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2022 Sep 28th

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Resign from a Job

Tips on how to quit a job you just started Do not be afraid to admit it. Most of us have been in a position where we struggle to decide if staying at a job is the best option. Resigning from a job is never easy. Let us venture together on this journey on how to properly resign from a job. There are several reasons for resignation. Maybe you want to leave a company to accept a better opportunity, move
Career Development
2022 Aug 24th

Want to Know How To Become a Graphic Designer? Read This!

design training to be a freelancer. If you are looking to build a portfolio, small freelancing jobs would be a great way to show off your skills. Likewise, freelancing can be used as side work to bring in extra income. How to Become a Graphic Designer Becoming a graphic designer involves a bit of training, skill building and practice. Here are the steps to get you started in your graphic design career: 🧑🏻‍🎨 Learn Graphic Design Principles There

How to List Microsoft Office Skills on a Resume [+50 Examples]

Microsoft Office allows you to perform all these responsibilities with accuracy and confidence. Having Microsoft Office skills is a requirement for any kind of profession, hence make sure to list them properly to make your resume stand out. Read on to learn the most important Microsoft Office skills for a resume and how to describe your proficiency in Microsoft Office. What Are Microsoft Office Skills? Microsoft Office Skills Meaning You may see “Microsoft Office Skills" very often in a job

How to Write a Game Designer Resume (& Example)

positive impact on the gaming industry. Video game designer passionate about game platforms and level-building. Seeking to join Upgrade’s game designer position to design more advanced levels for popular games. Passionate game designer experienced in scriptwriting and character design. Looking to join DesignX as a game designer to produce entertaining games for gamers around the world. How to write a game designer resume summary? For a higher-level game designer job, you will want to design a short

Make a Perfect CV: A Step-By-Step CV Guide

important? 💡 A CV layout is basically how your entire CV looks, from font type/size, line spacing, to the colors that you choose. After putting down all of the necessary information on your CV , the next critical step is to organize and format it properly to leave a lasting impression on your potential employer. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding how to create a professional CV layout. 🔍 How long should a CV be? How

100+ Must-Have IT Skills on Your Resume (with Examples)

asset to the business. In this article, you’ll learn: What Are IT Skills? 100+ In-Demand IT Skills Examples for Resume How to Highlight Your IT Skills on Your Resume (+ Examples) Tips on Showcasing Your IT Skills during a Job Hunt How to Improve Your IT Skills What Are IT Skills? Information Technology, or simply IT skills, refer to a wide variety of skills that you need when working with computers and/or telecommunications from coding, cybersecurity skills to

Front Desk Resume (Resume Examples)

Always keep the front desk resume format in a simple and text-based design. It would have a higher chance to pass the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) test. # Tip 2: Refer to Online Resume Templates and Examples Look up for a front desk resume template, or a front desk resume example. Learn from the writing and use the free resume templates on CakeResume to build your front desk resume! #Tip 3: Tailor Your Resume for the Job Position and Use

College Freshman Resume Examples [Writing Steps & Tips]

Keep in mind that conciseness and readability are the best. However, there are 5 standards you should stick by to secure a great layout for your college sophomore resume: 1. Resume Length Since you don’t have much work history to present, one page is the ideal length for your resume. Note that sometimes you will be required to submit a CV, which is different from a resume. Learn how to distinguish these two application documents from The Key Differences

Material Handler Resume: Sample and Tips

a material handler resume? How to write a good material handler resume summary? What are some great material handler resume skills? How to write a material handler resume with no experience? Material handler resume sample Material handlers are crucial in a company or business because they ensure the goods are arranged properly and stored in the right place. As a material handler, you will help organize materials, load and unload goods from various places, operate heavy equipment for delivery, check
Career Development
2022 Nov 10th

Kickstart Your Freelancing Career: Top 20 Freelance Websites

jobs like graphic design, copywriting, and video editing can give the platform a try. However, people also use the platform to offer less conventional or serious services like custom fun art and prank calls, so you should use the filters properly and professionally set your profile. Pros: The UI is very user-friendly. You do not need to pay to bid for a job. Cons: It can be very competitive. The payment process can be a bit slow. It has

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