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Nov 17th 2023

Forming An Employer Branding Strategy: A Guide

as well as attract new hires who will blend with company culture. Employer branding can be utilized in many different ways, such as via social media, management practices as well as employer branding services. We will discuss the importance of employer branding, and how employer branding campaigns can be implemented for recruitment. What Is Employer Branding? Employer branding is a company’s way of presenting themselves to their ideal candidates. The ultimate purpose of employer branding is to advertise the
Career Development
Jul 12th 2023

7 Strategi Efektif Word of Mouth Marketing [+Contoh]

strategi marketing penting. Selain menggunakan sosial media, promosi pemasaran mulut ke mulut juga disebut sebagai salah satu strategi penting dan efektif. Selain itu, pemasaran Word of Mouth juga dapat membuat brand perusahaan mu terlihat lebih kredibel. Baca juga: Mengenal Istilah Employer Branding dan Cara Membangunnya! 2. Meningkatkan Kepercayaan Pelanggan Manfaat lainnya dari strategi pemasaran Word of Mouth adalah meningkatkan kepercayaan konsumen akan sebuah produk yang digunakan atau direkomendasikan kepada nya. Promosi mulut ke mulut ini terjadi saat pelanggan merasa puas

Listing Promotions on Resume: Showcasing Your Career Growth [+ Templates]

engagement on the company's social accounts resulting in a 2x follower increase within a 2-quarter period. Created and analyzed social media performance reports and used the observations to create effective growth strategies. Coordinated social media content with advertising campaigns and branding activities. Managed partnership relations with KOLs and influencers. Account Executive | Mar. 2021 - Jun. 2021 Promoted to Social Media Manager position for excellent planning skills. Reached out and set up a mutual benefit relationship with assigned clients. Presented

150+ Superior Technical Skills for a Resume [+ Definitions & Examples]

Risk management Planning Forecasting Budgeting Agile Waterfall Wrike PMP Certification Kanban Financial modeling 5. Graphic Design Here are some graphic design technical skills to put in your resume. Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Sketch Prototyping Typography Design principles Ideation Branding Portfolio Management 6. Marketing & Social Media If you work in marketing and social media, make sure to include these marketing technical skills in your resume. Content curation Project management Community management Ad campaigns Editing Blogging Branding Social media publishing
Career Development
Aug 24th 2022

Want to Know How To Become a Graphic Designer? Read This!

2: Agency Graphic Designer Companies, businesses or brands without an in-house graphic designer will employ professional graphic designers from a graphic design agency. This means you will be tasked with making designs for a range of industries, products or campaigns. However, agency graphic designers will be limited to making one-off or short term projects. #Type 3: Freelance Graphic Designer Freelance graphic designers are self-employed and offer their services on a piecework basis. Freelance graphic designers can work

How to Write a Marketing Manager Cover Letter (+ Examples)

few unique tasks. This means you’re going to have to create a pretty unique marketing manager cover letter. Especially when you think about all that marketing managers have to do. Often saddled with the hiring and training of new employees, marketing managers are also expected to manage individuals and oversee a team’s production and implementation of marketing campaigns... among many other things. With so much expectation of just one person, it is incredibly important to write a good

Marketing Director Resume Guide with Examples

management, execution, and ROI tracking. Led a team of 10 marketing professionals focused on executing email, social media, and content marketing. Marketing Director with 10+ years of strategic marketing experience in startups. Designed and managed a series of digital marketing campaigns that boosted customer base by 360% and annual revenue by 80%. MBA graduate with strong project management, interpersonal communication, and leadership skills. Data-driven marketing director skilled in branding, SEO, SEM, and paid advertising. Developed and launched marketing campaigns

How to Write a Job-Winning Marketing Intern Cover Letter [w/ Examples & Tips]

When you have sent all the required documents and successfully applied for the job, your employer will review your application and also filter through many other submissions. A well-written marketing intern cover letter can significantly increase your possibility of landing a first marketing internship. The aim of a cover letter itself is not only to elaborate on why you are qualified for the role, but it is also directed to show your employer your profound interest and commitment towards

5 Steps to Creating an Impressive Marketing Portfolio

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will read about: What Is a Marketing Portfolio? What to Include in a Marketing Portfolio How to Make a Marketing Portfolio Tips on Creating a Great Marketing Portfolio Marketing Portfolio Examples A marketing portfolio is used by people who work in the marketing field to showcase previous projects that they have marketed for. A marketing portfolio could consist of images, videos, descriptions of the project and the marketer’s contributions, skills and tools

Team Leader Cover Letter: Writing Guideline, Examples and Ready-to-Use Template

How to Make a Winning Team Leader Cover Letter As the group’s driving force, team leaders offer guidance to all members to ensure they are performing their tasks effectively, staying focused, and working towards the organization’s goals. Team leaders also need to resolve any problems within the team that can hinder job performance. This is undoubtedly a challenging position that calls for numerous responsibilities, which is why team leaders need to have specific qualities and skill sets to

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