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2023 Must-Have Soft Skills for Freshers in India (Top 10 Job Skills!)

skills, but an absence of soft skills, you are having a soft skills gap. Most of the graduates have theoretical knowledge, but lack the practical exposure needed in the real working world. They’re missing something to accompany their hard skills, which is the so-called “ employable skills”. “ 85% of one’s success at the work place is attributed to soft skills, and only 15% to technical skills ” Harvard Study Why Soft Skills Matter? In the workplace, there are various

7 Problem-Solving Skills That Make You An Invaluable Employee

your problem-solving skills means you will become valuable to your team. If you can effectively problem-solve with proven results, this boosts your employability as well, as this is what recruiters look for when screening resumes. 7 Problem-Solving Skills that Make You Irreplaceable and How to Put It on Your Resume Problem-solving skills are made up of many types of soft skills, which you can highlight in your resume or cover letter. You can mention the skills

What Is a Growth Mindset? 8 Steps to Develop One for Success

mindset important to people? In this article, we’ll be covering those two queries in more detail, plus providing you with steps on how to develop a growth mindset and tips on cultivating it into a helpful tool in your employability toolbox. TABLE OF CONTENTS What Is a Growth Mindset? Growth Mindset Vs. Fixed Mindset Benefits of Having a Growth Mindset How to Develop a Growth Mindset What Is a Growth Mindset? To understand how to have a growth mindset

How to do a Reference Check? Ultimate Guidance to Reference Checks

When candidates submit their applications with all their astounding credentials, they might be requested to provide a list of references upon their application. Employers will often use these references to fact-check the claims in the resume with a reference check in order to make sure that they hire the candidate that indeed upholds the enlisted skills and expertise. Table of Contents What Is a Reference on Resume? What Is a Reference Check? What Are the Benefits of Reference Checks

But Really, What Are Job Requirements?

Below are some that are often seen in posts of requirements for a job: Skills Work experience Education Language Certificates, licenses, & accreditations Field knowledge Personal attributes Physical attributes or abilities ✅ Skills Each job vacancy will have different requirements of skills needed to complete the work successfully, which can usually be categorized into soft, hard and technical skills. Soft skills are, for instance, those related to communication, leadership and time management; whereas hard skills, also called technical skills, are those

Top Finance Internship Cover Letter Samples and Tips

exposure to the real-world working environment in finance, interns can learn technical skills that are relevant and desirable in the industry. Moreover, the transferable skills that one will learn from real-world working dynamics will increase the intern’s employability in the long run. Your cover letter for a finance internship is a powerful tool for an internship application because it helps introduce your skills and experience along with your resume. As an applicant for a finance internship, you

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