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Apr 26th 2022

Interview Questions for Managers and How to Answer Them

only help convince the interviewer when you answer questions for a managerial interview, but it also allows you to assess whether this is the right job for you. 🎯 Research the company culture. There has been an increasing emphasis on a candidate’s match with a company’s business culture, as more companies begin to realize the importance of finding an employee that believes in the company’s vision and mission, as well as sharing a similar outlook and attitude
Interview Skills
Oct 9th 2022

How to Use Mock Interviews to Land Your Dream Job

questions in a mock interview. Mock job interviews can help you prepare answers to common questions, improve your speaking skills and give you confidence. What is a Mock Interview? A mock interview involves practicing interview techniques and answers to imitate a real-world job interview. Essentially, a mock interview is playing ‘pretend’ in a simulated environment, in order to help a job applicant to practice and prepare for the actual interview. Similar to an actual interview, a mock interview can

Best Legal Assistant Cover Letter [+ Tips & Examples]

a cover letter for a legal assistant job look like? And how to write a legal assistant cover letter with or without experience? The following legal assistant cover letter samples and legal assistant cover letter template can help you form a better idea of how to format your cover letter. If you’re still stuck, don’t worry. Just follow our tips for how to write a legal assistant cover letter and you’ll be crafting an amazing legal assistant
Hiring Tips
Jul 20th 2023

7 Benefits of Using Online Job Posting Websites

this ensures job postings are accurately and efficiently managed. It helps companies to attract the best talent for each business unit or regional team. More Accessible and Quality traffic In today's competitive job market, it's essential to cast a wide net when looking for top talent, especially in the tech and business industries. As a result, free job posting sites can help you reach a larger audience and increase your chances of finding the right fit for your
Career Development
Jul 8th 2022

How to Set Career Goals Effectively [Plus 120+ Career Goal Examples]

of clarifying your job goals before and after a job search: Before a job search, you want to: Think about the challenges and growth that the next opportunity will bring you, not just better a title or salary package. Find a job that aligns with your passion and interests that would fuel your well-being at work. Seek out ways to improve your current skill set to apply for better job opportunities. After getting the job: Identify your professional values

Farina Situmorang on Founding AI Startup Pensieve Technology and Navigating Career Journey

she held various sales and product specialist roles. Her first job was to sell ATM machines, which she succeeded at with flying colors. “ My first job was to sell ATM machines. Though it’s 20 years ago if there's a broken ATM machine, I could probably fix it. ” Farina mentioned. During her tenure at IBM, Farina gained extensive knowledge in the field of technology and honed her skills in sales and marketing. After a few years at IBM and

Industrial Engineer Resume Examples, Templates & Formats

Understand the differences between a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a resume. An industrial engineer CV and an industrial engineer resume are the same things, right? Not exactly. An industrial engineer CV: contains a lot of details and is structured in a simple format. is usually over 2 pages long. is mostly used in academia, medicine, or science fields. An industrial engineer resume: emphasizes more on relevant information for a specific job and has a variety layouts (more on that below

Best Referral Cover Letter w/ Examples, Templates, Tips [Cover Letter Writing Guideline]

search depending who you are reaching out to After finding these profiles, do a brief background check and reach out to them to connect. 2. Ask for their permission to be included in your cover letter After getting accepted as a connection on these job sites, share a conversation and mention your search for a job opportunity with your future referrer. When the flow of the conversation is right, you can mention your job application to the particular company. They
Hiring Tips
Jan 3rd 2024

Complete Guide to Living in Singapore for Expats in 2024

Singapore is a bustling and vibrant Asian city-state that has become a hotspot for expats looking for a long-term country to settle in. The selling points of living in Singapore are non-exhaustive: a world-class education system, extreme levels of safety, and a competitive job market are just a few of the biggest attractions that the country has to offer. TABLE OF CONTENTS Cost of Living in Singapore Finding Accommodations in Singapore Healthcare and Education Work and

Professional Manager Resume Guide (+ Examples & Cover Letter Tips)

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a manager resume What to put on a resume for managers Tips for writing the best manager resume How to write a manager cover letter Manager Resume Sample Getting ready to become a manager means stepping ahead to the next level of your career, and different challenges in many new aspects could be encountered in the new job you are applying for. Like its name, the manager's main job is

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