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How to Start Making an Architecture Portfolio: Best Portfolio Examples & Ideas

present your skills and reflect your attitude, your design process, and your character. If you are building a professional architecture portfolio, read on to understand the golden principles as in this article, we will be covering different types of architecture portfolio, the format for an architecture portfolio, guides on how to start an architecture portfolio and most importantly, how to create an online architecture portfolio. What Is an Architecture Portfolio? An architecture portfolio is the organization of an architect’s

Hard Skills for Resume: Definition, Examples, and How to Improve

as technical skills) are job-specific abilities, capabilities, or knowledge that must be learned through online/university courses, hands-on experience, and training. Hard skills for a resume are often geared towards a specific career (e.g., teacher, lawyer, doctor, graphic designer, etc.) or a general set of expertise (e.g., Microsoft Office Suite, Project Management, technical skills, etc.) If you are still confused about whether a skill is classified as a hard skill, ask yourself the following questions: Were

Hướng dẫn tạo CV Freelancer và những điều cần biết về làm việc tự do

với định hướng sự nghiệp mới. Trong bài viết này, CakeResume cũng sẽ nêu ra những tips hay, áp dụng được cho một CV freelancer dịch thuật. Freelancer thiết kế có thể làm trong ngành thiết kế công nghiệp (industrial design) hoặc truyền thông thị giác (visual communication). Freelance designers sáng tạo đồ hoạ để minh hoạ sản phẩm hoặc thương hiệu, xây dựng các trang web, ứng dụng, hoặc thiết kế nội thất, quần áo, phụ kiện cho ngành

Best 3D Artist Resume Examples | Summary, Objective & Skills

helps the hiring managers to quickly grasp the size of the establishment you worked in and your working capacity. Examples of quantified accomplishments in 3D artist resume: Lead a team and delegate tasks to 5 illustrators to complete a motion graphic advertisement project. Produced an average of 5 3D art projects monthly including motion graphics, animation, and still images projects. Tip 5: Create a unique and easy-to-read 3D artist resume template. As a professional in the creative industry

How to Create an Appealing Fashion Design Portfolio

it. Keep it concise with a maximum of seven lines. Include details about your inspiration, who you are as a designer, and why you are creating a fashion portfolio. Mood boards: Mood boards are an easy way to explain your design inspirations behind the collections. A mood board consists of images, colors, textures and other graphics that help you visualize and imagine your design during your initial design process. Images of sketches: Sketching is an early process of fashion design

Personal Websites - A Guide With Examples

They can be used as a portfolio, as a resume, as a blog, or for both job search and personal branding purposes. If your creativity is a major asset you can offer, show it off with an attractive personal website design that displays your visual prowess. Moreover, visuals such as photographs or graphics can aid in showing your results on projects you undertook in the past, making it easier for your audience to understand you by looking at your personal

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