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Interview Skills
2022 May 26th

Informal Interviews: Questions & How to ace them

more relaxing. What Is an Informal Interview? Informal interviews are often conducted in a casual context, such as over lunch, at a coffee place, or an online chat. It also allows, if not encourages, open discussions. Still, formal and informal interviews share the same goal: to assess whether you are suitable for a company. Benefits of accepting an informal interview invitation: ✨ A chance to practice your interviewing skills Perhaps you have several more interviews coming up. An informal interview
Interview Skills
2022 Apr 8th

Informational Interview: What It Is and How It Can Help You

interview is a means for you to collect more in-depth and authentic information, allowing you to make more well-informed career decisions. It can also boost your confidence with the job search, uncover a new career path, help your interview preparation, and might even let you gain a little access to the hidden job market. How to Hold an Informational Interview ✅ Step 1. Finding the Person to Interview If you already have friends in the position, company, or

How to Write an Interview Acceptance Email [+Samples, Template, Tips]

Accepting Interview Invitation - [Your Name] Request to Reschedule The Interview - [Your Name] In any case, avoid leaving the subject line blank or using informal words or sayings, for example: Hi/Hello…. FYI 💡 Be timely with your response . Think about interview slots as “first come, first serve”, meaning that the sooner you send an email to accept the interview invitation, the better. From the perspective of employers, it’s important for you to reply and accept the interview invitation without
Career Development
2022 Mar 14th

5 Contoh Kata Kata Resign Lewat Whatsapp yang Baik dan Benar

memilih alternatif lain dengan cara menggunakan aplikasi WA yang di gawai kamu. Tapi, sebelum kamu memulai mengetik kata kata resign lewat WA, ada baiknya kamu melihat ulasan berikut ini yang membahas tentang bagaimana cara resign yang baik dan benar lewat chat WA. 📚 Baca juga: 20+ Pertanyaan Interview Kerja Paling Sering Muncul [+Jawaban] Cara Mengundurkan Diri dari Pekerjaan Lewat WA Bagi kamu yang sedang memikirkan bagaimana cara menyusun kata kata mengundurkan diri dari pekerjaan lewat WA, tips dan trik dibawah

30+ CV Tips to Get You to The Next Round

your CV. It is an effective way not only to present your achievements but also to demonstrate your ability to take over the vacancy. 5. Use an active voice. Though the use of the passive voice is more commonly used in formal writings such as essays and academic papers, it puts less emphasis on the actions and more on the subjects instead. However, employers are more interested in what you can do for the job responsibilities and to accomplish goals
Hiring Tips
2022 Jul 6th

Wrap Up the Hiring Process with the Ideal Job Offer Email

decide between employment offers, so having clear and up-front information will avoid delay. This will make sure that you offer employment on the correct terms, and will prevent any hassle later if information is incorrect. 💡 Write an email that matches the candidates’ personality. Being personable is a big part of the hiring process, and connecting with the candidate can help you extend a job offer smoothly. Without being too informal, match your candidate's personality in the job

Macam-macam Hobi untuk Melamar Kerja dalam CV

pekerjaan. Tunjukan skill dan kualifikasi yang dimiliki dalam hal tersebut. Jelaskan bagaimana hobi dan interest menjadikan kamu kandidat yang tepat untuk lowongan pekerjaan tersebut. Tuliskan secara jujur dan tidak mengada-ngada. Semua yang dituliskan pada curriculum vitae akan dipertanyakan saat interview, jadi jangan bohong ya! Fokus menuliskan s oft skills. Jangan menuliskan hobi bermain basket tanpa menjelaskan bahwa kamu adalah seorang team player. Jangan menuliskan hobi membalas chat orang, tuliskan bahwa kamu adalah pendengar yang baik dan mampu menangani masalah
Interview Skills
2022 Jun 10th

How to Answer "Why Are You A Great Match for This Role?" Question And Hit All The Marks

good fit for this job?" is one of the most commonly asked questions in a job interview. What exactly are the hiring managers looking for by asking you "Why are you a great match for this role?" During a job interview, the interviewer would like to: 👀 Assess your understanding of responsibilities at work. Your answer to the "What makes you a good fit for this job?" question will explicitly display how well you understand what is expected of you
Interview Skills
2022 Apr 19th

What to Wear to Job Interviews - Full Guide [+ examples]

that dream position might get slimmer. 🎯 Reread the interview invitation and see if it’s specified. Always double-check the interview invitation to be sure that you are not missing anything important. Look out for anything regarding the required interview attire. Some companies let job seekers know what their interview dress code is. For example, many start-ups and tech companies inform applicants that business casual outfits are acceptable in the interview. Re-reading the invitation can help you
Hiring Tips
2022 Jul 12th

Write a Professional Candidate Rejection Email [+Samples & Template]

you have respect for their time, and can provide closure for the applicant who can now move on to other applications quicker, instead of agonising over waiting for a response. ✅ Create a positive company image Sending rejection emails after interviews shows applicants that you are prompt, respectful and transparent throughout the hiring process. Informing unsuccessful candidates after interviews portrays the company as one that can make decisions and is mature about the consequences for the unsuccessful candidates. Many companies

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