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The Power of Resume Colors: Here are Things You Need to Know

some employers find black-and-white CVs boring and too ordinary to read. Your CV blends into many other documents and you also can't guide them to the important parts of your application. 10 formal industries that should avoid colorful resumes: Administration Finance & Accounting Banking Law Education Engineering HR Healthcare Construction Government Officials 5 Tips for Choosing What is the Best Color for a Resume 1. Create and follow a CV color scheme “Color scheme” is a basic term

10 Best Resume Fonts for ATS-friendly Resumes (Correct Font Size, Type, Style)

Hence, when you choose the font to use for your resume, keep note of selecting a simple but professional font. Moreover, a resume’s font size and style should also be clear and easy to read. A resume that contains colorful fonts or is written with inappropriate resume font sizes may be hard to read for employers. In this article, you’ll learn: Why Is Your Resume Font Choice Important? What Is the Best Font for a Resume? What Is

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