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2022 May 26th

Informal Interviews: Questions & How to ace them

background but currently do not have a perfect role for you. In this case, an informal interview might lead to unexpected career opportunities in the future, such as taking on entirely new roles or switching to an unfamiliar industry. ✨ Networking possibilities Even if you’re not ready to switch roles, you are still meeting with a recruiter in the informal job interview. You can even ask for a connection on LinkedIn or stay in touch to let them know

Real Estate Agent Resume: Templates, Example, Writing Tips

of being a real estate agent, then go with the real estate agent resume summary. In a real estate agent summary, you summarize those impressive accomplishments in your career into 2-3 sentences. Remember to link your experience with the job you are applying for. Real estate agent resume summary example: Dedicated real estate agent with 8+ years of expertise in the industrial estate. Successful in generating business through networking. Increased sales revenue to 150% in 2 years. 4. Real

The Ultimate Social Media Resume Guide (with Examples)

career objective is a brief overview of what you are capable of and what your vision is throughout your career path. Using these three quick tips can help strengthen your social media resume objective statement: 1. Refer back to the job requirements. Before you dive into creating an objective statement for your social media specialist resume, take another look at the job description to see if there are any skills or features you can add to match the description. 2

Best IT Support Resume Examples (& Pro Resume Tips)

support CV and an IT support resume differ in the length and purpose. An IT support CV can be made of multiple pages describing your whole professional life, whereas an IT support resume just highlights your skills related to the job role in 1-2 pages. An IT support CV is ideal for academia, while an IT support resume is for general job application. Step 2: Choose the right IT support resume format. There are 3 types of professional resume
Interview Skills
2022 Apr 8th

Informational Interview: What It Is and How It Can Help You

re interested in. Informational interview—its definition easy to understand—is a conversation with someone about their experiences in the company or field that interests you. Some like to call it coffee chat, informational meeting, or in a broader term, networking (it’s a great way to establish connections in a field). An informational interview is not a job interview. Although it might bring on opportunities for you, it is not why you do it. In essence, an informational interview

Entry-Level IT Resume Examples: Complete Writing Guide

data management. An entry-level IT job is not a specific position but a category of IT jobs. For instance, entry-level IT jobs include web developer, help desk technician, computer system administrator, and database administrator (DBA). The often mentioned job duties and responsibilities on an entry-level IT resume includes: Ability to troubleshoot HTML/CSS/Javascript programming abilities Soft skills, such as strong communication and collaboration skills Analytical problem-solving skills Familiar with networking and hardware functions to coordinate

Sales Representative Resume: Templates & Examples

bound and out-bound) deal with customer account management: selling products and services and maintaining a good relationship with potential customers. 🔎 Fact: Making a strong impression for a sales representative is crucial; so does applying for a sales representative job. The resume represents the cognitive and personal-profile challenges that candidates need to achieve in the job application battle: for everything from skills to put on a resume for sales representative to professional summary for sales representative. What one

Professional Network Engineer Resume: Examples

a network administrator picks up the end of the network engineer’s work and manages networks already in place. The difference between a network engineer and a network administrator can be easily distinguished via a good network engineer resume . As job recruiters only have 4 to 6 seconds on average to view an application, it is important to have a well established and structured resume to land the job. In this article, we will discuss details of writing a professional
Interview Skills
2022 May 27th

The Best Elevator Pitch: Samples and Template

you have a brand, product, or service to offer. When you are looking for a job : An elevator pitch for an interview can answer the common question “Tell me about yourself.” You could also use an elevator pitch for a job application when you meet people who are professional contacts. When you are at a networking event: it’s good practice to have an elevator pitch about yourself ready for a networking event. An event could generate future jobs or

Insurance Agent Resume Guide with Examples

As an insurance agent, your role is to represent one insurance company and sell the company’s insurance packages. On the other hand, an insurance broker helps customers find suitable insurance offers from various insurance companies. While an insurance agent job and an insurance broker job require many similar skills, they are two completely different professions. The key difference being an insurance agent represents one insurance company while an insurance broker represents the individual customer. The first thing you want

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