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Sep 28th 2022

A Guide to the Perfect Employee Performance Review

t been reached. An employee performance appraisal is a safe space to air grievances and discuss issues. Employee Performance Appraisal Form Template If you are unsure of what elements to include in a performance review, the following is a basic guide that can be used as an employee review template. It’s important to customize any performance appraisal template to fit the exact needs of your company. Some sections may not apply to the role you’re reviewing, while other
Interview Skills
Aug 22nd 2022

A Guide to Nailing Civil Engineer Interview Questions

Created by CakeResume In this article, you’ll learn: Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers General Civil Engineering Interview Questions Questions to Ask During a Civil Engineering Interview A civil engineer is responsible for designing and managing the construction of public infrastructure. They could design a building, a bridge or road, or even public water and waste systems. Much of the infrastructure we interact with was designed by civil engineers and the position comes with a lot of responsibility, making
Hiring Tips
Oct 26th 2022

Your Guide to Internal Recruitment: Why, How, When + Tips

Created by CakeResume In this article, we’ll cover: What is internal recruitment Advantages and disadvantages of internal recruitment How to recruit internally Tips for recruiting internally An organization has a few recruitment strategies to consider when looking for new talents. Not every position requires the same type of talent. Therefore, recruiters need to understand which recruiting method works best for them. You can find the following among the most common internal and external recruitment methods: Direct advertising Referrals Promotions
Interview Skills
Aug 22nd 2022

Professional Guide to Nail Your Makeup Look for an Interview

for a job in a somewhat traditional industry or company, bold and flamboyant makeup is not ideal for your job interview. So be careful when choosing lipstick and eye shadow colors for the interview. Here is the step by step guide to help you create nice and neat business makeup look: Moisturize your face. Match your skin tone. Use concealer or corrector. Apply the primer or foundation. Avoid fake eyelashes and thick, heavy mascara. Choose soft eyeliner. Consider neutral colors

The Guide to Combination Resumes (with Examples and Templates)

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn about: What Is a Combination Resume? Combination Resume Template Tips on How to Write a Combination Resume Combination Resume Templates & Examples Although not as common as traditional format resumes, combination resumes can be of great value for job applicants as well. A combination resume underscores the job seeker’s professional experience and skill sets. Job seekers who are in the middle of a career change or are skilled in a

Federal Resume Guide with Examples

When you look through UsaJobs, you can find countless employment opportunities within the government workforce. As you plan your application for a federal position, you will want to prepare a professional UsaJobs resume to land the role. This federal resume guide will help you to secure your dream government job. How to write an effective federal resume? These federal resume tips can transform your average federal resume into an impressive one. 🖋 Adopt an ATS-friendly resume format for a

Receptionist Resume Guide with Examples and Tips

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn about: How to write a great receptionist resume? What makes a good receptionist resume objective? How to write a professional receptionist resume summary? What are some great skills to put on a receptionist resume? How to write a receptionist resume with no experience? Receptionist resume sample Receptionists determine customers’ or visitors’ first impression of the business. Similar to front desk clerks, receptionists handle visitors, mails, and incoming calls, but they often

Best Tour Guide Resume Examples, Templates, Formats (Extra Tips!)

Step-by-step guide for a professional tour guide resume 3 basic types of resume formats: How and when to use them? How to create a tour guide resume template? Top 10 Dos and Don'ts for a brilliant tour guide resume Tour Guide Resume Sample A tour guide is in charge of accompanying groups of visitors to tourist attractions such as historic monuments and cultural centers, and providing them with specific information about the sites. Tour guides commonly work

Librarian Resume Guide with Examples

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn about: How to write a professional librarian resume? What is the best format for a librarian CV? How to make a librarian resume template? Top 10 librarian resume dos and don'ts Librarian resume sample A librarian is responsible for overseeing the library: arranging the library resources, assisting readers with inquiries, and processing library books and materials for up-to-date information. An archivist is similar to a librarian due to
Career Development
Jan 30th 2023

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Network On LinkedIn

ideas and insight into the industry Land your dream job Though it sounds easy enough, admittedly thinking about how to network on LinkedIn to get a job, or even just with other professionals can be confusing. But with this comprehensive guide on how to network on LinkedIn, you’ll be up and running in no time. What to Do Before You Start Networking on LinkedIn Before you start to use LinkedIn to network, your profile needs to be 100% complete

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