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People Operations
Jul 6th 2022

Wrap Up the Hiring Process with the Ideal Job Offer Email

Created by Cake In this article, we’ll cover: How to Write a Successful Job Offer Email Tips for Writing a Job Offer Email Your Candidate Can’t Refuse Job Offer Email Templates If you’ve come across the perfect candidate in the hiring process, you’d want to offer them employment without delay! However, despite enthusiasm from both you and the candidate, sending a job offer email is a crucial step to sealing the deal. Employment offer emails need
People Operations
Feb 14th 2023

Methods for Diversity Hiring – Best Practices & Tips

hiring strategies to attract diverse candidates. Diversity hiring does not only positively impact the workplace, by diversifying perspectives, skills, and experiences, but it also ensures that diverse candidates are given equal opportunities as biases are reduced. Ultimately, having an inclusive hiring strategy improves outcomes for the existing employees and prospective candidates. What Is Diversity Hiring? Diversity hiring is an inclusive hiring strategy which involves reducing bias during the recruitment process. Diversity hiring ensures that diverse candidates are not subject to
People Operations
Sep 28th 2022

A Complete Guide to Hiring Offshore Software Development Teams

consider taxes and labor remunerations when you pay the expenses. Nearshore outsourcing: hiring contractors or teams in a neighboring country. While it provides advantages in communication (similar cultures), it tends to be costlier than the offshoring of services. Offshore outsourcing : hiring partner operates in a more remote region, like Asia or Europe. Although hiring offshore software development usually brings communication issues due to time zone differences and cultural and language barriers, it is the most flexible option. It also tends
People Operations
Mar 6th 2024

7 Effective Strategies to Train Your Hiring Managers to Acquire The Best Talents

vacancy and demands. As a hiring manager or recruiter, you may encounter some problems during a job interview, such as managing the interview process, asking inappropriate or illegal questions , or making a snap judgment. This is why interview training for hiring managers and recruiters is important to ensure a smooth hiring process. In this article, you'll find a comprehensive training guide for hiring managers, which includes interview tips, and the do’s and don’ts. By following this guideline
Recruitment & HR
Apr 17th 2023

Cultural Fit: What You Need to Know and Its Importance in the Hiring Process

feel are appropriate ways of conduct or how openly you can communicate with others. Companies can suffer from disparate views that block collective progress without an established workplace culture. Even the influence of a disengaged employee can snowball into hefty hiring and productivity costs in the form of individual quitting, associated burnouts, and wide-scale quitting. This domino effect works both ways, meaning hiring culturally fit candidates to build a strong company culture can inspire organizational growth, workplace motivation, and
People Operations
Apr 8th 2019

6 Step Strategy That Will Simplify Your Recruiting Process

is not user-friendly. You have a long drawn application process, some of it may even be outdated. No follow-up on application or interview. Step #3. Engage Hiring Panel Hiring managers are key to a successful recruiting process. Engaged hiring panel of managers drive speed in the overall recruiting process, affect the quality of hires and makes your life fantastic as a recruiter. If you don’t have the buy-in of hiring managers, you are in a lot
People Operations
Jun 16th 2022

10 Best Locations & Companies for Offshore Software Development

of these regions has its own strengths in terms of programming skills and technological expertise. Additionally, they offer various price points depending on what type of developer you need and what level of experience you require. Ultimately, when done correctly, hiring offshore software developers can open up a world of possibilities for your business or organization! In this article, we'll cover the difference between offshore and nearshore development, things to consider when hiring offshore developers, as well as top
People Operations
Aug 22nd 2022

How Social Media Recruiting Can Help You Find Your Ideal Talent

transferred into the corporate world as well. Having a business presence on social media is crucial to maintaining brand presence, and also can help expand the business with recruitment. With 79% of job hunters using social media as well as hiring platforms to land a job, recruiting via social media can be a lucrative move for your business. What Is Social Media Recruiting? Social media recruiting, also called social recruiting, involves utilizing social media platforms to search for, vet and
People Operations
Mar 6th 2024

Pre-Employment Testing: What to Know & How to Choose

Pre-Employment Testing The main challenge in the hiring process is assessing which candidates are fit for the job. On one hand, you could be sorting out numerous generic resumes from applicants who mass-distribute. On the other, there may appear to be a large pool of suitable candidates, all with resumes that highlight similar skills. What happens if you simply do not have the time and resources to comb through every application? Furthermore, how do you tell qualified and
Interview Skills
Mar 6th 2024

Open Interview: Nailing It and Getting Hired on the Spot

Created by Cake Before starting to prepare for a job interview, you need to know what type of interview it is so that you can be well-prepared. There are many types of interviews that serve different scenarios, depending on what employers are looking to assess such as behavioral interview, case interview, competency-based interview, group interview, panel interview, etc. In this article, we'll take a closer look at walk-in interviews, which are open to the public as

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