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How to Include Projects in Resumes (+ Samples & Tips)

a project-focused resume demonstrates your skills better than other layouts, replacing the work experience with a project section is a good idea. Here's an example of replacing the work experience section with a project section on resume: PROJECTS Food delivery Explainer ad | Manhattan Agency June 2020 Project manager and producer for a team of 5 motion designers. Produced a 2-minute explainer animation for a food delivery company within 3 weeks. Completed the animation 7 days earlier than

COOLJEK Jadi Pemain Baru Cold Chain Asal Indonesia

selama pengiriman. Pelanggan dapat melacak suhu dan lokasi selama perjalanan secara real-time melalui aplikasi COOLJEK. COOLJEK menggunakan driver in-house yang telah melewati pelatihan khusus mengenai cara menangani produk cold chain . Pengiriman akan menjadi lebih hemat menggunakan multi-trip delivery atau pengiriman ke banyak alamat hanya dengan satu driver . Pelanggan dapat menjadwalkan pengiriman H-1 berdasarkan kebutuhan. Selain last-mile delivery , sekarang COOLJEK juga melayani pengiriman middle-mile menggunakan kendaraan motor. Sehingga pemilik bisnis dapat melakukan pengiriman dari warehouse

Dietary Aide Resume Samples [+ Objective, Summary, Skills]

wants to see. Showcasing your job duties, performance, and contribution via numbers is a direct and great way to prove your competence. A number-focused resume will set you apart from other candidates and land the interview. Example: “Prepared and delivered food trays to 90+ patients at pre-determined times.” Tip 5: Proofread Poor grammar and spelling mistakes are among a handful of mistakes that can quickly sink a resume. Keep in mind that a professional resume is designed to

Food Service Resume Guide [w/ Objective, Summary, Skills Examples]

more convincing and apparent to recruiters. Tip 5: Show that you are capable of working in a fast-paced environment. Jobs in the foodservice industry tend to put a lot of focus on customer service. Most customers would want their food to be delivered or prepared quickly. Thus, this will affect the working environment as well. Your knowledge of the business is one thing, but if you fail to show that you are a candidate capable of working in a

Delivery Driver Resume: Examples & Writing Guide

delivery driver job. implement our resume sample for delivery drivers to create your own. How to make a delivery driver resume #1 Understanding the difference between a CV and a resume Start on the right foot and learn that a delivery driver resume is not the same as a delivery driver CV. Generally speaking, a delivery driver CV comprises more details about a candidate's experience, be it professionally or academically. On the other hand, a resume for a delivery

Journalism Cover Letter: Examples & Step-by-Step Guide

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: Journalism Cover Letter Examples How to Write a Cover Letter for a Journalist Job Journalism Cover Letter Template As a journalist, you will be responsible for investigating, collecting, and presenting information as a news story which can be delivered through newspapers, magazines, radio, television, or the internet. Based on such news, citizens are able to make the best possible decisions about all aspects of their lives like business, healthcare, politics, etc

Waiter/Waitress Resume (Examples and Tips)

Top 10 waiter/waitress resume dos and don'ts Waiter/waitress resume sample “How may I help you?” The lady came close to the table and asked with a generous smile. Waiters (and waitresses!) are the group in charge of delivering an enjoyable dining experience to their customers. Their responsibilities range from the details in taking orders and delivering meals, to the vague but profound task of ensuring customer satisfaction and establishing customer loyalty. Another common role responsible for similar

CTO Resume Must-Know [+ Examples & Templates]

relevance of your experience to the position. Examples of a great resume headline for CTO jobs: Innovative CTO with strong leadership in customer-driven technology platforms Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder of a startup with mobile marketing solutions for the Food & Beverage industry CTO for startup investment firms that successfully designed and executed technology platforms Step 2: Craft a professional CTO resume summary. A resume summary is a statement at the top of a resume that showcases a snapshot of

Baker Resume Writing: Objective, Summary & Essential Skills

employer what relevant tasks you have done in the past and what skills you can apply to the position. Top 10 words commonly used in a baker job description: Baking Dessert Cake Bread Pastry Mixing Culinary arts Decorating Manufacturing sanitation Food preparation Tip 4: Quantify results on your baker resume. Job applicants often miss this tip while crafting a resume. By adding measurable achievements to your baker resume, you can show the hiring manager that you are results-driven, able
Interview Skills
Jul 8th 2022

The best body language tips to impress the interviewer!

much more engaging. Little details can do much for you when showing good body language in an interview. ✅ Pay attention to your hands. Your hands play a major part in how recruiters see your nonverbal cues. Too many crazy movements will make it evident that you are nervous and maybe not prepared. Alternatively, not making any movements whatsoever might make your delivery somewhat robotic and unnatural. Never bite your nails if you want to show professional body language. Sim...

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