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2020 Jun 20th

How to Write a Professional Thank You Email After an Interview? 6 Essential Guides

you email after interview, as its name suggests, is an email you send after the interview to express your gratitude for being invited to the interview , but its purpose extends far beyond that. It can also be regarded as a “ follow up email after interview ”, which is an important step in job search. Job seekers can refer to the following 5 key points for an effective interview follow up email: 1. When to Send Thank You Email After Interview? Reply
Interview Skills
2022 Apr 6th

Writing the Ideal Interview Follow-up Email (& Samples)

finish a follow-up email to a recruiter with a lovely touch of personality and professionalism in your signature. Make sure to include your preferred contact details so the recruiter can reach you easily after reading your post-interview follow-up email. Tips on Following Up with a Recruiter after Interview Now that you understand the importance of writing a follow-up email to a recruiter, take a look at some extra tips for writing your follow-up email after
Hiring Tips
2022 Jul 12th

Write a Professional Candidate Rejection Email [+Samples & Template]

Sending a candidate rejection email which redirects them to a role they’re suited for helps both you and the candidate in the hiring process. How to Write a Candidate Rejection Email Knowing what to write in a job rejection email is important so that you maintain professionalism without sounding robotic. Job rejection emails need to be clear, concise and professional to avoid ambiguity. Informing unsuccessful candidates after interviews is just another step in the process, so follow these steps
Interview Skills
2022 Sep 27th

How To Successfully Respond to a Rejection Email

to a rejection email! ⭕️ It keeps future opportunities open. Writing a response to a rejection letter is crucial because there could be other opportunities available at this organization. Perhaps the other candidate had only a minor lead, and your interview was otherwise strong. Writing a follow up email after a rejection will inform the hiring manager that you are still interested in their company, and that you are in fact a good fit. It’s possible that position, or
Job Search Tips
2022 Apr 29th

Feeling lost? Here’s how to follow up on a job application! [+Email samples]

do a job application follow-up. There is something good to this old-school approach. You can get your face and name on the employer’s mind and shows them how serious you are about the position. If things go your way, the recruiter can even decide to invite you to an interview, so be prepared! However, remember that it is very different from sending a follow-up email after a job application. First of all, you need to d...
Career Development
2021 May 25th

How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation Successfully [Examples & Templates]

You'll learn about: How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation - Top 10 Hints How to write an email asking for a letter of recommendation How to request a letter of recommendation under different circumstances Letter of Recommendation Request Template Whether it’s before, during, or after an interview, a letter of recommendation might be the key that sets you apart from other candidates. Strong words and great support from referees that know your competency can be the determining
Interview Skills
2022 Apr 19th

What to Wear to Job Interviews - Full Guide [+ examples]

to Wear to Job Interviews Tips on Choosing Interview Outfits Interview Outfits for Women Interview Outfits for Men Interview Outfits for Different Jobs Job applicants need to consider several dimensions, such as resumes, cover letters, what to say during the interview, whether they should follow up after the interview and many more. Among those, many overlook the interview dress code. However, first impressions matter. Think twice about your job interview clothes. Your job interview attire says more about you than
Interview Skills
2022 Apr 21st

Requesting Feedback After a Job Interview for Career Growth

feedback after an interview. If you want to progress in your career, it is essential that you continuously work on improving your interview skills. Asking for feedback is one simple and effective way to do that. How to Ask for Interview Feedback via Email Now that you understand the importance of asking for feedback after interviews, let's talk about how. We've simplified the process of requesting feedback via email into 6 easy-to-follow steps. Write a clear
Interview Skills
2022 Apr 8th

Informational Interview: What It Is and How It Can Help You

a thank-you email with concrete details of how this informational interview has helped you, how you were inspired by them, or how you will follow their advice. If you've built great rapport or benefited greatly from the chat, follow up with them in a few weeks or months to share your progress! Building a good professional relationship is important for you in the long-run. It helps you set up the right attitude toward your career that will
Interview Skills
2022 May 27th

15 Interview Questions for a Professional IT Manager

then try to find a solution that works for both of us. If the issue was something that I couldn't help with, I would direct them to the appropriate resources. As an IT manager, I would make sure to follow up with them after the issue has been resolved to make sure that they are back on track. Depending on the severity of the issue, I would also keep a close eye on their work to make sure that

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