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Cover Letter vs. Application Letter [Differences, Pros & Cons, and Writing Tips]

a Strong Application Letter When to Use an Application Letter vs. Cover Letter Since an application letter and cover letter are two different documents, they should also differ in terms of usage. As we all already know and understand, a cover letter is used to accompany a resume when applying for a job vacancy. Then, what about application letters? Below we will discuss the 5 different situations that tell whether you should use an application letter or a cover letter

Letter of Interest vs. Cover Letter: Differences and How to Write

call for a job that is not being advertised, whereas a cover letter should go with a job application for an open job vacancy. Letter of Interest vs. Cover Letter Before diving into the differences between a cover letter and a letter of interest (LOI), note that a cover letter is also commonly referred to as a “job application letter". They serve a similar purpose and deliver similar contents. However, a letter of interest is different from a cover letter
Career Development
2021 May 25th

What Is a Letter of Recommendation?

vs “reference lettervs “endorsement lettervs “ testimonial lettervsletter of support” A letter of recommendation is most widely used for academic purposes like school admission, scholarship, fellowship, etc. It’s also common for a job application. A reference letter is a general endorsement of the individual's character traits, skills, qualifications, and previous performance. For a job application, the hiring manager would like to review a reference letter along with the candidate's resume and cover letter. Besides

Sales Representative Resume: Templates & Examples

How to write a resume for sales representatives? 1. Resume v.s. CV Two commonly misunderstood terms during job application battle are: sales representative resume V.S. sales representative CV Despite the term’s common ground on exposing some extent of personal, academic, and professional background, the two differ. A sales rep resume contains only relevant information regarding a specific job and is 1-page max in length; a sales representative CV catalogs every experience (like an autobiography) of an

Sales Resume Examples: Templates & Formats [Skills, Objective, Summary]

terrible bits” of these sales resume examples, and remember to “borrow” or avoid it during your own endeavor. Step 4: Tailor your resume for that sales job. No matter if one’s applying for an entry-level sales job or a managerial one, always try the best to include quantitative achievements and past duties related to the sales position. Step 5: Craft the sales cover letter. Speak with passion and sincerity why you want to serve as their salesperson and

Winning Web Developer Resume Guide [+ Examples & Tips]

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to craft the perfect web developer resume What to put on a resume for a web developer Tips for writing the best web developer resume How to write a web developer cover letter Web Developer Resume Sample What does a web developer do? Simply put, web developers build websites and are divided into front-end and back-end sides: Front-End developers write code to implement the design of the web and are

Sales Manager Resume Examples [+ Job Description & Skills]

A Professional title suggests sparks of your previous experience (ex: sales intern VS sales director in the North America region) Address is critical for remote work. The OPTIONAL list : Linkedin URL / Personal website for exposing more past working experience or portfolio (the latter for the visual industry is sure a plus) Social media can turn the application-process more interactive (Depending on the company’s culture, some, albeit, may not click on the link). 🚫 NOT-A-WISE-CHOICE lis...
Interview Skills
2022 Jul 6th

What Is Googleyness & How to Show It in Interviews

Your application will stand a better chance when you show Googleyness while answering interview questions. The above definition doesn't do much to elaborate Googleyness, but thankfully, Google is very clear about the Googleyness personal traits they look for in a candidate. Laszlo Bock, the former Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google, defines Googleyness in his 2015 book as: “Attributes like enjoying fun (who doesn’t), a certain dose of intellectual humility (it’s hard to learn if

Computer Engineering Resume (with Sample)

focuses on the computer hardware components, while software engineering pretty much deals with developing software that could meet specific needs or requirements. On the other hand, computer science is a field of study that puts more attention to the study of algorithms, which is very essential to the application of artificial intelligence. Understanding the basic differences between these three expertise is the first step to creating an exclusive resume for computer engineers. Having a well-crafted computer engineering resume is

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