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2021 Jan 5th

How to quit your job smoothly?|6 Tips for a Successful Resignation

a ten-day vacation and whisk away to a tranquilizing and secluded beach, but a few days off might be exactly what you need to reboot. It’s hard to think clearly when you’re engrossed in the same environment day after day. Tap on this small vacation and objectively analyze the root cause of your problem, perhaps some solutions might magically present themselves. What’s more, a long vacation can clear your mind. Ask yourself the following questions. Are

How to Write an Interview Acceptance Email [+Samples, Template, Tips]

to learn about useful tips for writing a proper interview acceptance letter. 💡 Write a clear, professional subject line. The subject line should reflect exactly what the body content is about. Hiring managers and employers receive hundreds of emails every day at work, therefore, you will need to write a clear, professional subject line as follows: Accepting Interview Invitation - [Your Name] Request to Reschedule The Interview - [Your Name] In any case, avoid leaving the subject line blank or using informal
Career Development
2022 Sep 2nd

Goodbye Emails to Coworkers: How to Write & Samples

Keep it positive. Show gratitude. Keep it brief. 📝 Pick the right time. You need to send your goodbye emails to coworkers at the right time. Avoid sending a goodbye email too far in advance of your departure. Your co-workers are bound to approach you with questions about your decision, which could end up distracting you from work in your final days. Sending an email to coworkers at the end of your last day is also not the best

Easiest Way to Write a Resignation Letter (+ Sample Emails)

letter in your resignation email – including the day of the week, date, month and year. Check your employment contract or company policy to see how much notice you need to give. For most companies, it’s two weeks – include your last day of employment in the letter. “ Please accept this l etter of resignation from the [Job Title] role at [Company Name] , effective [Date] , with my last day of employment being [Date] .” 📝 Provide the reason for your resignation (optional

Hobbies and Interests in Resume|Examples, Formats, Writing Guide

and people with minimal work experience, or job seekers who are struggling to stretch their resume to a full page. Where to write hobbies and interests in a resume? The “Hobbies and Interests” section in a resume should be located at the end of your resume. 💡 Note: If you’ve included the “References” or “Declaration” section in your resume, the “Hobbies and Interests” section should be put right before them. It is the last section because the recruiter will
Career Development
2021 Jan 13th

Resignation Letter Writing Guide [+Templates, Samples, Tips]

you’ll employer won’t postpone reading it. Paragraph 1: Date and Reason Your resignation statement should include the position you’re resigning from and the date on which your resignation will be effective. You should also write down the day you hand in your notice. There is no need to sugarcoat or get creative, make this paragraph crisp and clear. If you’re not sure about the notice period, you should take a look at the staff handbook or
Interview Skills
2022 Apr 6th

Writing the Ideal Interview Follow-up Email (& Samples)

Write a Follow-Up Email After an Interview Tips on Following Up with a Recruiter after Interview Follow Up Emails After an Interview – Examples Interview Follow-Up Email Template Job searching has never been an easy task, especially in this day and age where competition is high and candidates have to find ways to stand out among the pool to become more noticeable. With job application processes now becoming lengthier and recruiters having more tasks at hand, following up with

Bar Manager Resume Examples, Templates, Formats [+ Writing Tips]

apply for job openings, which are: Chronological resume format Functional resume format Combination resume format Targeted resume format A chronological resume lists your employment history in order of the time you held each position, with the most recent job listed at the top and the very first job listed last. It is ideal for bar managers because it fully and clearly presents your work track. It’s no doubt that both recruiters and job applicants prefer this format type and

10 Reasons Recruiters Do Not Want to Consider Your Resume

by double digits!’ 6. Too Long a Resume For those of us that happen to job-hop, we tend to have long resumes and this can be a big turn off for the recruiters as they don’t have all day to read a four-page resume. Most recruiters tend to be under a lot of pressure and are looking for specific things, thus, you’re just making their work harder by having an unnecessarily long resume. You need to

Engineering Cover Letter: The Complete Guide with Templates

Tech as one of the most prominent and impactful tech industries in America, I knew this wasn’t an opportunity to be wasted. With more than 7 years of experience in engineering, I am thrilled about joining as an engineer at Gamins Tech to achieve the company’s goals and contribute to future technology and sustainable growth. In the last 7 years working for past companies, here are my top achievements: Increased automation process efficiency by 45% Implemented new testing

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