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Jan 10th 2024

A Complete Guide to Singaporean Work Culture

Singapore is a small Southeast Asian city-state on the southern section of the Malay Peninsula. With a population of 5.41 million (2021) residents, with over 20% being expats from other countries, Singapore is a central point for Asian and global commerce. Widely regarded as one of the most modern cities on Earth, Singapore has become a prime destination for businesses and professionals seeking to break into the Asian market and capitalize on a rich and competitive working environment
Career Development
Nov 23rd 2023

A Complete Guide to Taiwan’s Language & Places to Learn

Created by CakeResume Before traveling to Taiwan, you might wonder - what language do people in Taiwan speak? Taiwan actually adopts a diverse linguistic background which has passed on for countless generations. Because it has a rich historical and cultural setting, it significantly influenced the Taiwan language until today. Language is a valuable asset. So, it’s important to know the language Taiwanese people use, whether you’re here for traveling, studying, working, or doing business. We’ll walk you through
Hiring Tips
Nov 10th 2023

A Survival Guide on How to Navigate Office Politics

Created by CakeResume You think you’ve found the perfect job and then BAM! Office politics. And even if examples of office politics haven’t cropped up yet in your career, it’s still highly likely that somewhere down the line they will, as 68% of respondents from a report by Pepperdine University describe them as being common in their workplace. Office politics is such a common phenomenon in the workplace that there’s an entire show based around it
Hiring Tips
Nov 8th 2023

A Short Guide to Gender Equality in the Workplace

of promotions and executive roles for many reasons, and upper leadership is dominated by men in every sector. Less gender disparity in leadership roles is another key part of workplace equality. 📚Further reading: How to be a Good Leader: Guide to Mastering Leadership! Training and Education Education directly impacts gender equality in the workplace. Male dominated fields aren’t short of women due to a lack of ability or interest, but because women are discouraged from pursuing education in
Career Development
Oct 21st 2023

A Handy Guide to What is Business Attire? (+Examples & Tips)

is it inappropriate, but there’s a high chance that you might lose a long-anticipated deal. Because first impressions matter , selecting the right apparel evidently reflects your attentiveness to professionalism and respect to the people you meet. We’ll guide you through its definition, types, examples, and a few dressing tips in this article. Table of Contents: What Is Business Attire? Types of Business Attire Business Attire Examples Tips for Wearing Business Attire Conclusion What Is Business Attire? Business
Career Development
Oct 13th 2023

A Complete Guide to Taiwan Welfare System for Foreigners

to enroll through their school. Newborn foreigners in Taiwan should be enrolled in the Taiwan NHI on the date of birth as a dependent of an employed parent. How to Apply for a NHI Card? Follow the step-by-step guide below to apply for your Taiwan National Health Insurance card. Step 1: Apply online or through district office If you are enrolling for Taiwan NHI for the first time, you can either apply online or through the district office
Career Development
Aug 10th 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Become a Lawyer [+ FAQs]

Created by CakeResume When navigating legal gray areas—such as contracts, lawsuits, or settlements—in the modern world, lawyers help clients understand their options and follow judicial procedures. Although lawyers are known for fighting court battles, they also represent, advocate and provide consultation to individuals and businesses. Depending on experience and level of education, the job prospects of lawyers range from working behind-the-scenes in law offices to roles that involve practicing law in courtroom environments. Some examples could
Hiring Tips
May 31st 2023

A Complete Guide to the Recruitment Process in 2023-2024

Employees are undeniably valuable assets of an organization and the key to its success, no matter what level. They are highly skilled people who strive hard to deliver their best work and contribute to the profits and worth of the organization. To hire the right people for your business, you need to develop and implement an effective recruitment process. This is one of the most complex aspects of operating a business as there are different types of recruitment, and each

A Complete Guide to Writing a Professional Restaurant Manager Cover Letter [+ Examples and Tips]

Restaurant Manager Cover Letter Sample  TABLE OF CONTENT How to Write a Restaurant Manager Cover Letter Tips for Making a Restaurant Manager Cover Letter Cover Letter Examples for Restaurant Manager Positions The restaurant manager (restaurant supervisor) position requires exceptional leadership and management skills with an organized and adaptable work ethic. Restaurant managers generally carry out administrative tasks related to the running of a dining establishment. Although the “restaurant manager” title is the standard job title for this position, other titles

A Complete Guide to Writing a Project Coordinator Cover Letter: w/ Samples and Tips

Project Coordinator Cover Letter Sample Project coordinators are responsible for the execution of projects from their inception to completion. This position is highly demanding and the application process is usually quite competitive. Project coordinators are highly sought after in all industries, including business, healthcare, and IT, to name a few. Companies look for project coordinators who have incredibly meticulous attention to detail, can lead and work in a team, and can effectively drive the success of the projects they manage

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