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Jan 3rd 2023

15 Pekerjaan dengan Gaji Tertinggi di Indonesia!

gaji yang sebanding dengan tanggung jawab dan tugas kamu di pekerjaan tersebut. Tidak ada pekerjaan mudah dengan gaji tinggi dan kerja lulusan SMA dengan gaji besar di dunia perkantoran. Setiap orang mengejar pekerjaan bagus yang dibayar dengan baik. Banyak fresh graduates bahkan mengejar pekerjaan dengan gaji terbaik di awal mereka mulai berkarir karena gaji akan menjadi benchmark ketika berpindah ke perusahaan lainnya di kemudian hari. Pada artikel ini, CakeResume telah membuat daftar pekerjaan dengan bayaran tertinggi di Indonesia untuk menjadi
Career Development
Jan 18th 2022

2022 Must-Have Soft Skills for Freshers in India (Top 10 Job Skills!)

win them interviews, what can possibly make a difference during a job search? The Soft Skills Gap When you obtain lots of technical skills, but an absence of soft skills, you are having a soft skills gap. Most of the graduates have theoretical knowledge, but lack the practical exposure needed in the real working world. They’re missing something to accompany their hard skills, which is the so-called “ employable skills”. “ 85% of one’s success at the work place
Interview Skills
May 4th 2022

The Fresher Interview Playbook: Tips & Common Questions

your answers. We're here to help you do just that! In this blog post, we will provide tips on how to prepare for interviews, common interview questions and answers as well as questions to ask in interviews for fresh graduates like you. Interview Tips for Freshers With no or limited experience in the corporate world, preparing for job interviews as a fresher can be a nerve-wracking experience. You may not know what to expect and might be unsure

Macam-macam Hobi untuk Melamar Kerja dalam CV

sudah susah dan sempit. Jika menambah satu kolom minat dan hobi pada CV, pastinya CV akan terlihat sangat padat dan terlalu penuh. ➡️ Untuk itu, menuliskan hobi pada CV pekerja yang sudah berpengalaman tidak terlalu disarankan. 2. Pelajar ataupun fresh graduates. Karena belum atau tidak memiliki pengalaman kerja, curriculum vitae yang dibuat pasti akan terlihat kosong. ➡️ Jika ingin tampak berbeda dari pelamar kerja lainnya, menuliskan hobi untu melamar pekerjaan dapat membuat CV kamu jadi menarik. 📚 Bacaan Lanjutan: Karir

How to Include Projects in Resumes (+ Samples & Tips)

your capabilities and style fit their company. Personal projects in a resume or CV are also a major way to demonstrate your enthusiasm. Projects in a resume compensates for candidates with lack of work experience, such as students or fresh graduates. Career changers who have powerful projects in their resume are valued since they have knowledge and skills from multiple aspects or industry. But you might be wondering how to add projects in your resume and make it stand out

Hobbies and Interests in Resume|Examples, Formats, Writing Guide

in resumes will often come down to how “full” your resume is. For experienced job seekers who are struggling to fit their work experiences into their resume, the inclusion of hobbies and interests may be an unwanted distraction. While fresh graduates (freshers) who need to differentiate themselves from the crowd may find listing hobbies and interests helpful. This is particularly true if your hobbies or interests are unique and cutting edge. Your hobbies and interests are a good way to

Project Managers: Resume Examples, Formats & Tips

HRs to quickly get a picture of who you are and why you’re a good fit. A resume summary is usually for experienced people to summarize their achievements, while a resume objective or a career objective is for fresh graduates or career changers to describe their career goals. Here’s how to write a resume summary that stands out: Start with your title. Share your years of experience in the project management field. Include your best PM achievements, preferably
Career Development
Aug 30th 2022

Get a Job with an Associate Degree: Where to find High-Paying Ones

bachelor's program is one of the most common requirements for job-seekers. Traditionally, it is a four-year program, and students learn about general education and a particular specialization. Master’s degree: Due to the market or personal motivation, graduates can opt to level up their education. Master’s programs tend to take from two to three years, and the level of the classes is more advanced. Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.): It is the most advanced degree level of
Hiring Tips
Jul 12th 2022

Write a Professional Candidate Rejection Email [+Samples & Template]

you have decided to reject their job applications can make the process easier for you. Reasons to send candidates rejection emails include: ✅ Show respect to the applicant Job searching can be a very emotionally taxing process, especially for new graduates. Candidates spend hours filling in applicants and interviewing, and receiving job rejection emails after interviews is the only feedback they might receive. Sending candidates rejection emails shows that you have respect for their time, and can provide closure for

Marketing: Resume Examples, Formats & Tips

more appealing it is, the more probably the hiring manager will continue reading your resume. In addition, it’s the only part you can express your passion towards this job and connect your own achievements. If you are a fresh graduates or a career changer, you may describe your career goal in this part. Here are the tips for you to build an attractive summary: Start with your title and years of experience in the marketing field. Describe several marketing

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