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Feb 14th 2023

Methods for Diversity Hiring – Best Practices & Tips

the recruitment process. Diversity hiring ensures that diverse candidates are not subject to unfair bias such as on the basis of race, gender, education and sexual orientation during the recruitment process. Diversity hiring is similar to providing equal opportunity – however, diversity hiring involves making changes to the hiring process to improve the diversity of candidates who apply. You might have heard of the ‘diversity hire’ before – which is not the same as diversity hiring. Diversity hires are employees who are
Interview Skills
Jul 14th 2022

DEI Interview Questions: How to Answer (+ Samples)

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: Why Diversity Matters Tips for Answering Diversity Interview Questions Example Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Interview Questions and Answers Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Interview Questions to ask Employers Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are implemented by employers to ensure all employees can feel accounted for in the workplace. As part of these initiatives, many companies include DEI questions in the interview to better an inclusive, diverse, safe and progressive environment that

Google 如何落實多元共融?讓 Google DevRel PM Eric 和 Woman Techmakers Ambassador Eva 告訴你!

所重視的 D&I 文化( Diversity and Inclusion 多元共融 ),其中便包括了另一位來賓 Eva 所參與的 WTM program(Woman Techmakers)。 什麼是 D&I( Diversity and Inclusion 多元共融 )? 誠如眾多企業都曾分享過的經營法則,一個健康、高效能的團隊通常都會具備 diversity
Hiring Tips
May 31st 2023

10 Tips for Successful Talent Recruitment

Tips for Successful Recruitment TABLE OF CONTENT Create a Positive Candidate Experience Try Collaborative Recruiting Encourage Employee Referrals Utilize Technology and Tools Embrace Diversity Create a Good Onboarding Experience Explore Remote Options Hire Internally Use a Rubric or Scorecard Build Strong Talent Networks Effectively recruiting is necessary for the smooth functioning of any organization. You want to hire the best possible team, whether your company is growing or experiencing a degree of turnover. But success recruitment isn't an accident
Hiring Tips
Dec 3rd 2022

How to Provide Equal Employment Opportunity

Created by CakeResume In this article, we’ll cover: What is EEO? EEO Compliance How to Make Sure You’re EEO Compliant EEO Violation Examples Companies nowadays are often promoting diversity and inclusion within their workplace, and this extends to their hiring practices. However, whilst diversity, equity and inclusion are related to workplace culture, equal employment opportunity (EEO) is related to the protection of employees against discrimination during the hiring process and the employment. EEO is enforced by law, and
Hiring Tips
Apr 17th 2023

7 Effective-Proven Strategies for Managing ADHD in the Workplace

How to Manage ADHD in the Workplace In this article, we'll discuss: What Is ADHD in the Workplace? Strategies to Managing a Team Member with ADHD Laws about ADHD in the Workplace The word "Neurodiversity" refers to the natural diversity of all people. Still, the term is commonly associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and other neurological or developmental disorders like ADHD or learning disability. Despite not being widely discussed, approximately 15-20% of the population are neurodiverse. Neurodiversity
Job Search Tips
Aug 29th 2023

DEI 多元共融是什麼?揭秘 DEI 對企業的重要性!

解! 三、HR 達成多元人才招募的 DEI 策略參考 一、DEI 是什麼?DI 為何演變成 DEI?與 ESG 有關嗎? DEI 多元共融是「 Diversity 多元、Equity 公平與 Inclusion 共融 」的縮寫 DEI 多元共融是「 Diversity 多元、Equity 公平與 Inclusion 共融 」的縮寫,包容個體之間的不

How to Make an Amazing Writing Portfolio (+ Examples)

a niche. But clients need to know how you are different from other competitors. After all, the copyediting industry is extremely competitive. What does a writing portfolio look like? Here are four essential components you can include in the portfolio: Diversity – many writers struggle to demonstrate their niche because there are many content categories. Writing portfolio examples often include various styles, genres, and publication types. Content and tone – Each sample on the writing portfolio needs to have a professional technique
Career Development
Sep 12th 2023

Southeast Asia Meets Taiwan: A Recap of CakeResume’s Event for Career Advancement

pursue their careers in Taiwan. With this initiative, CakeResume is taking proactive steps to support the growth and development of talented individuals and help them establish their careers in a new and exciting environment. Taiwan — A Land of Opportunity and Diversity Coming from different backgrounds, all of the panelists shared one thing in common: traveling to Taiwan with an open mind, driven by curiosity rather than expectations, only to fall in love with the land and build successful careers here
Interview Skills
Apr 26th 2022

Interview Questions for Managers and How to Answer Them

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: How to Answer Interview Questions for Managers Common Interview Questions for Managers and Sample Answers Questions to Ask in an Interview for Managers Skillful managers play a crucial role within a company. They are in charge of making sure employees are completing tasks to the expected standard and projects are running and delivering on time. Some of the core characteristics of the best managers include interpersonal, leadership and communication skills. It

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