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【備審資料範例】5 招攻略教授的心!大學/研究所自傳、模板、格式等

料 讀書計畫  - 備審資料 相關證明  - 備審資料 作品集/小論文 一、備審資料是什麼? 備審資料(英文:Application Materials for College/Graduate Admission)是在高中生透過 個人申請 的方式進入大學(或稱學習歷程檔案) ,以及大學生透過 推甄 的方

如何為資料庫服務做產品設計?MongoDB Product Designer Tan 的紐約科技職涯與 UX 求職技巧

時的工作只能跟隨產品既定的 spec 製作,希望能夠為產品發揮更多影響力,所以選擇到美國的 SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) 就讀 Game and Interactive Media Design,而後曾任職於小型的 design agency、名列 Fortune 500 的大型金融公司等。 如果你也想

Hướng dẫn viết & tạo mẫu CV cho sinh viên chưa tốt nghiệp

tiếng Việt Mẫu CV tiếng Anh Mẫu CV thực tập CNTT Mẫu CV xin việc làm thêm 1. Mẫu CV tiếng Việt CV xin việc cho sinh viên tạo bởi CakeResume 2. Mẫu CV tiếng Anh chưa tốt nghiệp Nguồn: College Students: Resume Examples, Formats & Tips 3. Mẫu CV thực tập CNTT Nguồn: Cách tạo CV online xin đi thực tập 4. Mẫu CV cho sinh viên năm Nhất Nguồn: Cách tạo CV online xin việc part-time cho sinh
Career Development
Aug 18th 2023

Path to Becoming an Accountant [+FAQs & Step-by-step Guide]

can get off to the right start. Four levels of accounting degrees include associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate. Each covers different coursework and teaches you how to become the accountant you want. Though it's not required, most accountants attend college and earn a bachelor's degree in accounting or a related field. This is also the minimum education requirement for those wondering how to get CPA . Nowadays, you can easily find accounting degree programs at colleges and universities around

Building a Professional Art Portfolio: Tips & Examples for Students

artist’s portfolio is an ideal vehicle to present the works in the artist’s preferred placement and arrangement. There are two main types of art portfolios: 🎨 Physical art portfolio Physical art portfolios are often required for university or college applications. Typically, it includes printed examples or photos of your works. 🎨 Digital art portfolio Nowadays, many artists make their name through the internet. Personal online art portfolios and social media pages have made it possible for artists to

Tax Accountant Resume Examples & Guide

hiring managers in the most impressive way. You can focus on your professional expertise, outstanding achievements, or anything that makes you stand out from other candidates. Examples of a well-branded tax accountant resume headline : Entry-level tax accountant resume “College Grad with broad knowledge of tax regulations as well as an understanding of state and foreign tax issues.” Junior tax accountant resume “Tax Accountant with demonstrated ability to assist clients of different industry sectors with general taxation consultancy.” Senior

Business Development Resume: Examples & Writing Guide

Step 2 : Choose the right resume format for business development. There are 4 types of resume formats : chronological, functional, hybrid, and targeted resume format. It is common to use the reverse chronological resume format . Nevertheless, if you just graduated from college and would like to build a professional business development resume, a hybrid resume format is more proper. Step 3 : Search for business development resume templates and examples as references. Sometimes it is just so struggling in the very beginning

Brand Ambassador Resume Examples [+ Resume Dos & Don'ts]

managers can feel attracted right from the beginning. 💡 Tips : Make sure to write it briefly and on-point within one line! Examples of brand ambassador resume headline : Brand Ambassador recognized for increasing brand awareness and sales in DW Watch College Brand Ambassador with onsite campus experience promoting energy drinks Step 2: Write a compelling brand ambassador resume summary . A resume summary , also known as a personal statement, highlights your skills, professional, and achievements in the field. For your brand

Resume That Will Land You a Programming Job

these skills from any activity such as an internship, definitely list them on your resume. However, if you are a fresh graduate with no mentionable experience, you should read How to Write a Resume When You’re Just Out of College ! Include Relevant Information Only One of the most common observations by hiring managers is that entry-level developers clutter their resume with unnecessary or unrelated facts. If you are an entry-level developer having trouble filling a one page
Job Search Tips
May 4th 2022

What is work shadowing and how to make the most of it?

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll walk you through: What is Job Shadowing? How to Job Shadow Tips for a Successful Job Shadowing Experience Job Shadow Request Sample Letter For young adults or career changers seeking to enter an industry, classrooms often don’t have much to offer. There are times when shadowing a professional can teach you more than a textbook can. A job shadow, or career shadowing, gives you a peek at “what it’s like

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