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Jul 13th 2020

Why Networking Helps You Land a Job: 6 Easy Ways for College Students

If you’re preparing to land an ideal job after graduation, you might need to do more than just getting good grades and making a pretty resume. HRs won’t know how good you are unless they actually read your resume. Yet with piles of resumes in their mailboxes, why would they read yours? And that’s where networking can help: it doesn’t guarantee an offer, but it raises the chance of actually being seen in the first place

Education on Resume|Examples, Templates, Writing Guide

have, and put the rest in a reverse-chronological order. At no point should you forget the dates when listing education on resume. This means you should include the year in which you began the degree and the year of graduation. 💡 If you happen to earned your degree more than 5 years ago, it is suggested not to add the graduation date on the resume to avoid age discrimination. (in U.S. ) When it comes to the date format

Crucial Mistakes You Can Make in Writing Resume

the hiring manager think you’re capable to meet high expectations? Writing in third person is another cheesy mistake that many job applicants make. Speaking of cheesy, we must also mention unprofessional photos and email addresses. A picture from your graduation with an email address you created back in high school? Don’t. Just don’t! Remember: the resume must present you as a true professional that everyone would want in their team. If you seem unserious, you won’t

How to Design a Portfolio for Students [+ Ideas & Tips]

powerful platform for sharing and exploring student graphic design portfolios. The reason is that recruiters can easily find you and get to know more about you. Thus, if you’re looking for a part-time or entry-level job after graduation, go ahead and publish your portfolio on LinkedIn. Below is an example of Marco Angelo, a graduate design student. His student graphic design portfolio is very informative with everything a recruiter might want to know about him, such as

How to Put Unfinished Degree on Resume: Guide + Examples

yourself: How to write an ongoing degree in your resume? Well, this is no hard task. Here are the following things to consider when listing an ongoing degree on a resume: Mention the program name Name of institution Location Expected graduation date When it comes to how to put the expected graduation date on the resume, the year will suffice and it is optional to add the month. There is no need to write a lot of details for elaborating

College Students: Resume Examples, Formats & Tips

their goal?” Contact information and resume objective/summary 3. Education As a student, your education experience is usually the first item on the list. To make your education stand out, be sure to include relevant details, including: University name Location Graduation date / expected graduation date Degree (including any minors) A short list of relevant coursework GPA (only if it’s impressive) Awards or honors (if applicable) Student clubs or organizations (optional) Education section 4. Skills Although you don’t have

​​How to List an Associate Degree on a Resume [+ Examples]

to present them. Associate Degree on Resume: What to Include For the hirer to understand your associate degree when they read your resume, you need to include the following details: the name of the school the location of the school graduation year or years you attended the program type of your degree your major You can follow the format below when listing your associate degree on the resume: [Name of School], [Year - Year] [Type of Degree] in [Subject] Associate Degree

Chemist Resume: Templates, Examples & Essential Skills

skills and working experience. Targeted resume format : Modified particularly for a job position or a company. Step 3: Look up for chemistry resume templates and chemistry resume examples online for reference. Writing your own chemist resume from scratch, especially upon graduation, would be too challenging. That is why chemistry CV templates are the solution to your problem. 🔎 Search for “chemistry resume samples” or “chemistry CV examples” online to help you have an idea of how your own resume should

High School Students: Resume Examples, Formats & Tips

he? 3. Education Resume education section. Generated via CakeResume. As a student, the education section might be among the top of your resume. Make sure to include crucial details including: name of school, city and state, enrolled date and (expected) graduation date. If you have impressive academic performance, make sure you show it off by highlighting your GPA and academic awards as additional details. If you’re applying for tutoring for certain subjects, remember to highlight your grades for those

What to Include in a CV – Everything You Should Put in Your CV

include the name of the institution that you graduated from and the year you graduated. Some companies care much about where you graduated from. 💡 Pro Tip: If you want to include an ongoing degree , write your estimated year of graduation instead. 5. Skills The last most important thing to include is your skills. This could be any skills ranging from technical skills that are specific to your field, softwares/applications that you could use, language skills, to soft or

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