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Oct 26th 2022

Your Guide to Internal Recruitment: Why, How, When + Tips

other methods require. What is internal recruitment Let us start by learning the definition of internal recruitment. By saying internal recruitment, we mean filling job vacancies from the existing talent pool within a company. One of the benefits of internal recruitment is that it is usually a fast and convenient way to fill a position. However, internal and external recruitment are more similar than they are different. The processes and methods involved are very much the same, except that external
Hiring Tips
May 28th 2023

14 Important Human Resource Metrics You Need to Track in 2023-2024

Cost per hire Similarly to time to hire, this measurement helps HR departments determine how much it costs the company to hire a new employee. While this HR metric can be tedious to work out, the standard formula considers both internal and external costs incurred during the hiring process, as shown below. This is generally selected for the desired period to be measured, such as a particular month and year. Having this HR metric also indicates the efficiency of the
Hiring Tips
Apr 24th 2023

How to Create an Employee Referral Program [With Examples]

employee referral program? Simply put, this is an internal recruiting method in which employers encourage current employees, through referral incentives, to refer suitable candidates for job openings in their companies. 5 benefits of employee referral programs : Time-saving On average, external recruitment methods can take 55 days to successfully hire a candidate, whereas it takes only 22 days for the entire employee referral scheme. (source: LinkedIn Business ) Better candidate quality Since your current employees know your company culture and work

How to Write Organizational Skills on Your Resume (Samples, Tips, Templates)

are different types of organizational skills to put on resumes or CVs, these organizational skills types are internal organizational skills and external organizational skills. Internal Organizational Skills Internal organizational skills are mental organizational skills that enable individuals to think analytically and methodically to solve complex problems. Here's a list of internal organizational skills to put on resumes and CVs: Detail-orientation Analytical thinking Creative thinking Conceptual thinking Strategic thinking Documenting Administration Research Review Forecasting External Organizational Skills External organizational
Hiring Tips
Nov 17th 2023

Forming An Employer Branding Strategy: A Guide

in the recruitment process, such as: Increasing the number of applicants: by presenting the company holistically, including non-tangible aspects such as company culture and values, more applicants are likely to be enticed into applying for an open position. Reduce recruitment costs: a higher number of applicants would in turn reduce recruitment costs such as hiring external recruiters, or paying for recruitment platforms, advertisements and promoted posts. Reduce turnover rates: by having an honest employer branding strategy, applicants already anticipate

IT Specialist Resume Examples [Tips on Writing Skills, Objective, Summary]

degree in computer science or IT. Moreover, IT specialists commonly perform more advanced repairs, installations, or updates to IT software/hardware compared to IT technicians. IT specialists are also different from IT support specialists, who oversee computer systems for businesses and offer support to the system’s users. That can be internal assistance or external customers who access the systems via the Internet. To be considered for top IT specialist jobs, make sure you fully convey your skills, abilities, and
Hiring Tips
Nov 17th 2023

Apa itu Rekrutmen? Ini Proses Lengkap Beserta Tips Ampuh dalam Merekrut!

sama dengan kampus-kampus untuk mengadakan job fair sebagai strategi rekrutmen terbuka untuk mencari kandidat fresh graduate . Jadi tidak hanya menyelenggarakan career expo di hotel, kegiatan ini juga umum diselenggarakan di lembaga pendidikan. ➡️ Perusahaan Penyedia Jasa Rekrutmen Karyawan (Employment and Recruitment agencies) Menggunakan agen penyedia jasa rekrutmen karyawan bisa menjadi opsi jika perusahaan perlu mencari tenaga kerja dengan skill khusus atau dengan level executive. Oleh karena itu, agen rekrutmen ini juga sering dikenal sebagai headhunter . Tetapi, banyak agen rekrutmen
Hiring Tips
May 31st 2023

A Complete Guide to the Recruitment Process in 2023-2024

Set up a recruiting team For small and mid-size businesses, the founder or CEO is usually the person handling the recruitment and selection process. However, if you're working in a large corporation, there is a need for an internal recruiting team. As a key functional area of HRM, employee recruitment requires a solid knowledge of talent acquisition and the latest hiring trends, as well as strong interpersonal skills. These can only be found in your own internal recruitment

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