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Academic CV 2023 Writing Guideline (+Template, Example, and Tips)

for grants or scholarships. This is because, in comparison to a short CV, academic CVs provide more extensive information about a grand/scholarship candidate’s achievements & performance. Applying for academic and research jobs When applying for a position in a college, university, or a research institution, a professional would prefer using an academic CV over a resume to show his or her qualifications. CVs allow scholars and researchers to include educational credentials such as publications, research, and conferences they’ve
Career Development
Jul 8th 2022

How to Lean in and Become a Software Developer

commonly offered in the U.S., but you can also see them in Hong Kong, Australia, the Netherlands, and some parts of Canada. You can usually find an associate's degree to become a software engineer in various types of colleges, such as community, technical, junior, and affiliated colleges as well as universities. The curriculum typically covers network management, programming, and software applications. For instance, classes will teach web development using PHP and MySQL, data analytics skills, Python introduction, and
Career Development
May 25th 2021

What Is a Letter of Recommendation?

by a previous teacher or supervisor, to provide insight into the applicant’s skills and qualifications to a prospective program or employer. In most cases, someone is asked to submit a recommendation letter when applying for a job, scholarship or college/university admission. Reference Letter A letter of reference refers to a document that endorses an individual's capabilities, personal traits, work performance, written by someone who worked closely with the candidate. Reference letters are most commonly used in the
Career Development
Aug 13th 2023

Navigating Your Journey to Becoming a Pharmacist

years. Postgraduate Education A postgraduate degree is designed for students who hope to enter a pharmacy school after their completion of a bachelor’s degree. It usually takes less years in comparison to a normal 4-year pharmacy school. Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) Before you can attain a doctoral degree in pharmacy, students need to pass the PCAT in order to apply to the pharmacy school of their choice. Make sure to take the prerequisite courses and meet the

Your CV - Gearing Up for Grad School

of completion. It’s recommended not to include information of your GPA, standardized test scores and awards in this section. You should enlist them in separate sections. Academic Achievements List all your honors, awards and significant papers (e.g. your college thesis) in this section. You can mention both your published and unpublished works here. Make sure to include the year, name of the award and also a brief explanation for the criteria for the award. Teaching Experience Mention in

20+ Accountant Resume Examples & Writing Guideline 2024

align this title with the one you're applying for. Email address is crucial for communication purposes. Employers or recruiters may use this to contact you for further details or schedule interviews. While using an email address you have since college is okay, make sure that it looks (or sounds) professional. Phone Number: Providing a contact number is another means for potential employers to get in touch. If you cannot be reached via phone number for any particular reason, remember

70+ Essential Skills for Resume [+ Pro Writing Tips You Shouldn't Miss]

specify the years of experience they require, and meeting this requirement is a huge advantage for a candidate. But what about the people who might not have an established or extensive work history, for example, freshers who just graduated from college, or job seekers who have gaps in their professional histories? A skills-based resume is the answer to this problem. What is a skill based resume? The skills based resume, also known as the functional resume , follows a format

The Guide to Combination Resumes (with Examples and Templates)

and relevant information while avoiding showing the weakness. When changing careers, the combination resume can help you showcase your relevant work experience and transferable skills that can benefit your new job. And if you’re a recent high school or college graduate, the combination resume is a great way to emphasize your skills rather than your limited work experience. Pros It allows you to list a wide variety of skills. It allows you to leave unrelated job experience off. It

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Electrical Engineer Job

Created by CakeResume In this article, we’ll cover: Electrical Engineer Cover Letter Sample How to Write an Electrical Engineer Cover Letter Tips for Writing an Electrical Engineer Cover Letter Electrical Engineering Cover Letter Template Are you interested in learning how to write an impressive cover letter for an electrical engineering job? You are in the right place. Not to be confused with an electrical technician position, an electrical engineer focuses more on designing and developing electrical equipment rather than

CV trợ giảng tiếng Anh: Viết như thế nào và cần lưu ý những gì?

Được tạo bởi CakeResume Mục lục: Các mục cần có trong CV trợ giảng tiếng Anh Mẹo viết CV trợ giảng tiếng Anh cực hay Cách viết đơn xin việc trợ giảng tiếng Anh Mẫu CV teaching assistant bằng tiếng Anh Nhu cầu học tiếng Anh của người Châu Á nói chung hay người Việt nói riêng đang ngày một gia tăng do tác động của toàn cầu hoá. Các trung tâm và trường học đào tạo tiếng Anh được

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