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CV Format for Freshers – Guide & Examples

brings out the best side of a fresher. What Is a Fresher CV? A fresher is someone who has very limited work experience and has no full-time work experience,a university graduate who has only done internships or a high school graduate with only part-time job experience. Freshers’ first CVs are important since they will lead to their first full-time jobs and determine their career paths. Therefore, the strategy for creating a fresher’s CV is different

How to Become a Teacher: A Comprehensive Guide!

becoming a teacher. In the US alone, there are more than a few education levels for you to consider before you get into teaching: Early Childhood Education (ECE) - Ages 2 to 8 Preschool (Pre-Kindergarten) - Ages 3 to 5 Elementary School - Ages 4 to 11 (Grades K to 5) Middle School - Ages 11 to 14 (Grades 6 to 8) High School - Ages 14 to 18 (Grades 9 to 12) Special Education - Any age or grade The further you go, the

Crucial Mistakes You Can Make in Writing Resume

high expectations? Writing in third person is another cheesy mistake that many job applicants make. Speaking of cheesy, we must also mention unprofessional photos and email addresses. A picture from your graduation with an email address you created back in high school? Don’t. Just don’t! Remember: the resume must present you as a true professional that everyone would want in their team. If you seem unserious, you won’t deserve a chance for an interview. The hiring manager
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May 4th 2022

What is work shadowing and how to make the most of it?

work routine or practices. In a short period, the learner can understand the tasks and responsibilities of that employee and the requirements to take on similar roles. Although most job shadowing opportunities and shadow programs are open to college or high school students, it’s also possible for adults to job shadow as well. Virtual job shadowing is a relatively new way of business shadowing. You will use online connections or join video conferences to observe employees throughout job shadow

Journalism Cover Letter: Examples & Step-by-Step Guide

in Photojournalism. When Professor Keith Smiths told me about the opening for Publications Intern at the Times Magazine and suggested I should apply, I knew this was an opportunity where my writing can make a valuable contribution. While still in high school, I was elected the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper which covered a variety of topics such as sports, movie reviews, career counseling, and human interest stories. Back then, my major responsibilities included overseeing the production of

How to Write a Killer School Counselor Resume: Examples and Tips

Years of Experience in Creating a Safe Learning Environment Devoted School Counselor Skilled in Motivating Students from K-12 ASCA-Certified Middle School Counselor Who Improved Student Personal Development by 28% 🖋 Step 2: Craft a professional summary for your school counselor resume. Following a strong introduction, your summary statement should wrap up what will later be discussed throughout your school counselor resume. Summary for a School Counselor Resume Examples: Compassionate high school counselor focused on preparing high school students

Math Teacher Resume Examples (with/without experience)

needs. Middle school math teacher resume objective example: Math teacher with 2 years of experience in middle school education. Dedicated to teaching math by creative and interactive learning. Seeking a friendly teaching environment to utilize education plans to the fullest. High school math teacher resume objective example: High school math teacher with 1 year of experience. Familiar with high school teaching material, setting math problems, and exam papers. Seeking a position to teach large-sized classes and help students pass

The Guide to Combination Resumes (with Examples and Templates)

information or avoid showing weakness. If you are changing careers, you can highlight the relevant work experience and transferable skills that can be an asset to the new job with a combination resume. If you are a recent graduate from high school or college, using a combination resume helps you to focus on your skills instead of your lack of work experience. Other Types of Resume Format Of course, apart from a hybrid resume, there are other resume formats. They

Writing a Business Development Cover Letter (with Samples)

a versatile team player and collaborated with both sales and design teams to provide feedback for our website purchase funnels and create ad campaigns to identify 20% more customers on our social media channels. As an active DECA member from high school to now, I have participated in coordination and leadership initiatives. My role as a DECA officer at BSU has offered me the opportunity to arrange meetings, lead event coordination for new executives, and land business sponsorships for our

Best English Teacher Resume w/ Example

with 2 years of experience teaching children and adults. Seeking to fill the English teacher position at Toley English School. High School English teacher resume objective example Energetic and enthusiastic high school English teacher with 3 years of experience in high schools. Skilled in elaborating a dynamic learning environment and familiar with traditional and innovative methods. Has taught both History and English in past schools and is currently seeking a teaching position at ABC School to impact the lives of

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