that all projects are executed properly according to standardized

Scrum Master Resume: Examples & Templates (+Tips!)

Is there a difference between a scrum master and a project manager? A scrum master is a servant leader who enables organizational change holistically and does not follow a hierarchy. While a project manager holds a broader position without necessarily coaching other employees. With that said, a scrum master actively practices agile frameworks (e.g., coaching and motivating team members). A project manager rather focuses on risk management and negotiation. The understanding of a scrum master is necessary to build

Are You a Freelancer? Let’s Build an Attractive Freelancer Portfolio

you have worked with a renowned big brand. From a business perspective, it is important to use the right keywords to attract people. These keywords need to catch the clients’ attention. For example, if your service and niche is career coaching, you need to clarify the service as a "career coach". Using the right keywords in your freelancer portfolio helps clients understand your brand. What Should be Included in a Freelance Portfolio? If you’re wondering how to build a
Interview Skills
Oct 9th 2022

How to Use Mock Interviews to Land Your Dream Job

well versed in many different careers, and can help you move both upwards and laterally in your ideal career. Career coaches will also help you with selling yourself, adjusting your resume and improving interpersonal skills through mock interviews. However, career coaching is a career in itself, and therefore you will probably have to pay for coaches’ mock interview services. 📍 Online interview practice programs If you would like a more dynamic approach to practice interviews, you can try finding an

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