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What Is a Declaration in CV & +20 Declaration Statement Examples

CV, you might wonder when and under what kind of situations you should include it in your CV. Here are some conditions that will require you to include a CV declaration statement: 💡 You are in a country where a CV declaration statement is a common practice. If you are applying for a job in India, a CV declaration statement is needed because it is a familiar practice when handing in CVs to the company. 💡 For formal job applications
Interview Skills
Mar 22nd 2022

STAR Interview Method: Definition, Tips, and Examples

a CV online and download your CV’s PDF format for free. Land your dream job and create your CV online (free download) now! Create CV You may have heard about the importance of quantifying achievements when writing a resume/CV. It works the same way for preparing for an interview using the STAR approach. From the perspective of employers, a statement with figures will be more convincing and better prove your competencies. STAR example answer with quantifiable results: “For

How to Write Experience in CV [+ Examples & Tips]

CV needs to include relevant points and highlight your professional achievements to prove that you’re a qualified candidate. Different types of experience to include in a CV, such as: Volunteer experience - for CVs without work experience Job experience - for job application CVs Research experience - for academic CVs Organization experience - for academic CVs or CVs for undergraduate students with no experience Since this is the most important part of a CV, it can be pretty tricky to write, especially for
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Sep 9th 2020

For Freshers: Tips to Land Your Coveted Job

learn a particular hard skill. What makes this time-consuming step worth it is that you end up with a tailored resume— essentially an amalgamation of all your experiences and accomplishments— that will definitely come in handy once you start job-hunting. I know it may sound like a conundrum for many, but I can guarantee that going through this helps you tell a persuasive story with you as the protagonist, helping you create a CV that oozes with personality

Summary for Resume|Examples, Templates, Writing Guide

crafted to highlight your best features as a potential candidate. The summary for your resume is usually going to be located at the very beginning of your document right after your name and your contact information. This ensures that your CV summary is one of the first things the recruiter reads. Now that we understand the resume summary a little better, let’s take a look at why it’s important and the benefits it provides for your job prospects

10+ Resume Format for Job Application [+ Templates]

them clearly using specific formats for different purposes. What is the difference between a CV and a resume? The difference between a resume and a CV(curriculum vitae) lies mainly in its length and use. While both can be used for job applications, they contain different content. A resume , as previously mentioned, is a concise summary of your education, work history, and other accomplishments or skills. It’s the most common document requested for a job application to show your

Best Computer Skills for Your Resume: How to List Them & Examples

computer literacy, including basic computer skills, software skills, and hardware skills, in your CV helps the recruiter to understand how good your command over computers is and how your computer skills can translate to producing desired results efficiently. Computer Skills for Your Resume Outline Basic Computer Skills Web Tool Skills Software Skills Hardware Skills Before considering what computer skills to put on your resume, you need to carefully read the job description of the position you want to apply for
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Apr 8th 2019

How to Boost Your CV with Freelance Work

can be sure that one of these sites will have a writing job in that industry with your name on it. Create your Profile When applying for freelance jobs, the process is very similar to applying to a real-life job; it’s just a lot more refined and a lot faster. Whichever site you choose to use, you need to create a compelling and captivating profile that will sell your services and draw in potential employers. CV writing and

How to make a CV? 9 Basic Rules

skills, additional work experience ((e.g., volunteering). In some cases, it also provides information on driving license. Photo by Flazingo Photos, used under CC BY / Desaturated from original #4 Speak with the Employer in His Language Use the so-called keywords. Carefully read the requirements for the job and select the main terms used by the employer. Fill your resume with the same vocabulary, even if you’ve used a different terminology. If your CV convincingly demonstrates that your skill...

How to Write an Extraordinary CV or Resume Headline? [+ Examples]

when looking for jobs or applying for an education program. No matter who the readers of your resume are, the resume headline serves a great benefit as a quick description of you and your qualifications. How to Write a Resume/CV Headline Now that you’ve known what a CV headline is, we are going to walk you through the steps of creating your CV headline. Incorporate important keywords from the job description. When applying for a job, there are

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