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Jun 25th 2023

Learn How to Write an Employee Termination Letter [ +Examples and Format]

could include voluntary unemployment, poor performance, misconducting behavior, redundancy, business downsizing, end of a fixed-term contract, breach of a statutory restriction, or conflict of interests. Regardless of the type of information included, a termination letter (sometimes also called a letter of notice to an employee or an end-of-employment letter), it is fundamental to send a termination letter to an employee to formally end the relationship, as an employee who is not actively working because of leave of
Career Development
Dec 2nd 2022

How to Write a Letter of Employment Like an Expert (+Tips)

work letter can make a difference. Employment end date (if necessary) : If you are getting a working letter from a company you used to work for, check you include an employment end date. ❗️Additional information Other than the common items of a service letter format, there are a few additional pieces of proof that might be useful for some applications. These are not necessary but can improve the appeal of a letter to certify employment: Paystubs: A physical or digital
Hiring Tips
Apr 25th 2023

Free Job Application Forms (+ With Tips and Guide)

Some employers like to print the job application form out on paper to let the candidates fill in by hand, then scan them up as digital documents. Some employers use a digital document to let them fill it out. Either of them can be used interchangeably. Moreover, using an employment application form has a lot of benefits to the hiring process. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from using the employment application form. Forms have a
Hiring Tips
Jan 10th 2024

How to Write an Independent Contractor Termination Letter (Email Templates+Samples)

of a letter form or an email. Table of Contents: What Is an Independent Contractor Termination Letter? Contract Termination Letter Format Independent Contractor Termination Letter Templates Independent Contractor Termination Letter Samples Tips on How to Write an Independent Contractor Termination Letter What Is an Independent Contractor Termination Letter? An independent contractor termination letter is a letter used by the employer to legally notify the contractor of the end of the contract. There are three general types of such a letter
Hiring Tips
Nov 8th 2023

Complete Guide to Writing a Relieving Letter [+ Examples & Tips]

your place of employment, and indicate your final working day. This helps maintain transparency between you and the company and can act as a guide for future employers to keep track of your employment record. Credibility and Professionalism A relieving letter is also important because a well-written one acknowledges and confirms that you left your previous job on good terms and completed your responsibilities. An amicable end to your tenure at your former place of employment vis-a-vis
Hiring Tips
Dec 6th 2023

How to Draft an Employment Verification Letter (Templates & Samples)

provide employment verification letter templates that contain the general format used in employment verification letters for current employees and proof of work letters for past employees. For current employee Employers name: Company address: Date: To Whom It May Concern: This letter was written at the request of [name of employee] . [Name of employee] was previously in [company name] ’s employment between the dates of the [start date] and [end date] . [Name of employee] operated in a [employment status] in the
Hiring Tips
Jul 6th 2022

Wrap Up the Hiring Process with the Ideal Job Offer Email

come across the perfect candidate in the hiring process, you’d want to offer them employment without delay! However, despite enthusiasm from both you and the candidate, sending a job offer email is a crucial step to sealing the deal. Employment offer emails need to include a lot of information, so knowing how to write a job offer letter correctly is an important skill. We will discuss the details of writing employment offers, including offer letter email templates! How to

Motivation Letter for an Exchange Program | Writing Guideline [w/ Samples and Tips!]

Example Before we begin, it is necessary to first distinguish between a cover letter and a motivation letter . Cover letters are often conflated with motivation letters but are, in fact, completely different and are used in different scenarios. A cover letter is a one-page letter that is written as a part of a job application or other form of an employment application. Cover letters go into detail on an individual's work experience and qualifications that make them the

How to Write an Engaging Letter of Intent [Tips & Examples]

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: What Is a Letter of Interest? What to Include in a Letter of Intent (Template) Tips on How to Write a Letter of Intent Letter of Interest Samples You may be applying for jobs right now and none of them seem to match your idea of a dream job at a dream company. Why not take this as a chance to create your own ideal position? This is when a letter
Job Search Tips
Mar 8th 2022

How to Accept a Job Offer [with 5+ Email Examples]

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn about: What to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer How to Accept a Job Offer via Email How to Accept a Job Offer on the Phone Job Offer Acceptance Email Samples Tips for Writing a Job Acceptance Letter Job Offer Acceptance Letter Template Congratulations! You’ve got the job! After a brief moment of excitement, you might start wondering if you want to accept the offer and how to accept a

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