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Mar 6th 2024

How to Ace Your Technical Interview (For Job Seekers & Employers)

code? Sounds challenging? Want to find out what happens in a technical interview and how to prepare for one? Let’s get started! Table of Contents What Is a Technical Interview? How to Prepare for a Technical Interview As a Job Seeker How to Prepare for a Technical Interview As an Employer Common Types of Technical Interview Questions Conclusion Preparation Steps for Jobseekers Facing a Technical Interview What Is a Technical Interview? Technical interviews are usually a part of the
Career Development
Apr 26th 2024

Key Marketing Skills Every Marketer Must Have [+ Tips for Job Seekers]

Key Marketing Skills Every Marketer Should Have In the marketing world, marketing professionals organize and execute plans to sell products or services, a complex job that requires a certain skill set such as creative thinking , innovation, problem-solving , technical know-how, and consumer knowledge. In today's fast-paced professional world, successful marketers must constantly adapt and strive for improvement. Beyond the important skills already mentioned, what additional abilities are essential for success in marketing? Let's delve into a
Career Planning
Apr 4th 2024

How to Work Abroad Tips for 2024: A Practical Guide for Global Job Seekers

A Practical Guide for Global Job Seekers Working abroad can be an exciting and rewarding experience for anyone who wants to broaden their horizons, learn new skills, and explore different cultures. However, working in a foreign country also comes with its own set of challenges, such as visa and legal issues, language barriers, cultural differences, and homesickness. In this article, we will share some tips on how to work abroad, tips that will help you prepare and plan for your
Career Tools
May 17th 2024

10 Best Professional Networking Sites To Expand Your Professional Network

Taiwan here . Jobcase Jobcase is a job hunting site with a special Q&A feature, where job seekers can ask a career-related question to the community and receive answers. It is suitable for all careers and industries. Jobcase collects job postings from a range of job boards and presents them all on their site, streamlining your job search. You can apply to jobs using your Jobcase profile, and learn ways to advance in your career with their online resources
Career Tools
May 18th 2024

15 Best Remote Work Tools & Software for Maximum Productivity 2024

In the wake of the pandemic, our work lives have undergone a cosmic shift. The once-familiar office cubicles have transformed into virtual spaces, where coffee breaks are now Zoom chats and water cooler gossip echoes through Slack channels. In the era of remote work, instead of having to dress neatly and prepare for work, remote employees can now just turn on their computers and work from anywhere. But here is the biggest change: remote work tools. They’re the
Resume & CV
May 20th 2024

Actuary Resume: Resume Formats, Examples, Templates & Writing Tips

Actuaries must apply basic mathematical theory, probability, statistics, economics, and finance to solve real-world business problems, particularly those related to risk. CakeResume offers valuable resources for actuarial positions, including actuary resume examples and templates , a good help for actuary job seekers like yourself. Additionally, you can explore the estimated salary range for this position. Table of Contents Who Are These Actuaries and What Do They Do? How to Write an Impressive Actuary Resume Tips for Writing a Good Actuary
Resume & CV
May 9th 2024

How to Write a Financial Advisor Resume: Latest Examples, Templates and Formats

The financial industry holds great promise for job seekers, offering high salaries and challenging work. Among the various career paths available, one particularly enticing option is that of a financial advisor. A financial advisor plays a crucial role in assisting clients with their financial matters. This may include helping them plan their household finances, retirement plans, or even strategies for purchasing luxury goods. Before creating a financial advisor resume, it’s useful to consider data from the United States Bureau
Resume & CV
May 21st 2024

(2024) What Is a Resume? Explore the Latest Resume Examples & Templates, Standard Formats & Writing Tips

The term resume (or résumé) is a French-derive word that means a summary, and that's essentially what a resume is: a one-page document summarizing applicants' skills, work experience, educational background, and information that are relevant to the job you're applying for. With that being said, “what is the primary purpose of a resume,” then, you might ask? Straightforwardly, a resume is often used to help you get a job, isn't it? True, but not really
Career Development
May 15th 2024

How to Network Like a Pro: 15 Never-Outdated Tips to Get You Started

Shortly after college, many adults experience stagnation in their lives. They often find themselves stuck in a routine, wondering why new opportunities aren't emerging. This is why networking is important. The easiest way to make your life dynamic is to meet new people. Applying this fundamental philosophy to your career will introduce you to a higher-paying job and a more prestigious title. In this article, we'll go over the many different ways that networking will develop your
Job Search Tips
Dec 9th 2022

5 Contoh Amplop Lamaran Kerja dan Penulisan Amplop yang Benar

Buat para job-seekers yang sedang mencari pekerjaan pasti kamu akan mengirim dokumen lamaran seperti CV dan surat lamaran ke perusahaan. Nah, buat kamu yang mengirim dokumen lamaran pekerjaan secara fisik, pernah bingung gak sih bagaimana mengirim surat lamaran pekerjaan? Apakah harus dimasukkan ke dalam amplop? Jenis amplop seperti apa yang paling cocok? Bagaimana cara menulis alamat di amplop lamaran kerja? Contoh Map Lamaran Kerja Karena kesan pertama itu penting, pastikan kamu tidak salah menulis menulis nama dan alamat di

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