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Aug 22nd 2022

A Guide to Jobs in Taiwan for Foreigners

In this article, we’ll cover: Types of Jobs in Taiwan for Foreigners Where to Look for Work in Taiwan Tips for Finding a Job in Taiwan Taiwan is a popular destination for expats for many reasons. Nearly a million foreigners work in Taiwan, and the country is rated high in expat satisfaction across different polls. Taiwan is a beautiful island known for its stunning scenery and friendly locals. The country also has some assets that appeal specifically to foreigners
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Jun 23rd 2022

How to Work in Taiwan: A Comprehensive Guide

work in Taiwan. There are many jobs in Taiwan for foreigners and an expat seeking an opportunity to work abroad shouldn’t overlook this beautiful, prosperous island. 5 Reasons to Work in Taiwan Four out of five foreigners who work in Taiwan report that they are happy with their life on the island. Taiwan is consistently ranked high in expat satisfaction levels, and in 2021 was the number one best country for foreigners . There is plenty of opportunity for foreigners
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Sep 10th 2023

Becoming an English Teacher in Taiwan [+ Requirements]

find jobs in Taiwan for English speakers . Especially as an English teacher in Taiwan. Teaching is one the most highly regarded professions in Taiwan, right up there with doctors. However, it’s relatively easy for foreigners to find English teaching jobs in Taiwan, with or without native fluency. Pay is also much higher for foreigners as an English teacher in Taiwan than you might think. Table of Contents: Why Teaching in Taiwan Types of Teaching Jobs in Taiwan How Much
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Sep 25th 2023

How to Find Part-time Jobs As an International Student in Taiwan

experience) How to Find Jobs in Taiwan for International Students? In order to look for ​part time job in Taiwan for foreigners that really suits you, you should do your job-hunt well! There are several ways you can look for an internship or part-time job in Taiwan: 1. Online job search portal — CakeResume CakeResume is a job search platform with thousands of postings for work in Taiwan, including internship and part-time opportunities for students. Many of Cakeresume
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Sep 10th 2023

Mastering Chinese: A Guide to Learning Mandarin in Taiwan

Jobs in Taiwan While Studying Mandarin Chinese Conclusion What are the Most Popular Chinese Language Learning Destinations? The best way to learn Chinese is through immersion. Although it’s possible to learn Chinese online, nothing compares to in-person practice in one of the most common countries for Chinese language learning. Taiwan A popular destination to study is in Taiwan. Learning Mandarin in Taiwan is common for many reasons. Taiwan is one of the safest countries in the world, in
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Sep 21st 2023

Choosing the Right Job Search Site in Taiwan

leading job search portal in Taiwan. Developed with international talent in mind, CakeResume uses AI technology to find the jobs that are the best match for your skill set. What’s more, CakeResume is the only job search site in Taiwan that offers optimized language support for 7 languages! Other Taiwan Job Search Websites Frankly speaking, they are less foreigner-friendly, so brush up on your Chinese before use! These job search sites are primarily used by Taiwanese companies in
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Sep 20th 2023

A Complete Guide to Taiwan Work Permits for Foreigners

Taiwan Working Visa Requirements Taiwan, officially named the Republic of China, is a small East Asian island nation. With a population exceeding 24 million, Taiwan’s vibrant economy is well-known for its high technology sector, manufacturing industries, and robust job market. Foreigners wishing to take part in Taiwan’s rich and growing economy must first obtain a Taiwan working visa and other relevant documentation prior to their first day of work in Taiwan . Are you thinking of taking the
Career Development
Sep 12th 2023

Southeast Asia Meets Taiwan: A Recap of CakeResume’s Event for Career Advancement

students coming to Taiwan in 2018. Yet, Daniel's own tale of connection to Taiwan began unexpectedly. Daniel's first arrival in Taiwan was to visit family and friends. Little did he know that Taiwan would script a different story for him. Within a few weeks of arrival, he was offered a position he had previously interviewed for before returning to Taiwan. He then started his new job at one of the best co-working spaces in Taipei. "I wouldn

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