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May 4th 2021

Working from Home Starter Pack: Freelancing 101

explore what kind of person you want to be, broaden your horizon, as well as finding the lifestyle you find suitable for you. Gone are the days of waking up for no reason and slogging it out at your desk job. You should know what you sign up for when becoming a freelancer. Further reading : Qualities/Tips For a Successful Freelancer The Reality About Freelancing. Beware! 1. Lack of Productivity Freelancing is not a bed of roses though, with great
Interview Skills
Oct 9th 2022

Competency-Based Interview Questions and Answers [+ Tips]

part of a team. I have years of experience in team projects in my previous job as a digital marketing specialist. About 8 months ago, I was working on a PR project for the company's new product launching with a tight deadline and we were struggling to find a focus. I suggested that we hold daily meetings where our team could brainstorm and share our ideas for PR strategy and finding new PR channels. By suggesting what should be

Customer Service Cover Letter Writing Guide [+ Examples & Tips]

You'll learn about: Customer Service Cover Letter Example How to write a cover letter for a customer service job What does a good customer service cover letter look like? Extra tips for 5 different customer service professional How to send a customer service cover letter by email Throughout the process of your job search, a cover letter is an additional opportunity that allows you to explain to the employer the specific backstories of what you have listed within your

How to Write a Killer School Counselor Resume: Examples and Tips

for a school counselor resume? Your own experiences can guide you in finding the best way to arrange your school counselor resume. If you are starting with an entry-level school counselor resume, you might find it easier to use a functional resume while if you are an old-timer forming a school counselor resume, you might find it more effective with the chronological format. Chronological resume format : Experiences and accomplishments organized chronologically (latest to earliest) Effective for experienced job

Event Coordinator Resume: Examples and Templates

comes to finding an event coordinator’s job, the event coordinator resume is like the plan. In the following content, you’ll be able to learn how to craft a strong event coordinator resume step by step. How to write a great event coordinator resume ? Here are 5 great tips for you to create a great event coordinator resume. Don’t worry if you are planning to write a wedding coordinator resume or a catering event coordinator resume. These tips

Cover Letters for Pharmacists (Samples and Tips)

a Pharmacist Cover Letter Pharmacist Cover Letter Template Pharmacists play a vital role in ensuring safe medication usage. Some pharmaceutical duties include preparing prescriptions, reviewing physician notes, and monitoring allergies at places like hospitals, clinics, or local retail drugstores. For a pharmacist entering the job field, adding a cover letter is more likely to engage the hiring manager by explaining how their personality and experiences apply to the role. However, writing a good cover letter is not an easy task
Career Development
Jul 15th 2022

How to Become a Freelancer: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed

price them competitively. At the start, you might need to price your services quite low to entice clients to work with you. Consider doing one-off services, packages and add-ons so clients can customize their orders. Step 4: Create a strong freelance resume and portfolio 💡 Writing a killer freelancer resume Just like any other job, you need to have a resume to showcase how you’re fit for the role. Freelancer resumes can be more personalized to the
Job Search Channels
May 6th 2021

How to Work Remotely? 13 Efficient Ways to Find Remote Jobs Online

time, executive or entry level. The best part of FlexJobs is they qualify all job openings to make sure there are no risks in applying. There are more than 20,000 job openings to choose from. Skip The Drive. With a name that summarizes why it’s great to work remotely, Skip The Drive provides a good listing of remote jobs to choose from. Elance. One of the most popular sites for finding freelance and remote work continues to chart

Education on Resume|Examples, Templates, Writing Guide

resume with detailed writing guide and examples. No matter you're a fresher or an experienced job seeker, don't miss the extra tips specially included in the article! You'll learn: What to put under the education section on a resume? Is it necessary to list high school education on a resume? How to list education on a resume? Where to put education on a resume? How to write education on a resume? (high school, current, and incomplete education
Career Development
May 19th 2020

4 Things You Should Ponder on Before Working at a Startup

Due to the boom of entrepreneurship, the number of startup companies around the world is soaring. More and more young job seekers are considering working at startups because of their flexibility and growth opportunity. While every startup is unique and different, there is no standard guideline to judge whether you are suitable to join one or not. Here are 4 important questions you need to ask yourself and ponder on before making the decision of working at a startup. 1

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