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Jul 29th 2022

How to Write a Job Description that Attracts Perfect Candidates

Created by CakeResume In this article, we’ll cover: What is a Job Description? How to Write a Job Description How to Write a Job Description: Example How to Write a Job Description: Template Tips for Writing a Good Job Description Attracting the ideal candidates to your job opening comes down to writing a strong job description. Having an honest and upfront job description which highlights the responsibilities and perks of the role will help candidates make informed decisions on
Interview Skills
Apr 21st 2022

Requesting Feedback After a Job Interview for Career Growth

of employment, but it may also not lead to any opportunities. This is why most people are pretty anxious after a job interview. It's natural to want to know how you did and whether or not you got the job. If you're lucky, your interviewer will give you some feedback. But what if they don't? When it comes to job interviews, the importance of feedback cannot be overstated. After all, how can you improve if you don
Interview Skills
Apr 7th 2022

How to Decline a Job Interview: Tips and Email Samples

this article, we will cover: Things to consider before you reject a job interview Five tips on how to politely decline a job interview How to turn down an interview by email with samples Interview rejection email template During your job search, you might apply for a variety of job opportunities to maximize your chances of being seen and hired. Sometimes, by the time some employers contact you for the next step, you’ve decided to reject the job interview
Job Search Tips
Mar 8th 2022

How to Accept a Job Offer [with 5+ Email Examples]

this article, you will learn about: What to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer How to Accept a Job Offer via Email How to Accept a Job Offer on the Phone Job Offer Acceptance Email Samples Tips for Writing a Job Acceptance Letter Job Offer Acceptance Letter Template Congratulations! You’ve got the job! After a brief moment of excitement, you might start wondering if you want to accept the offer and how to accept a job offer? These are
Job Search Tips
Mar 22nd 2022

How to Decline a Job Offer: Tips, Email Samples & Phone Scripts

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn: What to Consider Before Turning Down a Job Offer How to Reject a Job Offer How to Decline a Job Offer over the Phone: Sample Script How to Politely Decline a Job Offer: Email Samples Tips for Turning Down a Job Offer Without Burning Bridges There will come a time in your job search when you receive a job offer that you have to reject. Some common reasons to decline job

CNC Machinist Resume Samples [ +Job Description & Skills ]

examples of skills you can use in your machinist resume: Hard Skills: Simulation CNC Programming Additive Manufacturing CAM/CAD Technology Milling Machines Soft Skills: Leadership Analytical Skills Teamwork Problem-Solving Attention to Detail Step 4: Modify the resume to the job description. Your CNC machinist resume shall adopt keywords and display your understanding regarding the job description and its requirements to show you are aware of what it takes to fulfill the job role. Make sure to read the job

Production Engineer Resume Samples (+ Job Description & Tips)

position. Tailor your production engineer resumes (yes, plural) for the specific position. Having only one production engineer resume PDF saved on your desktop is not enough during your job search as you are likely to apply for more than one jobs. Each of them is likely to ask for slightly different qualifications. Make sure your production engineer resume shows the qualities and skills a specific company is looking for. For instance, if you apply for a job that requires you
Career Development
May 25th 2022

Pengertian Social Media Specialist, Job Desk & Skillnya! [+Contoh CV]

Berapa gaji Social Media Specialist di Indonesia? Sosial Media Specialist ( Officer ) : 4.4 juta - 10 juta* Sosial Media Manager : 6 juta - >20 juta* 💡 Catatan: Gaji social media specialist dan manager bisa bervariasi, tergantung pada pengalaman yang dimiliki, ukuran perusahaan, job desk, kemampuan bernegosiasi seseorang dan lokasi tempat bekerja.. Job Desk Social Media Specialist Tertarik dan ingin mencoba karir menjadi social media specialist ? Pahami terlebih dahulu apa itu tugas dan tanggung jawab dari seorang social media specialist . ❓ Social media

Should I Quit My Job? Here's All You Need for Doing it Right

good reasons for resignation and giving them proper notice in advance. In this article, you will learn about: 7 Signs You Should Quit Your Job Immediately 6 Good Reasons to Leave a Job Reasons Why You Should Not Leave Your Job How to Quit Your Job and Leave On Good Terms 7 Signs You Should Quit Your Job Immediately If you’ve noticed the following signs, it's time to quit your job. Note that in this part, we will

Best HVAC Resume Examples | Job Description, Resume Summary, Key Skills

jobs: 📘 Hard skills 📙 Soft skills HVAC controls & air distribution Electrical control circuits Safety compliance Blueprint interpretation Preventive maintenance Detail-oriented Organizational skills Good work ethic Problem-solving Critical thinking Step 4: Tailor the HVAC resume to the specific job. The HVAC industry consists of various occupations, hence, it's important to tailor your HVAC resume to the specific job you are targeting. This way you can better feature yourself as an ideal candidate for the job opening. In

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