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Aug 22nd 2022

Get Hired: The Ultimate Guide to Tackling Job Search Obstacles

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Interviews Reasons Why You’re Getting Rejected After Interviews Job Search Tips What Else to Do When You Can’t Find a Job Have you ever found yourself asking, "Why can't I find a job?" It's so frustrating. You're qualified, you have experience, and you're a hard worker, and yet you struggle to find a job. If so, you're not
Hiring Tips
Jul 7th 2023

How to Give Effective Interview Feedback [+Tips and Templates]

part of your interview feedback should be to wish them well in their ongoing job search. Tips for Giving Interview Feedback Giving interview feedback can be challenging! If you’re daunted by the thought of giving interview feedback, follow these tips to give effective, constructive interview feedback that helps your candidate and your company. Get the timing right. Job interview feedback is best given promptly. A good time to give interview feedback will be shortly after the interview, when it
Job Search Channels
Aug 26th 2022

How To Get Maximum Use From Job Search Sites

ll cover: Top 10 Job Search Sites Engineering Job Search Websites Tips for Using Job Search Sites Whether you’re using a job site, networking with others, handing in applications in person or are advertising your freelance services, finding a job is a mixture of effort, luck and timing. The most popular method for finding work is using job sites - with job seekers using an average of 7.6 job hunting sites during their job search. Online job sites allow
Job Search Channels
Jan 28th 2024

9 Best Job Searching Websites for Finding Jobs in Malaysia | 2024

gearing up for a move to Malaysia, we’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll share with you the top 9 job search sites that make your job hunt a breeze. Table of Contents: The Top 9 Best Job Search 10 Tips for Successful Job Search Online The Top 9 Best Job Search CakeResume CakeResume emerges as an online resume builder and job search platform designed to facilitate job seekers on their job search journey in the most
Hiring Tips
May 31st 2023

A Complete Guide to the Recruitment Process in 2023-2024

that allow you to do this for free, however, they all vary slightly. Make sure you choose the right one so you can reach a large audience effectively and stick to the recruitment timeline. Below are the top 10 best job search sites trusted by both employers and job seekers: CakeResume LinkedIn Indeed Glassdoor Google Jobs Monster ZipRecruiter Freshersworld CareerBuilder GetWork 📚 Further reading: Tips for Using Job Search Sites 6. Search for talents. There are 2 key types o...
Career Development
Sep 28th 2023

Tips Vina Muliana dalam Menavigasi Kesuksesan Usia 20an di Era Digital

Muliana, BUMN Career Professional, HR Practitioner & Content Creator, di acara Virtual Career Fair CakeResume. Webinar ini bertemakan “ Navigating Your 20s and Finding Your Path to Success ” dan diselenggarakan pada Minggu, 30 Juli 2023. Yuk, mari kita simak! Daftar isi: Tantangan Job Search di Era ini Kunci untuk Persiapan Karir Dari Vina Muliana Tips dan Trik Vina Muliana Dalam Proses Rekrutmen Permudah dan Percepat Proses Kamu Cari Kerja Apa Saja Tantangan yang Ada di Dunia Job Search Saat ini? Aktif di

3 Tips to Write a Professional Resume for Freshers Just Out of College

So you have just graduated from college and are prepared to join the workforce to prove yourself as a productive member of society. Congratulations! You may be excited or even nervous as you get ready to start the job search, hoping that those four long years in school will finally pay off. Just one little problem - you have no work experience. Here’s the challenge – how do you write an professional resume with absolutely no work experience? If you have
Job Search Channels
Oct 23rd 2023

CakeResume Job Search App: Lamar Kerja Hanya dengan Satu Klik

sekarang CakeResume hadir dalam bentuk aplikasi buat career professionals semua! Penasaran sama aplikasi mobile CakeResume? Ayo simak lebih lanjut supaya kamu bisa memaksimalkan penggunaan aplikasi CakeResume untuk segala keperluan karirmu. Dapatkan informasi lowongan kerja terbaru setiap saat, download aplikasi CakeResume Job Search sekarang juga 🎉 Download CakeResume Job Search Bantu Kamu Dapet Kerja dengan Cepat Cari Lowongan Kerja Berkualitas dari Perusahaan Ternama Siapa sih , yang tidak mau bekerja di perusahaan ternama? Di aplikasi CakeResume Job Search, kamu bisa menemukan banyak

Janitor Resume (Tips & Examples)

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a great janitor resume? What is a good objective for a janitor resume? How to write a resume summary for a janitorial job? What are some great skills to put on a resume for a janitorial job? How to write a janitor resume with no experience? Janitor resume sample Janitors are responsible to ensure all the corners in the buildings are kept clean. They work as a team to make sure

Solution Architect Resume (with Tips & Examples)

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a powerful solution architect resume? How to write a powerful summary for a solution architect resume? What is a good objective for a solution architect resume? What are good skills to put on a resume for a solution architect? How to write a solution architect resume with no experience? Solution architect resume sample Solution architects develop and design applications based on specific problems and needs within an organization. Some other roles

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