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Jun 16th 2022

10 Best Locations & Companies for Offshore Software Development

business or organization! In this article, we'll cover the difference between offshore and nearshore development, things to consider when hiring offshore developers, as well as top 10 countries and top 10 companies that provide offshore development services. Nearshore vs Offshore Before we dive into the details of how to hire and where to find offshore software development teams, let's talk about how offshore development is different from nearshore development services, another common form of software development outsourcing. As
Hiring Tips
Sep 28th 2022

Hire Offshore Software Development Companies Successfully: 10 Mistakes to Avoid

tech expert before hiring offshore software companies #8. Not trusting the vendor and micromanaging #9. Having a rigid budget and strict deadline #10. Choosing the wrong tools Offshore software development is an efficient and economical solution for a company. Offshoring development services can help a company provide their clients with high-quality results in less time than developing in-house. Moreover, the company can focus on its main business activities. Becoming business partners with offshore programmers seems like a no
Hiring Tips
Sep 28th 2022

A Complete Guide to Hiring Offshore Software Development Teams

works in a remote location, usually another country. Big companies sometimes create an offshore software development center and hire dedicated developers. Among the tasks offshore software developers can do for you, you can find the following: ✅ Mobile app development: Offshore app development frees you from having an in-house team. Hiring an offshore software development team gives you access to top-notch talent that will help both your app projects and your pocket. ✅ Web development: Offshore web development
Hiring Tips
Jun 16th 2022

Dedicated Team Model: The Missing Piece to Your Dream Team

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: What Is a Dedicated Team? How Does the Dedicated Team Model Work? Dedicated Team Model vs Offshore Development When to Hire a Dedicated Team How to Find the Right Dedicated Team There are a variety of software development models that companies can use in order to get their products or projects off the ground. One such model is the dedicated team model. A dedicated team is a group of professionals who
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Aug 22nd 2022

A Guide to Jobs in Taiwan for Foreigners

role in global telecommunications, and they are a leader in the semiconductor industry. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) takes the lion’s share of the market, and they are always looking for experienced engineers in roles like design, research and development, and manufacturing. Electronics and microelectronics There are jobs in Taiwan for foreigners at many prominent electronics companies. Computer companies like Acer, HTC, and Asus are Taiwanese brands, and hire foreigners in different departments. Biotech and pharmaceuticals Because of Taiwan

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