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Nov 23rd 2022

Seeking Jobs You Can Do from Home? Here’s All You Need to Know!

Created by CakeResume In this article, we’ll cover: Tips for Getting a Work-From-Home Job 15 Work-From-Home Jobs Companies Hiring for Remote Jobs Part-Time Work-From-Home Jobs When COVID-19 first disrupted the office working culture around the world, the entire society was forced to do their jobs online from home. Now that two and a half years have passed by, companies and businesses worldwide have acknowledged that working from home and flexible working
Job Search Tips
May 6th 2021

How to Work Remotely? 13 Efficient Ways to Find Remote Jobs Online

in applying. There are more than 20,000 job openings to choose from. Skip The Drive. With a name that summarizes why it’s great to work remotely, Skip The Drive provides a good listing of remote jobs to choose from. Elance. One of the most popular sites for finding freelance and remote work continues to chart new territories for companies and service providers. Elance merged with O-Desk in 2013 creating one of the largest communities for online work
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Mar 22nd 2024

10 Best Work from Home Jobs in Singapore [+ Where to Find Them]

From Home jobs), and the Lion City was no exception. While the number of work from home jobs in Singapore has actually dropped almost 6% over the past two years, there are still employers in many fields giving preference to online jobs and providing remote working environments. In this article, we’ll explore the trends in Singapore remote jobs, share insights on what the most popular work from home Singapore jobs are and where to find them, plus offer a
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Jul 1st 2021

How to Become a Software Engineer from Scratch: Ultimate Career Change Guide

for software engineer jobs. Unfilled vacancies call for software development talent with high adaptability and attracted job seekers who aspire to higher salaries. According to U.S. News , the median software engineer salary lies around $107,510. Remote software engineer jobs also increased, bringing flexible working modes that allow software engineers to work from home or freelance. More consider a career change as a response to this new era, or find online software development jobs to live more freely. However
Career Planning
Mar 6th 2024

Part-Time Jobs in Malaysia: Get Paid to Do What You Love

3. Internships Many companies offer part-time jobs that align with students' fields of study which allow application of classroom knowledge in a real-world setting. 📚Further reading: Perfect Internship Cover Letter to Start Your Career [+ Examples & Tips] 4. Online and Remote Part-Time Work With the rise of remote work, students can find online part-time jobs that they can do from the comfort of their own homes. Examples include online tutoring, content writing, and data entry . Navigating
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Mar 6th 2024

Make Money With These 10 Side Hustle Ideas

can also learn and apply brand new skills to your side hustle. Flexibility and freedom Unlike a full-time job, a side hustle gives you more control over when and how much you work. Whether you do your side hustle from home or outside, for a few hours or a full day, it’s up to you. Turn hobbies into money Another benefit of having a side hustle is the fact that you can make extra money from your hobbies
Career Planning
Mar 6th 2024

How to Find Your Dream Job in Taiwan for Malaysian Citizens

plus where to actually find a decent Taiwan job for Malaysian nationals. Let’s get into it. Table of Contents: Why Is Taiwan an Excellent Location Choice for Malaysians? Jobs Opportunities in Taiwan for Malaysian Job Sites for Malaysian Finding Jobs in Taiwan Step-by-step Guide for Malaysians Looking to Land a Job in Taiwan Conclusion Why Is Taiwan an Excellent Location Choice for Malaysians? There are many reasons for why Taiwan should be your next home away from
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Jan 18th 2022

6 Best Freelance Sites to Land on a Job in 2022

to the Global Gig-Economy Index that was released last year, more than a third of all US workers – around 57 million people in total – are currently employed as independent workers and 63% of the companies surveyed hire remote workers online from freelance websites. In 2018 alone, the market share of the gig economy generated a whopping $1.28 trillion for the US economy. With all that said, how do you land on a freelance job in 2022? The Internet
Resume & CV
Jun 7th 2021

Top Resident Assistant Resume Examples | Complete Resume Guide with Tips

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a resident assistant resume? What to put on a resume for a resident assistant? 5 tips for writing the best RA resume How to write a resident assistant cover letter? College Resident Assistant Resume Sample Resident Assistants are commonly known as trained peer leaders who help facilitate activities of residence halls in colleges, universities, or medical institutions. The RA position is required to possess skills such as interpersonal, problem-solving along
Resume & CV
Jan 17th 2022

Caregiver Resume Examples | How to Write & What to Include

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a caregiver resume? What to put on a caregiver resume? Tips for writing the best caregiver resume How to write a successful caregiver cover letter? Caregiver resume example While the above caregiver resume sample is specifically a senior caregiver resume, a caregiver takes care of not only seniors but also people with disabilities or specific illnesses such as autism. 📝 Definition: Caregivers are professional care aids who normally serve at clients

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