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Apr 26th 2022

How do you work under pressure?—Interview question tips

forms this question can come in: How do you work under pressure? Do you work well with stress? What is the most stressful thing you’ve faced? Describe a time when you’ve been assigned an overwhelming task. What did you do? Tell me about a time when you had a stressful situation at work. How did you handle that situation? Why ask “how do you work under pressure?” Not only is ‘how do you work under pressure’ a way
Career Planning
Apr 6th 2022

Work Efficiently Under Pressure: How-to & Tips

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn: What Does Working Under Pressure Mean? Why You Should Build the Ability to Work Under Pressure How to Work Under Pressure: Our Tips Do you feel like you're constantly under pressure to perform at your best? You're not alone. In 2019, 94% of American workers report experiencing stress at their workplace, according to Wrike’s United States stress statistics , with 23% of them describing their workplace stress level as
Job Search Tips
Jan 18th 2022

6 Best Freelance Sites to Land on a Job in 2022

generated a whopping $1.28 trillion for the US economy. With all that said, how do you land on a freelance job in 2022? The Internet is a huge virtual global talent pool and there are two main ways for you: 1. Personal Websites Building your personal portfolio site is a wise move for the long run; you can build your reputation to a point where you can get a steady supply of projects through word-of-mouth alone. Your
Resume & CV
Jan 29th 2022

Video Editor Resume: Examples and Guide

to keep it simple yet easy to understand. Video editor resume skills examples: Hard Skills: Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator Blender Pro Tools Final Cut Pro Avid Media Composer Oracle Soft skills: Quick decision-making skills Calm under pressure Excellent communication (verbal, written, and listening) Efficiency in coordinating resources Multitasking & prioritizing skills Learn more about how to write skills in a resume . Step 4: Tailor the video editor resume to a specific job. To do so, you
People Operations
Aug 22nd 2022

A Guide to Nailing Civil Engineer Interview Questions

work environments have advantages and challenges. I like being on-site because it allows me to be more hands-on with the team but working in the office can be very efficient. Q: Tell me about the most challenging project you’ve completed. This civil engineer interview question is meant to evaluate your problem-solving skills and if you can perform under pressure. When answering this civil engineer interview question, make sure you elaborate on your specific contributions to the
Resume & CV
Feb 7th 2022

Barista Resume Samples

Sensory Evaluation Certificated or completed program in in XXX Coffee Academy / Institution / Education / Association Coffee Brewing & Grinding Cupping Specialty Coffee Drinks Coffee Tamp and Extraction Stock / Inventory Management on Food & Beverages Customer Care & Communication POS System Operation Team Building / Team Work Attentive to Detail Time Management / Work under Pressure Step 4: Show you are the perfect fit. Matches the candidate’s descriptions to barista resume samples and barista descriptions on resume examples or recruitment boards. Step 5: Proofreading is the
Resume & CV
Feb 15th 2022

Bartender Resume w/ Examples

bartender resume to relevant experience only. ✅ Tip 4. Quantify results on your resume. Taking advantage of the achievements from your past and current work experience can make the bartender resume more explicit. ✅ Tip 5. Display your ability to work under pressure. One of the highlights of being a bartender is being able to work under pressure, particularly on busy weekends and evenings. How to highlight such a key skill? Try to emphasize “problem-solving”, “communication”, and “conflict-resolution
Resume & CV
Sep 23rd 2021

Best Videographer Resume Guide (w/ Summary, Objective, Skill Examples)

live events, advertisements, and so on. While videographers are in large demand, what makes a good videographer? 🔎 Fact: There are several characteristics that make a good videographer, but those are among the most significant: creativity, passion, the ability to work under pressure and deadlines, effective and efficient communication, and of course, video editing skills. How to convey such skills as a video creator for job searching? This article will guide you through the most important elements for crafting the
Interview Skills
Mar 22nd 2022

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions [+ Dos & Don’ts]

Created by CakeResume In this article, we will cover: What Is a Behavioral Question? How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions Dos and Don’ts for Answering Behavioral Interview Questions Behavioral Interview Question Examples In addition to the questions about work experience, most interviewers will also ask you several behavioral interview questions (a.k.a BDI or BBI interviews). These behavior-based interviews are non-technical and focus on how you react and behave in a professional setting. Thus, hiring managers
Recruitment & HR
Mar 6th 2024

Mental Health Leave of Absence: How to Ask When You Need It!

Created by CakeResume Mental health plays a major role in our everyday lives, especially at work. Many people say that their workload from the office tends to pile up very easily, and when it does, it can get a bit overwhelming. Talking about mental health might not be easy for everyone, especially when they are opening up about their feelings in a workplace setting. Research shows that there is not a small number of employees who choose to suppress their

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